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10:43 PM on 06/06/2013
Any public transportation records?? I bet we will find out the husband had something to do with it. After that February filing she made against him when trying to LEAVE him sounds like he is very possessive. Probably Jealous of her going and spending time with friends. I know innocent until proven guilty but almost every case like this with a woman with children the husband usually is the one who kills the wife. Hope she is Alive and Well but it doesn't sound or look good!
Keeping My Gratitude Higher Than My Expectations..
12:12 AM on 06/08/2013
If she disappeared herself, she would have taken the kids with her.
07:53 PM on 06/10/2013
This is true.
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Craig Schultz
If there is hope, it will be found in Pripyat.
10:38 PM on 06/06/2013
Although I hope I'm wrong, Rodriguez's behavior does not bode well for Melissa's safe return.

Going to and cooperating with the police to avert suspicion and know as much about what they know and think as soon and as much as possible but then discontinuing cooperation when things seem to be getting a little too close for comfort.

Also, although perps will often leave the area if they aren't charged and think they have gotten away with "it", not that Rodriguez necessarily did anything to get away with, they don't usually leave while the investigation is still in high gear. But they don't always wait either.

I hope like anything that I'm wrong but Rodriguez's behavior is rather odd for someone who would have had nothing to do with her disappearance.
10:32 PM on 06/06/2013
When you examine the reputation of cops today it is insane to speak to them at all without counsel. Your words can be twisted and cops love nothing more than to close a case, regardless of innocence. All one has to do is see how many people have been exonerated and released from prison, after decades sometimes, because detectives fabricated evidence and perjured themselves on warrant applications, planted evidence, etc.

From elementary school on, every student should be taught the basics: NEVER answer any questions from cops, always demand a lawyer or parent, and never trust the police. Anyone who has been even close to an investigation would be demented to talk to cops, and attorneys always advise letting them handle the police, no exceptions.

It is a sad reality that we cannot trust cops, and only an attorney can navigate the system and insure that no one is placed in a position to be taken advantage of by the authorities. One has to wonder what they used as probable cause to get a search warrant...without evidence no doubt some soft judge who always backs the cops signed off with no real reason other than cop's suspicions. This man did the exact right thing. If cops do their jobs properly they can gather evidence and make a case if it is proper without asking preseumably innocent parties to undergo a back room interrogation by cops with no scruples and no regard for rights.
12:23 AM on 06/07/2013
I agree with you 100%. You said exactly what I was thinking but did it far more eloquently than I ever could have.
02:38 AM on 06/07/2013
I agree. It's a shame, but I've read enough and seen enough documentaries to know that the system is rarely "innocent until proven guilty." I've told my kids since they were young enough to understand that if they are ever picked up by the police for any reason, they need to ask for an attorney and then keep their mouths shut.
I understand that the police have a job to do, but unfortunately there are some detectives out there who are more concerned with making facts fit their case, rather than making a case from the facts. Not to mention, 12 hour interrogations, in which even innocent people have confessed just to make it stop.
10:14 PM on 06/06/2013
The Police Investigators should ask her husband to take a polygraph.----------If he refuses then keep hammering him until they find some clues.
Patricia M1107
It's just an opinion, get over it
10:10 PM on 06/06/2013
I hope they find her every child needs their mommy in their lives...
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Semper Fidelis
10:04 PM on 06/06/2013
Sad. I hope they find her safe for her children's sake.
09:54 PM on 06/06/2013
"The estranged husband of a missing Pennsylvania mother, who disappeared more than a month ago, is not cooperating with investigators, police have told The Huffington Post." They were estranged. You think I would care about my ex-? No way. This man should keep his mouth shut, because even one misplaced word could get he convicted without any other proof. He should look at the positives: if he didn't do anything to her, he gets his children, and move on, as child support would rarely come from mothers anyway. He doesn't want to be an exoneratee after serving 20 years, so just say nothing.
Steven Ketcham
It's all about the kids!
09:53 PM on 06/06/2013
She was going to her friends house to visit, that checked out, she was seeking a order of protection against him for abuse, that checked, seems I would have him on my radar to. It seems he was jealous and killed her, reported it to deflect attention coming at him, but since it lead back to him after they found out about the order, he hires a lawyer which is his right. I highly doubt they will find her alive.
09:09 PM on 06/06/2013
What can u say Doesn't Look or Sound good but we Hope for the Best!!
09:09 PM on 06/06/2013
To many investigators, "not cooperating" means not confessing. If he's not guilty, he needs to stay far away from the cops. The cops are not about the truth. They are about closing cases as quickly as possible.

If he did do it then I hope he gets caught.
08:52 PM on 06/06/2013
I stopped reading this story, when he said that she left her car at home in lieu of public transportation. Who in the heck wants to take public transportation anywhere.
08:46 PM on 06/06/2013
What a piece that lawyer is. There is evidence that there was something going on - the protection order - they don't just give it because he's a great guy. There had to have been somthing happen - like him breaking her phone, dumping out her clothes to prevent her from leaving etc. Even without the protection order and a previous domestic incident, police do have to treat everyone like a suspect when it comes to a missing person. Of course, maybe his lawyer skipped the lecture about what it looks like to authorities when the spouse of a missing person stops cooperating with them. WITH the protection order - even if it was dismissed - and the previous incident, he should have EXPECTED them to go after him. If he was innocent, what's the worry? Right now it looks like he killed her.
08:45 PM on 06/06/2013
Its usually because the husband did it
Laguna Beach Lady
08:22 PM on 06/06/2013
So, the husband of this missing wife isn't cooperating with law enforcement ~ put his pathethic butt in jail until he does. When your spouse is missing it is imperative that the other spouse cooperate fully with law enforcement. That is the right thing to do. If you have nothing to hide then hide nothing. Fully cooperating with law enforcement allows them to focus their investigation in another direction ~ if the spouse isn't responsible for the crime.
08:13 PM on 06/06/2013
truck he uses for amtrak? i hope they are smart enough to check the area around his normal route. and any route he may have had