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We are a center-LEFT country.
03:06 PM on 06/02/2013
At the top of Horn Pond mountain in Woburn, MA. In a Honda station wagon. And yes, this was after the kids were born.
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08:37 PM on 06/02/2013
Good for you. I live a couple of miles away. Never been there but will check it out. You might want to change the name to Horn(y) Pond Mountain.

My makeout spots (to name a few) were the Weston Reservoir (very romantic until the Weston cops knocked on your window), the Duck Pond at the junction of I-95 and Commonwealth Avenue, Riverside Station parking lot (confirmation that the place does not matter), and various spots on the campus of a private school in Newton. Alas, then I got old enough to rent an apartment.
We are a center-LEFT country.
09:43 PM on 06/02/2013
Heh! Good for you, as well!

Not sure if I'd try it again, though. After passing several stages of undress, a loud voice through a bullhorn came blaring out telling us we needed to "move along." I don't know that I'd ever been as embarrassed as I had that night. But at the same time I laughed almost uncontrollably as I was trying to get redressed. My husband grew up across the street from the mountain (which is so small it's actually more of a big hill) so I took it for granted he knew he was taking me to a 'safe' place. It may have been safe when HE was growing up but... My mother-in-law offered to watch our two little ones while we went out on a much needed "date."

A reservoir, a duck pond, and a private school, huh? You're right. The only thing that matters is that you don't get caught!
02:42 PM on 06/02/2013
back seat of a chevy is always good
02:41 PM on 06/02/2013
They left off my parents basement and the abandoned Circuit City behind my house. Awesome make-out spots. You could get to 2nd base at those places.
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02:18 PM on 06/02/2013
when you're young and in love, any place is a good place to make out, if i remember correctly.
02:17 PM on 06/02/2013
living in pacific grove for a while that was a gimme. 2-3-4-6-8-10 done it. it is more fun to make out where it is illegal. like on the golden gate bridge at 3 am. outside of your car of course.
"Not 'Noise' One Round: *Music*
01:55 PM on 06/02/2013
With all of that "Kaiser Permanente" hair, I won't be traveling on the American-Orient Express anytime soon.
Proverbs 13:20
01:14 PM on 06/02/2013
"Beaver Creek"! Now that's the ticket! lls