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08:33 PM on 06/13/2013
I would say there is one "center of unaccountable power in America" - the private, for-profit corporations.

Snooping private for-profit corporations:

NSA is basically a corporate shell. NSA is not "government"; it is a wash for the Carlyle Group via NSA and Booz Allen - a private for-profit corporation with over $5 Billion coming from tax payers, washed through NSA.

Corporations, like Google & Microsoft, private for-profits, give up data to Booz Allen and other corporations.

Wall Street is clearly corporate, making profits with bailouts from the taxpayer, distributing "bonuses" paid for by taxpayers, funding lobbyists for more booty.

Corporations are the single "center of unaccountable power in America".

Corporations are created by government, and we need to discipline the power of the corporation, either taxing them so their money can be used for the common good or revoking their charters.
U.S. Coast Guard Veteran and University
08:33 PM on 06/13/2013
"Attorney General confesses the biggest banks are "too big to jail," that the big banks continue to make irresponsible bets"

Reinstate Glass-Stegall....
Charlie Jarchlie
Sailing on commission from the governor of Petit G
08:33 PM on 06/13/2013
We won't end up needing that third party. Between our high frequency automated trading and our zetabytes of metadata, what could possib-lie go wrong?
08:30 PM on 06/13/2013
Finally! I have been waiting for you to shift your focus from the paradigm of the old into the new and realize the power shift that is happening. Congrats. You are one smart cookie!
08:30 PM on 06/13/2013
Right on! You speak the truth!
08:25 PM on 06/13/2013
There is one other thing that Congress and the people don't get to chime in about and that is trade policies, lite the TPP right now. Obama is letting the corporations make the deal and then wants it fast tracked through Congress. And for you so called constitutionals out there Congress unconstitutionally ceded control over it to FDR and since then the free trader's have preferred to keep it out of the public's eye.

Most of you don't know this but the rise and fall of Great Britain rode on the back of free trade, and we are following in their footsteps. Up to a point they grew their economy with mercantilism as we did, and then the free trade rascals took control, and in our case it was after WWII to keep communism from spreading.

But in 1960 we could have dropped as the world was coming out of it but the people who were making profit off of it controlled the message and we now find ourselves in the same predicament as the British, and no one seems to have any guts to stand up to the corporations and their lobby's, as American grow poorer from it and they grow wealthier.

This information is available in the book, Free Trade Doesn't Work, by Ivan Fletcher, and I'm surprised that this media site and Mr Reich don't confer with him as no one else seems to understand how we got to where we are now.
Reform Government or suffer the consequences
08:19 PM on 06/13/2013
Professor Reich's last sentence is right on target. Most citizens, if they weren't receiving some kind of monthly government subsidy, would be outraged and so financially desperate that they would likely toss out both parties. However, our two big political parties know human nature and so they provide the monthly subsidies to placate most voters to get re-elected.

Many want to believe our economy is "recovering" as claimed repeatedly by government, the federal reserve, and the mass media because many depend on monthly government checks so they must remain loyal to either republicans or democrats to get those checks.

The problem is that we aren't growing anywhere near enough good jobs to fund all the subsidies (including big industries) or social security, medicare, medicaid, defense, pensions, or anything else as the middle class drowns in debt.

So no matter how fervently citizens want to believe all is well to maintain the status quo, all is not well and continuing to re-elect republicans and democrats only makes things worse since they aren't making the necessary trade, spending, tax, financial, and regulatory reforms we need to encourage substantial growth of good jobs, get our debt under control, and rebuild prosperity. This will eventually result in ongoing economic decline and the "ill-fated" consequences Professor Reich refers to.

Unless citizens are willing to avoid this by replacing our two major political parties, we remain headed for economic catastrophe.