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Everybody lies, all of the time
11:16 AM on 06/17/2013
This seems like such a waste of time for Katherine Jackson. Her son knowingly picked Dr. Murray. AEG for it's part hadn't even signed off on Dr. Murray yet, since they hadn't even paid him yet.

So why is AEG responsible for Michael Jackson's actions and activities leading up to this death? I hate the blame game, the finger pointing, when it's clear how and why Michael Jackson died. No mystery in this one.
11:09 AM on 06/17/2013
Conrad Murray is guilty of unethical practice at best.
Tom Airhart
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
01:02 PM on 06/17/2013
Agreed. And Michael Jackson by no means committed suicide but he did die as the result of a self administered over dose of propofol.
05:03 PM on 06/17/2013
MJ did not die due to a self administered dose of Propofol! That theory was disproven in the Murray trial. Murray administered the Propofol and failed to monitor his patient. That is why he is in jail for 4 years.
01:59 PM on 06/17/2013
MJ is guilty of suicide.
11:08 AM on 06/17/2013
This whole thing is just ridiculous. Michael Jackson was contracting with Conrad Murray to "put him under" with surgery grade anestesia to help him sleep. Even hospitals make you sign a waiver freeing them from wrongful death as a result of the anesthesia because it happens more than people know. I dont think he was so naive as to not know the risks...Conrad Murray is guilt
11:07 AM on 06/17/2013
Hey maybe my family could sue my previous employer for my emotional distress and chemical dependency.
And where was the MJ family when his health was failing and when family is needed the most. I didn't see them stepping up to the plate. This is all about money and that's it, shame on them!!
12:36 PM on 06/17/2013
Why are you a drug addict?
08:16 PM on 06/17/2013
Are you a drug addict?
Right, Left....Wrong
12:55 PM on 06/17/2013
You are right....this family has been a hot mess for decades and they all care more about money than they care about any one person.
06:37 PM on 06/17/2013
...including poor Paris. She and her siblings need a less greedy guardian.
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11:04 AM on 06/17/2013
the question is this....when was Michael's last concert and how old was he then......and how old was he when he people age they can no longer do the things they did when they were you really think that Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler can still do all the moves they use to do...i know they can't for I have watched Steven Tyler. He can still do a good job with the way he deals with the mic but all that jumping around he use to do is not what it use to be....if anyone can answer when he had his last concert and how old he was and how old he was when he died please respond to my post...thank you.....
11:57 AM on 06/17/2013
To my knowledge the last Full Concerts were two charity benefits in 1999. The first was held in Seoul, Korea on 25th June 1999 and the second show was held in Munich at the Olympic stadium on 27th June 1999. Michael appeared at Madison Square Garden in 2001 for his 30 Anniversary Special which was 2hrs but had other artist performing also, and he appeared on American Bandstand and performed his Dangerous song in 2002.
12:13 PM on 06/17/2013
when I saw the movie, I could see clearly that MJ was not in the physical shape for any of the dancing & actually had the backup dancers do most of the danceing..I do feel that if he hadn't passed away he would not have been able to pull this tour[?] off..I sensed he was just trying to do one last hoorah that was going to be very profitable & was trying desperately to accomplish that & everyone was behind him to make that happen!!! IMO..
10:54 AM on 06/17/2013
Michael completely disinherited his siblings. When Katherine passes away her 40% of Michael's estate folds back into the trust. This is their last chance to get any money at all since I'm sure their mother would provide an inheritance for them.I would bet that they are the driving force behind this lawsuit. Joe is a very polarizing figure who probably has been told to lay low till this is over. If he survives his wife, his hand will be out too.
Sad But True
Food for thought tastes like chicken
10:52 AM on 06/17/2013
Scott Thorson told a tale about a "very different" Michael Jackson as well. Liberace's former lover - a man with admittedly little credibility - claims to have had a gay affair with Jacko for years.
12:01 PM on 06/17/2013
Hes a pathological liar. Look at his criminal record.
12:36 PM on 06/17/2013
You surely don't believe Thorson's tale! The man is broke and on his way to prison. I will never understand why the media gives gossips airtime when they have some unproveable insane tale about Michael!
10:42 AM on 06/17/2013
It's a profit deal for the parents.
10:37 AM on 06/17/2013
The Jackson family is acting like Michael was a 5 year old not a 50 year old man capable of making his own decisions. They think that AEG should have assumed the role as his babysitter. From what's been reported, a valid contract never existed since MJ didn't sign it before his death. AEG never paid Murray a cent. The contract, that was never signed by Jackson, stipulated that Murray would be paid out of Jackson's share of the profits not AEG's. Jackson had hired Murray prior to the tour being planned with AEG.

Vetting Michael's doctor would not be their responsibility nor would it be in their purview to tell a grown man what doctor he could use. The insurance company that AEG used to insure Jackson would have been the only one to make an assessment of Jackson's health when determining what premium to charge in case he was incapacitated. AEG wasn't his mama. As long as he was insurable, AEG wouldn't have cared if the personal physician Jackson chose to use was a voodoo witch doctor. The Jackson's need to stop trying to profit from Michael's death, especially since their concern about Michael's health appears to have come post mortem.
10:35 AM on 06/17/2013
If Dr. Conrad Murray did not have a privacy waiver from Michael Jackson, he was violating the doctor/patient privilege. Dr. Murray's giving AEG confidential information about Michael's health leads one to believe that it was, indeed, AEG who employed him.
Against Stupidity, the Gods themselves try in Vain
11:43 AM on 06/17/2013
The way I see it, we can't tell.

It is possible Dr. Murray broke patient confidentiality. It is also possible Michael Jackson allowed Dr. Murray to update AEG. It is also possible Jackson told Dr. Murray to say everything was OK. And of course, Dr. Murray could hav ebeen working for AEG.

So what actually happened? I don't know. But there is very little evidence to say either way from where I am sitting.
10:34 AM on 06/17/2013
I wonder how many celebrities require a personal physician to go on tour with them? It seems to me that Dr. Murray was an independent contractor and not an employe of AEG regardless of who was paying his fees. The drugs administered to Jackson were the responsibility of Dr. Murray not AEG.
No Lib, No Tea, Just Liberty!
10:20 AM on 06/17/2013
Blame everyone but the man who made the bad decisions with his own life.
opinions are like___we all have em
10:47 AM on 06/17/2013
Exactly. Or maybe they are the ones he way or another, he chose.
10:51 AM on 06/17/2013
Amen to that!
10:16 AM on 06/17/2013
The Jackson family should not be doing things that focus on Michael's personal life, because it has become a Pandora's Box. They should be promoting his musical legacy and protecting his children.
12:26 PM on 06/17/2013
Indeed, this has to hurt Michael's kids. Paris is now being hospitalized for a nervous breakdown, who knows how it will affect her two brothers. Mrs. Jackson seems to be very protect ed by her children, yet it seems she is also wanting to benefit from this trial. I hope the kids can be placed in a healthier setting, where they won't be surrounded by people who are looking for their father's money at almost any cost.
10:08 AM on 06/17/2013
The man is dead and the family just whats MONEY. MJ was the captain of his own life and he sank it
10:55 AM on 06/17/2013
Apparenltly, the Jackson Family never met a dollar they didn't covet, no matter what they have to put his cildren through.

There are many things about MJ that have not been fully explained...but he did seem to want his children to lead a different and better life than he had.

Unfortunately, even without Daddy Joe involved legally (who knows what kind of influence Joe still has over other family members) Michael made a bad decision to lefave his children in the care of an 80 year old woman who couldn't stand up for him as a child when she was younger and stronger and this left his children open to the preditory actions of the rest of the family. They continue to live off this guy as they always have even though he has been dead for four years.
Those poor cildren.
10:05 AM on 06/17/2013
You cant put a person in a coma every night and expect them to bouce back like a spring ... I think Jackson knew his body was revolting against the damage he or others had inflicted on it and new he was way to physically drained to preform ... You only test God for so long ........