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spytheweb 04:10 PM on 06/02/2013
These people are going to look really stupid when this thing falls on it's face. Does not matter anyway. The House will never past the Senate bill and the House has it's own bill that the Senate will never pass. The House bill may include birthright citizenship for children of at least one US parent, 100% E-Verify nationwide, no chitizenship for anyone now illegally inside the US, etc.
23 May "House 
Why do I bother with low information people?
12:08 PM on 06/03/2013
When has schumer EVER been bi partisan??
pickles n pops
scientia sit potentia
10:45 PM on 06/04/2013
Didn't he vote for both of Obama's payroll tax 'holidays', and for Obama's income and inheritance tax cuts, catering to the rich?
Why do I bother with low information people?
11:31 PM on 06/04/2013
I take it your not a lover of Reagan.
12:04 PM on 06/03/2013
Schumer is just a wrong on this immigration bill passing as he was on the gun bills passing. Schumer is just another politician making sound bites to make himself look better.
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independent. my thoughts are my own.
12:18 PM on 06/03/2013
thats all he has ever done, but he keeps getting re-elected by 70%
We're not perfect BUT the other guys are NUTS
04:05 PM on 06/03/2013
Ever think if he gets so OVERwhelmingly elected you are the one that's WRONG
11:34 AM on 06/03/2013
Excuse me, I have to take my dog outside. He has to take a Schumer.
11:19 AM on 06/03/2013
And I predict he won't have enough votes to over come the re-gifted Harry Reid filibuster that the Republicans use no matter what legislation is before them.

Funny, you'd thought the Chuck would have noticed that by now.

The pretense of the Republicans to negotiate and then when it comes to voting, vote (SURPRISE SURPRISE) no.

Oh, Chuckie Chuckie Chuck - who are you kidding? Seriously, who are you kidding?
10:53 AM on 06/03/2013
I guess someone needs to explain to me why some of these legislators think allowing more than 11 million illegal immigrants, who have already broken the laws of this country, to become citizens is so vital to America. Is there any other reason other than political for the hispanic vote and if that's all it is then I wouldn't call it vital to this country. Schumer is another politician that's been around way too long.
11:40 AM on 06/03/2013
Yes, he certainly has and I heard this weekend that he is one of three democrats that ask IRS to check into the tea party, he and dick durbin and al frankin. if this is true they need to share a cell together.
We're not perfect BUT the other guys are NUTS
04:06 PM on 06/03/2013
What crime did they commit or are you making up one of those also
Patriot - not a Dem or Rep
10:42 AM on 06/03/2013
"Congressman Boehner is in a box. There are about 60 or 70 of his people who are against any immigration reform. But at the same time, he knows that the Republican Party will be consigned to a minority party for a generation if they're anti-immigration," Schumer said. Well Mr Schumer ........... "his people" really? What about "your people" that won't pass anything sent through the House? Last I checked you all work for the CITIZENS of this country and are member of OUR Congress. I suggest you try removing the "wedge" between the two parties instead of driving it deeper. Most everyone in Congress is acting like a 4 year old. Maybe it is time to take President Jackson's advice. NESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act) might be a good start.
10:29 AM on 06/03/2013
Immigration is one of the last ways men in DC can control population growth. So this will pass. Democrats can't stand the idea of letting US woman determine population growth. They know that US woman will look at the job market and have fewer kids so that their kids can demand higher wages.

Having less kids in an overpopulated world makes perfect sense and its best for working families AND the environment. But it means the rich have to share more of the wealth. And the Democrats can't allow that to happen.
10:18 AM on 06/03/2013
The states will take care of the "immigration: issue. They'll deport those who are illegally in their state.
The Purpurescent Pimpernel
11:32 AM on 06/03/2013
They are like boomerangs. Throw them out, and they come right back.
11:44 AM on 06/03/2013
Great response, and it's true. There's no threat for these people who are entering this country illegally. I fail to see the reason for "immigration reform" anyway---there are laws governing immigration, and they should be followed. Why is it that this country is only having a problem with Hispanic illegal immigrants? I have not heard of a massive influx of illegal immigrants from Europe, or Australia, or Africa. Canadians are not jumping the border to pop out anchor babies in order to drain the welfare system for their child who is a "citizen". Surely, the immigration laws could be followed if the federal government would support it's enforcement.
03:20 PM on 06/03/2013
Then put them in jail for 10 years if they come back.
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10:15 AM on 06/03/2013
With the current unemployment rates for both high and low skilled American workers how could Schumer's bill benefit Americans? Do we really need another iphone app or search engine? Schumer immigration reform bill is blatantly anti-American.
10:30 AM on 06/03/2013
Schumer is out to help the rich. Like all modern Democrats he believes in trickle down. Immigration does help the rich a great deal because it drives down wages.
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Tax the Rich
10:12 AM on 06/03/2013
The scheme is for Corporations who want to cherry pick workers globally over American Citizens.
Wicked Wendy
Yep, the micro-bio is empty and will stay that way
10:10 AM on 06/03/2013
Why do they always assume that the 11 million want to become citizens??? We all know what we get if we break down "assume".
10:05 AM on 06/03/2013
Schumer may be right about the Senate but I cannot imagine such a bill will ever pass the right wing House of Representatives.
09:59 AM on 06/03/2013
Schumers an idiot. The illegal's are coming regardless of if the bill is a law or not. Make sure the bill is drafted right and if that takes months or even a year make sure it is drafted correctly. Why rush it because Obama says so. The idiot 8 need to make sure that the boarder is secured first. Prevent the problem from constantly occurring then work on how to handle the people here. The boarder is not secure don't let Obama or Napolatono fool you, the numbers they quote are made up and not precise. The border agents will tell you they only are catching 40% at most attempting to come in to the country. Put the fences up first.
09:43 AM on 06/03/2013
The first thing they should do is send all the drug dealers from our prisons to their prisons- The Illegal that used to work for me- very nice person- just got over small pox- he also just bought his second home- just think how much our families could have if we didn;t have to pay taxes on our income- He has beeen here 12 yrs- can't speak or understand American- I shamed him into going to school for American. He has been sent back 5 times- when he first was referred to me he told me his papers were being processed-
Patriot - not a Dem or Rep
10:46 AM on 06/03/2013
Can't speak American? We speak ENGLISH (sort of).
10:59 AM on 06/03/2013
Why did you hire him in the first place?????? People like you are a major part of the problem!!!!!!!!
09:20 AM on 06/03/2013
Thanks for bending over to the Republicans Schumer.
Sure thing. Shoot, Timmy.
09:33 AM on 06/03/2013
Thank you indeed.