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09:43 PM on 06/05/2013
"Either war is obsolete, or men are."

- R. Buckminster Fuller
Cynical Optimist
01:58 AM on 06/06/2013
Thank you!
Civil engineer and social libertarian
08:14 AM on 06/06/2013
As long as the people who start wars do not suffer the consequences, we will have wars. We need to stop the next war by taking to the streets this time.
Dan Bunn
If ig*nor*ance is bliss, then I'm in trouble...
09:35 PM on 06/05/2013
"How to Destroy a Planet Without Really Trying" ....

Sit back, stay drunk, beleive your politicians as they lie straight to your face and allow corporate to dictate your nations politics.

It's worked for the last 30 years.... why fix it?
10:41 AM on 06/06/2013
Good snark! Faved.
08:19 PM on 06/05/2013
Dare I say an article I actually enjoyed and learned something(?), instead of just another uninformed opinion piece laced with some ego and alternative means thrown in the mix. Thank you sir.
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08:12 PM on 06/05/2013
The era of energy independence is in fact at hand, and it's got nothing to do with fossil fuels.

Long story short, take a dozen or so lasers each operating at 20M degrees, aim them at the same point, put a bit of fuel in, magnetically contain it and voila, instant fusion.

If we don't do it China will. Or is, last I heard.
08:08 PM on 06/05/2013
One of the most intelligent article I have read in a long time. Professor C. is telling the truth....
08:03 PM on 06/05/2013
thank you for your wise words Professor Chomsky. Now if only our elected officials thought this way.......
07:24 PM on 06/05/2013
Once again Chomsky shows he is among the wisest of men.
07:22 PM on 06/05/2013
There are folks like Chomsky in every country, and they have very little access to the media. And they are the folks who have been right all along.
ban the parties
07:14 PM on 06/05/2013
This is not a repeat statement from every other old person in history.
07:07 PM on 06/05/2013
We are organized insanity and capable of great destruction. Our history tries to spin everything to serve our self-esteem. After all, history must sell...

Thanks Noam
xanaqui 42
06:44 PM on 06/05/2013
"Meanwhile, the United States, the richest and most powerful country in world history, is the only nation among perhaps 100 relevant ones that doesn’t have a national policy for restricting the use of fossil fuels, that doesn’t even have renewable energy targets."

- I was unaware that China had a national policy for restricting fossil fuel use. Does anyone have information on how effectively that's being enforced?
10:09 PM on 06/05/2013
A PBS program that just aired answered that question. China is building many nuclear plants and is expanding their photovoltaic industry in a manner that should put us to shame.
xanaqui 42
11:02 PM on 06/05/2013
I'm glad to hear that. They need to.

So do we.
06:27 PM on 06/05/2013
"Letters from the edge." Or "There's plenty of insanity to go around." This is scary stuff from our everyday world that we don't normally want to think about - or even know about.
06:13 PM on 06/05/2013
Humanity has been in peril as long as there has been humanity.

Perils come and go, humanity evolves, until we all die off.

Electric cars . . . how much lithium, zinc, copper, etc., do we need to build batteries to run a couple billion electric motor vehicles?

What happens if we commit to an all-electric fleet, then we run out of the metals we have to have to make it happen?

Has anybody calculated that? How many billions of trillions of tons of lithium and other metals do we have to mine to convert our transportation system to all electric? How many new power plants do we have to build to charge all those cars, trucks, buses, trains?
07:23 PM on 06/05/2013
A. Metals we can mine from asteroids and other nearby planets.
B. The evolution of batteries has just basically started, what they will necessitate in the future may be quite different.
C. There is also Hydrogen and other non-carbon emitting alternatives.

On the other hand,...

Once we destroy the balance which maintains the atmosphere which sustains this planet's life, the end of the tale is predictable.

Fact: If we were to shrink the Earth to the size of a tennis ball our life sustaining atmosphere would be no bigger than the fuzz on that ball.
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09:27 PM on 06/05/2013
Good questions. Yes, we will need to mine, but we can recycle so much more than we're doing now that will decrease the need for these raw minerals. And techlologys is improving all the time.
We also are improving in renewables for electricity; solar, geothermal, tidal, wind. Good questions and there are answers just waiting to be worked on.
05:57 PM on 06/05/2013
I wish Chomsky long life. Brain
Last Mohican
05:53 PM on 06/05/2013
" Unlike Ecuador, and indigenous societies throughout the world, they [USA and Canada] want to extract every drop of hydrocarbons from the ground with all possible speed."

Traders on Wall Street have spent billions of dollars buying those resources (and betting on their anticipated value). It's like the big banks' retirement funds. If these oil reserves were to stay in the ground (because of fuel efficiency, new sources of energy, electric cars, concerns for the environment...), the entire house of card would fall down. Do you really think that the banks would let that happen?