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01:07 AM on 11/04/2009
President Kucinich.
Sounds good to me.
11:59 PM on 11/03/2009
Thank you for your humanity, courage to speak out in the face of such mendacity & hypocrisy. To those who sponsored & voted for this resolution, do you have any idea of how you are making yourselves appear the eyes of the international public?
Lived in Middle East for
11:19 PM on 11/03/2009
Well done sir!! You often remind me of presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson's wise words: "I'd rather be right than president."
11:18 PM on 11/03/2009
Senator Kucinich, you were my first choice for Prez and this is exactly why! You are not owned by any special interest--your special interest is indeed the People, truth, integrity, justice, etc. I'm appalled that this idea of bashing the Goldstone report is before Congress at all--a clear example of the horrible corruptive influence of a certain PAC.

Keep speaking out, and thanks for your hard work!
10:54 PM on 11/03/2009
Thank you Mr. Kucinich we need more people like you.
06:33 AM on 11/04/2009
we definitely need more people like Denis Kucinich in Congress and in both houses
10:44 PM on 11/03/2009
Congress will do what they are told to do by their paymasters. Plain and simple.
07:13 PM on 11/04/2009
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Uh, is that a beer hall?
08:42 PM on 11/03/2009
An excellent article Congressman Kucinich.


Some more concerns by Mr. Goldstone
08:01 PM on 11/03/2009
What Rep. Kucinich has written here could not be argued against by any man or woman with a shred of honesty and integrity, unfortunately, that is why, sadly, this insane resolution will probably pass! Remember these are the same people who have time and again fought against legislation for clean air, clean water, reducing CO2, universal health care... the list is endless. In turn they have made it legal to go to war on made up evidence, stolen supposedly inalienable rights, baled out gambling bankers, enabled energy and pharmaceutical companies to massively overcharge, turned a blind eye to torture...etc. Rep. Kucinich, whose only crime seems to be that he believes in an America which treats, without fear or favor, its own and other people with dignity under international law, often seems like a lone voice of sanity in the madhouse that is Washington DC. The insane are running the asylum and spending untold amounts of public money which seems to disappear into the bottomless pockets of the greediest and most venal people on the planet while that which is wholesome, peaceable and productive is quite literally starved of funds and a future. That the USA calls the $3 billion subsidy to Israel each year aid, with which it buys the highest of hi-tech weapons, is obscene when one notes that Israels standard of living is just below South Korea and not far short of Germany and the UK. How much food would this provide for the hungry?
07:16 PM on 11/03/2009
I'm so voting for you if you run again.
07:07 PM on 11/03/2009
As always Congressman Kucinich, you are full of integrity. Thank you for that. I hope more follow your lead.
07:04 PM on 11/03/2009
A courageous stand, Dennis.

Peace for all or there is no peace at all.
06:35 PM on 11/03/2009
Thank you !
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06:35 PM on 11/03/2009
The Goldstone Report is central to the peace process.

Until now, Israel has steered the discussion of peace in terms of its own security. Israel portrays itself as the victim, the small outpost of democracy in the midst of backward Arabs. This is the image Israel would like the world to have.

The Goldstone report demolishes this image, and re-imagines Israel as an entity capable of committing war crimes. It describes how Israeli soldiers used Palestinian civilians as human shields, how Israelis targeted Palestinian civilians and civilian infrastructure, and how Israel used chemical weapons on a civilian population. These are not the actions of a helpless, morally just state.

Furthermore, the report would lead to real questions about the siege of Gaza and the right of Palestinians to resist the illegal occupation. Israel claimed it attacked Gaza to stop the rockets on Sderot, but in truth, those rockets were in response to the siege, targeted assassinations, the killing of civilians, and the occupation in general.

Aside from weaponry, Israel’s big advantage over the Palestinians is its PR abilities—it gets better press because it knows how to manipulate the press and because racist Americans want to believe that it’s the good guy. No doubt we can identify with Israeli theft of Palestinian land as our ancestors stole Native American land. But the Goldstone report would hang Israel’s dirty laundry out for all the world to see, and it would force Israel to acknowledge its illegal and inhuman actions.
Ex-Chef with Neuropathy on SSDI
06:19 PM on 11/03/2009
There is hope; I got a Haganah/IDF Vet - who once talked of Palestinians like (I dared to go 'all the way') "Vermen" - to express sorrow and genuine regret, over the Death Toll in Gaza; which he did because he wanted to prove to me - and others - that even the most hardened old soldier (like, say, Prime Minister/Gen. Rabin) can CHANGE.
I often share lunch - as he survived Aushwitz, then the Bergen/Belsen-Mittlebrau Dora-Mittleworks Complex, and many of my Grandmothers First Cousins didn't.
But even their preciousnous can only go so far - as far a licentiousness is concerned; I'm sure you'd agree.
Liar, damn liar, statistician and brewer
06:17 PM on 11/03/2009
Sorry, Dennis, it's impossible to shame or bring shame to Congress. There's no way to add to the tally of shame that august body has brought upon itself. And a Democratic supermajority isn't changing that, to my Democratic chagrin.