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12:23 PM on 06/10/2013
It seems the owners have compromised, now just "insisting that servers wear polishable black shoe." There are plenty of polishable black shoes that are very comfortable. If the owners are using the "subject to approval by management" clause to insist on high heels, we have very nice workman's compensation laws that many of the podiatrists quoted would probably be more than happy to support to get the employees some significant disability....Ain't America great? :)
12:23 PM on 06/10/2013
Cocktail waitresses complaining about wearing high heels? What next? Sailors complaining about seasickness?
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02:13 PM on 06/10/2013
It is physically impossible to sail without being on the water. It is NOT physically impossible to serve cocktails while wearing flat-heeled shoes. Try again.
Harold Saxon
Here come the drums.
11:32 AM on 06/10/2013
Waitresses shouldn't have to permanently damage their feet to keep their jobs. Apply the footwear requirement across the board, and see how the male managers like crushed toes.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light
09:58 AM on 06/10/2013
If a company wants women to wear skimpy outfits and high heels to entice their customers, then that is their right. But it is also the right of the woman to choose to work (or not) at a place where there are such restrictions. Further, should she choose to work there, it is also the right of the woman to get worker's compensation for any foot problems she acquires while wearing the company's required uniform. If the restrictions are a new policy to get rid of the older women, then there may be an age discrimination problem, but that truly is difficult to prove, and it also doesn't appear to be the case. If the company was smart, though, they would realize attractive and comfortable flats, or lower pumps can be very sexy looking on women, and your waitresses would be happier, and move faster while they work.
01:21 PM on 06/10/2013
Sounds like employees are burdened with having to prove they were injured on the job and go through that whole process, and/or hire lawyers, for something that has been well-documented as being damaging to a person's foot. Why not put tge burden on the employer? And what garauntee does an employee have that she will receive workman's comp? This money isn't just handed out.
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i don't need no stinkin badges.
09:41 AM on 06/10/2013
the only time I ever went to a casino I had to chase down a waitress to get a drink and then I had to wait and wait for it. seems they were all hanging out at the crap table where some clown was throwing away all of his money.
I don't have any sympathy.
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02:14 PM on 06/10/2013
Poor baby.
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i don't need no stinkin badges.
04:11 PM on 06/10/2013
09:36 AM on 06/10/2013
I have a suggestion: Since this is an Indian casino, why don't they have the women wear Indian outfits and wear moccasins on their feet? I'd rather see them in a nice costume than a hoochy mama outfit!
09:31 AM on 06/10/2013
I have yet to see a casino patron eye anything but slots or the gaming table.
09:19 AM on 06/10/2013
There is a very simple solution for the waitresses to the above problem. They should make a claim for repetitive stress injury for their foot problems to workman's compensation. They could also involve OSHA by claiming that the casino is fostering an unsafe workplace.

The waitresses should hire attorneys that specialize in Workman's Compensation. These attorneys only get fees if there is a worker's settlement payment. Typically about 10% of the settlement payment to the worker affected. If the casino has numerous claims against them, then their Workman's Compensation insurance premiums will rise accordingly. Corporations use typical insurance companies(Liberty Mutual, AIG, etc) to supply their Workman's Compensation insurance. As we all know, the more claims submitted for insurance, the more the premiums rise.
01:17 PM on 06/10/2013
Do not forget to pass this info to your employees.
01:56 PM on 06/10/2013
the mind of a liberal exposed!
08:22 AM on 06/11/2013
So when corporations have a bevy of lawyers to find loopholes in laws and regulations, that's OK with you. When citizens avail themselves of the rights that they are entitled to, it's not OK.
The mind of a bagger!
09:06 AM on 06/10/2013
HAs always been the policy
Why an issue now?
I would prefer to wear different things to work but, we have a dress code
If you don't agree, move on
Check your privilege
11:53 AM on 06/10/2013
But the complaint isn't about the dress code itself, it's about the damage the dress code is doing to the employees' bodies. THAT is an entirely different issue. To FORCE employees to wear things their doctors have expressly said they should not wear for the sake of their health is unconscionable.
11:58 AM on 06/10/2013
Never seemed to matter when tips were good
Now, there is a downturn and, tah-dah, a big issue
I smell disability requests....
09:40 PM on 06/11/2013
All of the servers who have an issue with it have a doctors note in there files so they don't have to wear them. So why is it such an issue if ones who can't don't have to.. It's all about negotiations, it's the unions way of "strike" with out making the employees be held accountable, or lose money.
Radical Moderate
08:48 AM on 06/10/2013
I'm a weird guy (in many ways) whose never thought high heels are sexy. They look uncomfortable and stupid. A pretty woman who is smart enough not to damage herself for a strange fashion is much more attractive to me. I hope the waitresses win their battle.
09:12 AM on 06/10/2013
You are not weird. We eat at the casinos here in Las Vegas all the time. Only about
ten percent of the cocktail waitresses can wear those outfits well. When do they look
attractive? Super Bowl Sunday and any other day they wear Patriots or Red Sox gear
and running shoes.

My wife and I owned a dress store, and I never saw a woman or a girl whose
attractiveness improved when she tried to look like a hooker.
Frank Gulla
08:38 AM on 06/10/2013
Cocktail waitresses ABSOLUTELY should have a choice in footwear ! It is better to wear comfortable shoes and be healthy than to have to use your insurance for medical bills; that is, if waitresses even have insurance. Plus, if a waitresses is comfortable, she'll be in a better mood which will be passed on to the customer. As far as the rest of the uniform is concerned, sorry but sex sells; if you got it, flaunt it. That's business. A beautiful, competent waitress adds class to a business . If she's old, worn out and tired, it brings the business down. So let them choose their shoes so the ones that are still healthy and attractive can stay that way !
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Corporations are Satan's playground
02:44 PM on 06/10/2013
What a typical sexist statement. Why should women be fired for getting older? How would you feel about being fired because you were older and unattractive. That is called age discrimination. It's against the law!
Adopt a shelter animal.
08:00 AM on 06/10/2013
2013-women's right? Not so much.
Wyvern Wycliffe
02:13 AM on 06/10/2013
What's wrong with the casino that they are unable to hire waitresses in their 20s?
Sorry to be so cold to a 52-year-old waitress in some club in Connecticut that I probably can't afford to even park at. But I am interested in knowing what goes wrong in a business that they have to get cocktail waitresses from such an old pool. 52 is about twice the max age where that job makes any sense. More to the point (again, sorry to be cold) there should be young women beating a path to the door to compete for that job. So again, my eye is drawn not to the subject of the article, but "what went wrong with that club?"
03:14 AM on 06/10/2013
So...when that 20 year old reaches 30 and her feet are so bad she can no longer wear the shoes they should just kick her to the curb and hire a new 24 year old?
01:20 PM on 06/10/2013
The 30 years old should go back to school and get a better job.
Progressive - the alternative is unfathomable
06:07 AM on 06/10/2013
A good share of the waitresses in question have been there for 15 to 20 years and apparently, you believe that they are no longer useful or deserving to keep the job because of shoes that no doctor recommends that a woman wear for extended periods of time. The waitresses weren't "old" when they started and, btw, 52 is not old.
Latin Fraulein
Equality not feminism
12:37 AM on 06/10/2013
2" heels? Really, that is not bad, particularly if you get a pair with some thickness in the front part of the shoe, it would be more like 1". They make pretty decent money, invest in some good shoes with orthotic inserts at a 2" heel. That is not asking a whole lot considering the average tennis shoe has a 1" heel on it.
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12:04 AM on 06/10/2013
If they don't like the uniform then they can take their vast "skillset" and work somewhere else where they can wear whatever they want.
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Kenneth Dempsey
l live in the desert. Altus,OK
12:35 AM on 06/10/2013
Is that what you expect a judge in a court of law to say?
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02:00 AM on 06/10/2013
sure, works for me but judges don't decide union contracts