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01:21 PM on 06/03/2013
Tell the water company to put a new meter on her house! Possible leak but the company needs to back off and estimate her yearly use.
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01:13 PM on 06/03/2013
Some proof reader needs to be fired. A family of 4 does not use 120,000 gallons per month even if the EPA says so
01:38 PM on 06/03/2013
You don't realize just how much water a household uses each day. Track it some day. You'll be surprised. After I graduated from college and got a place of my own, I monitored my water, gas, and electricity usage, taking readings every day at 6:00 p.m. I was all by myself and couldn't believe what my little 600-SF apartment's utility costs were. That was back in 1977. Ever since then I have been frugal with my utilities. I even turn the refrigerator off every night from midnight to 6:00 a.m. It takes disciplilne but it saves a lot of money.
02:18 PM on 06/03/2013
Not turning my refrigerator off for 6 hours a day. Food wouldnt be safe to consume and milk would spoil easily. And it would have to run steadily for quite awhile every morning to return to the proper temp.
Political Correctness, the enemy of free speech
03:44 PM on 06/03/2013
I do track my water useage. We had a family of 5 and the most we ever used in a month was 6000 gallons
01:44 PM on 06/03/2013
It should be closer to 6000 gallons per month, so they'r only off by a factor of 20.
01:12 PM on 06/03/2013
Possibly it was a leak, but if it was leaking, it should of needed a repair to correct that big of an leak. They don't go away by themselves.
She probably should contact a lawyer, since the water company is going to go after her money, and they probably would put a lein on her property and start legal action unless she can get it resolved.
I would tend to believe her rather than the water company and she probably will need to have it resolved in court, otherwise it will be an ongoing problem for her and they will be charging more and more.
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We will get there despite you.
12:49 PM on 06/03/2013
As someone who has been around underground pipe breakage, I can say that if that much water was coming out every day, the area around the pipe would be a big sinkhole. Think of the velocity it would take to pump that much water! Should be easy to prove or disprove.
12:24 PM on 06/03/2013
Worked with someone once in a similar situation - I think it was a leaking sprinkler system. Water company said "too bad". It wasn't their equipment that leaked but the owners.
02:19 PM on 06/03/2013
And the water company was right.
12:17 PM on 06/03/2013
Thats just crazy! they know that woman did not use that much water, because they would not reduce the bill from $16,000 to $1000 they are just trying to get over on that woman. I hope they loose in court and have to pay her something for the headache they caused her
12:08 PM on 06/03/2013
Finding a leak like that would not be hard to verify. Certainly she didn't use all that water.
01:30 PM on 06/03/2013
for sure, a leak like that would have created its own swimming can take days just to fill one swimming pool much less 4 in a day....... I do not believe a 1/2" or even 3/4" copper pipe that leads into a house could move that much water. I'm sure a little math would prove that. What, maybe if she has a 4" high pressure main coming in.
01:57 PM on 06/03/2013
I am in agreement with you.

I did find this site with some numbers on water flow, size of pipe and pressure ranges.

Highly unlikely any residential water service would pass 87,000 gallons per day.
02:51 AM on 06/04/2013
There is something that appears incorrect with this article.