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03:53 AM on 06/18/2013
Those who can, have successful relationships.

Those who can't, teach.
07:27 AM on 06/18/2013
02:27 AM on 06/18/2013
If only women produced as much testosterone as men. Oh, what a wonderful world it could be.!
But, as things stand now...
Men will beg, and beg, and beg
untill they're blue in the face
Or, pay, and pay, and pay,
In so many different ways...
I had to listen to her till down
the other day
and still, she kept me 8 inches away...
03:51 AM on 06/18/2013
Beg? Pathetic! I never known a woman that begging got a guy anything but the boot....
03:53 AM on 06/18/2013
Atta boy.. You show'em who's boss
Yes, I am a model
02:14 AM on 06/18/2013
the only useful tip is my experience the most important thing a man needs to communicate to a woman is that he isn't needy. women are remarkable at tolerating pretty much everything else haha
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01:51 AM on 06/18/2013
A tip for the ladies:

When hitting on me - eyes up! The Massive Unit is not on display for your benefit 24/7, it is to be deployed (and paid attention to) later in the evening.

You're welcome, Melanie.
05:41 AM on 06/18/2013
See! There ya go, violating #2, bein' cocky!
01:48 AM on 06/18/2013
I appreciate the list but we have our own as well for women. Here is a shortened version of it:

5) Stop waiting for Mr.Perfect. He doesn't exist. Find a guy who has most of what you are looking for and work with him.
4) If all you are meeting are (a) bad boys and (b) "boring" nice guys and have to make a choice between the two some long term thinking will tell you that those in category (a) are far more likely to cheat on you and treat you like crap in 10 years time as opposed to those in category (b) who will more than likely make good husbands and fathers.
3) If you are not really interested in a guy please don't give out your phone number. You can turn down someone firmly and politely without coming across as mean.
2) Don't get too picky about the small stuff. If you meet a guy who has some facial hair and that for some reason creeps you out try picturing him clean shaven. He may actually shave it off for you if he thinks it will make you happy.
1) Try to avoid making offensive statements on a first date and think it's no big deal. If you are a Republican and decide to go out with a guy who is an Independent or a Democrat saying stuff like you think Obama still needs to show his real birth certificate may not go across well.
Steven A in CO
"Inequality ... is rooted in the biological nature
07:46 AM on 06/18/2013
And if you are a Democrat don't start talking about social justice and economic equality. People want someone who is based in reality and not out looking for a sugar daddy or momma whether it be us or the government.
Mark Andrzejczak
"After such knowledge, what forgiveness?"
07:56 AM on 06/18/2013
So, you equate demanding justice with asking for a handout? EUREKA! This explains most of the Tea Party mentality to me.
Shaun Hensley
The American Experiment has failed
10:17 AM on 06/18/2013
I absolutely put my political beliefs front and center, I wanted to make sure I partnered with someone who shared them to the core. And would work for change and would tolerate me working for change and the sacrifices that brings.
F Sz
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidenc
01:16 AM on 06/18/2013
Oh well, even if other guys falling over a woman, the last thing I would want to be put up with, is your list of what not to do later on in the relationship. I'd be quietly ending this date night with a goodnight kiss and a thanks for coming out, but it would be the last time you saw me.
Yep, I have my own rules too, it's short and it goes like this:
1. If she tells you a bunch of rules, then I remind myself I'm not on an employment interview. Move on.
01:08 AM on 06/18/2013
This is a fascinating discussion and article and, as a married, nearly 60 years old man living as a Scottish expat in Beijing, I am greatly relieved I'm well out of the dating scene. Having said that I dated a lovely lady from New York around the year 2000, in fact we very nearly got married, and all that the initial approach involved was chatting, coffee, cooking together and a bottle of wine or two so I really think you are all over-complicating things. I would agree that friendship can easily slip seamlessly into romance and, provided the agenda involves more than just some casual sex, this is a pleasant and non-threatening way to gain either lovers or friends and in my case my wife of 9 years, both.
12:58 AM on 06/18/2013
Totally agree ... good post. Negging and making fun of friends is for 14 yr olds and younger. Kinda surprised that's still used as a dating tool in men at all really. All the other stuff should be intuitive for someone who doesn't want to come off as an awkwardly handsy, self-righteous goof. Good to see a "What's wrong with guys list" done right. I mean who wants to date someone that puts themselves down anyway? Not me that's for sure.
06:38 AM on 06/18/2013
It's still used because it works...............not that I use it!
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12:37 AM on 06/18/2013
So... a guy I was talking with was negging me. He made a negative comment about my hair. In turn I asked him if he was a hair stylist - to which he said no, then I asked him if he was gay, or bisexual - because no straight man would ever pay that much attention to hair. That shut him up.
12:49 AM on 06/18/2013
Wish I coulda been a fly on the wall for that one.

Hee hee.
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01:31 AM on 06/18/2013
Feel free to use it. Best of all, it's applicable in other situations. eg: he makes a snide remark regarding your outfit, you ask if he works in the fashion industry - when he says no, ask him if he's gay or bi.
09:42 AM on 06/18/2013
And those shoes!
12:25 AM on 06/18/2013
12:23 AM on 06/18/2013
I like your "top ten turn on ons that have nothing to do with looks" much better.
12:09 AM on 06/18/2013
Melanie. I would love to hear what you would actually respond well to. It seems like you're crucifying every guy out there that is only trying to make an impression on you. Would you rather hear the basic repetitive boring introduction or something that a man actually took the time out to think of in order to impress you in a unique & interesting way? I highly doubt you'd choose the monotone answers/responses since you know the game in & out.
11:54 PM on 06/17/2013
I suggest the author doesnt really know how or what works or doesn't work with her until it happens. Much of this is just a wordy and " clever" celebration of how "smart " she is and her not having to take these risks that men usually must.
12:50 AM on 06/18/2013
I think her point is, it's been tried on her quite a lot.
Capitalism is a cult.
11:49 PM on 06/17/2013
They say opposites attract but that's bull.
Together people go to together places and send out "Hey, I'm together" signals that other together people pick up on.
It's that radar thing.
On the other hand....for every avoidant personality disordered person out there, there's a dependent personality disordered picking up their ping ping ping ping, their eyes meet bells go off (should be the wail of an alarm) and it's "hey, I'm glad to meet you". "when's the abuse getting started?" Now comes the fun and games and lets hope someone wears a condom, but I doubt that's gonna happen.
Beggy Forme
11:48 PM on 06/17/2013
Nobody wants to fk Mr. Nice Guy. So stop being him if you want to fk.
I took out the other initials, which your were so rude to say..But your quote is so true..
You have to remember many many gals try to pick up guys all the time too, but if they give you a compliment guys, it also does not mean they like you.