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09:24 AM on 06/07/2013
I am glad science has finally seen the light and would like to announce that I am opening up a semen dispensary for all to enjoy!
05:20 PM on 06/07/2013
good luck with that!!
The dream shall never die - Ted Kennedy
09:14 AM on 06/07/2013
I think I need to get some Starbucks underwear.
07:43 AM on 06/07/2013
Spitters are quitters proves to be true once again!
george martini
I wasn’t always this introverted.
06:49 AM on 06/07/2013
Aren't Tom Cruise and John Travolta semenologists?
My Crow. Bye, Yo'
02:02 AM on 06/07/2013
OK, I don't understand why so many people are grossed out by this.
Guys, if you want it:
1) Keep the area clean, trimmed and smelling fresh.
2) Eat fruit. Lots of it. It makes your stuff taste sweet. (Trust me!)
3) Avoid tobacco and certain veggies, that would cause it to taste bitter.
4) Don't try to shove it in. a) You can trigger the gag reflex. (unless you like barf in your lap) b) You can obstruct her airway! (you're a stud, but she's turning blue) It can be painful to her!
1) "Spitting" is not your friend. Here's why: As soon as the semen is released, it thickens to about the consistancy of a "lugie". You are now holding this wad and the taste is getting all over the inside of your mouth. WAY more contact than you need it to have!
2) If you let him "release" at the back of your throat, you can easily let it "slide on down", having little to no contact with the tastebuds. You can keep a drink nearby. (fruit punch, grape drink, vodka...)
3) If you want him to reciprocate, keep yours clean, trimmed and smelling fresh too!

There should be nothing "nasty" about it! Hope this helps somebody. Good luck!
squirrely girl
Assistant Professor ~ Developmental Psychology
01:09 PM on 06/07/2013
Having taught Human Sexuality long enough, I'll second your points. Great work!
My Crow. Bye, Yo'
11:01 PM on 06/07/2013
Thanks. :-) I figured if I threw it out there, it might help someone. Some people are too shy to discuss it.
My Crow. Bye, Yo'
11:22 PM on 06/07/2013
LOVE your name, BTW. F+F
01:37 PM on 06/07/2013
What is this "trimming" of which you speak? Some demasculinization technique to make yr partner think you have a pre-adolescent body unready for prime time? Some "trompe l'oeil" ruse adapted from porn conventions in order to make yourself look bigger? If you don't think your equipment is appealing, why should anyone else? O Vanity, thy name is Man.

Centuries ago, a "trimmer" was a cheater. Guess some things don't change. If D. Hoffman, among others, is attracted by "the scent of a woman," why would "the scent of a man" be a turnoff? Add the stench of soap, deodorants, perfumery and you might as well employ a manikin or anti-hysteria simulacrum with no medical benefit from the potent DNA eruptions of revitalizing cream that issues from the Fountain of Youth.

Women cut back on underbrush for ease of access; the male organ is longer than any part of its hirsute nest and reaches out on its own. For millenia, natural human scent (short of rank uncleanliness) and foliage have conspired to arouse interest via pheromones and the welcome, even gratifying, signs of physical maturity ripened for sexual experience. Besides, everyone knows pubic hair is curly so it won't poke you in the eye.

As with size, heft, curve, and ripple of boob, butt, abs-- and, definitely, all the rest-- in spite of this oddly pedophilac ideal of adult "manscaping" (more like "boyscaping"), "if you've got it, flaunt it" is still good advice. It pays to advertise.
05:25 PM on 06/07/2013
way overthinking the comment, but some things just look better with a little landscaping, ya know!! fountain of youth?? what are you smoking dude??
My Crow. Bye, Yo'
11:18 PM on 06/07/2013
Trimming - No, it won't poke you in the eye, but it can find its way into a nostril. Also, they are bound to find their way into the mouth. A shorter hair might be easier for many people to deal with, that a two inch, course hair. I said "trim", not "shave", because that is up to each couple. We trim or shave most of our body hair, head, beard, arm pits (Yes, even some men trim it), legs...Why should we freak out about trimming pubic hair?
Not all pubic hair is "curly". Most of what I have seen would be considered "kinky". There are some bends, but it does not curl back on itself. The hairs are courser in nature, than other body hairs.
I also said to make sure it was "fresh" and "clean". I did not say that perfumes or strong smelling soaps were needed. But there should never be a foul odor, whether from sweat, "cheese", not drying completely after a shower (think "forgotten laundry in the washer" smell), or some infection. It should NEVER STINK!
01:55 AM on 06/07/2013
This sounds very sinful! Isn't this still illegal in some states? And isn't this just another government Obama/Bloomberg conspiracy to tell us what we can and can't eat? If you need real guidance on these questions, sometimes you gotta ask WWJD (what would Jesus do)? ...but then again, he might say WWMD (what would mary do)?
My Crow. Bye, Yo'
01:37 AM on 06/07/2013
"There's "Semenology," a book dedicated for the bartender in your life who also happens to enjoy concocting semen cocktails."
I prefer mine right from the tap, thanks!
12:12 AM on 06/07/2013
Giggity Giggity Goo.........
realistic idealist
10:57 PM on 06/06/2013
I am SOOOO gonna show this to my wife. She likes being healthy.
10:03 PM on 06/06/2013
This is just fantastic news! I'm sending this to my wife so she finally has an incentive to s//wa;;llow.

Last time, I promised her a new Volvo, but that didn't work!
08:44 PM on 06/06/2013
Every guy is now sending this article to their loved ones...
ignore this sentence
08:32 PM on 06/06/2013
I thought everyone knew this.
07:45 PM on 06/06/2013
Gives new meaning to eating organic
07:25 PM on 06/06/2013
This story is hard to swallow.
Proverbs 13:20
07:02 PM on 06/06/2013
I'm a donor! llab