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06:53 PM on 06/17/2013
Trust us (US), we'll spy on our people, foreign people, foreign governments and officials, any time any place. It's not true that we are spying on everybody, those are conspiracy theories, and traitors. We have to spy on everybody every time, every place, it is for your own security. No, it is not true, those reports that we spy on everybody all the time. Blah, blah, blah....

There are too many whistle blowers out there for all those reports to be fake.
07:58 PM on 06/17/2013
Not enough of them in my opinion.
06:49 PM on 06/17/2013
All countries do everyone is equal..and if you don't think the biggest complainers are the worst offenders, think again..
Beautiful water
06:48 PM on 06/17/2013
This is business as usual and will never stop!!
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08:56 PM on 06/17/2013
it might - after we bomb ourselves back into the stone age - but then probaly not
Obama insists he knows nothing and I believe him.
06:45 PM on 06/17/2013

Don't you look over here at Obama's Scandal Ridden Presdency now...
07:16 PM on 06/17/2013
grow the hell up and welcome to the real the President is not going to spy on others and keep us safe- RE YOU LIVING ON THE MOON?
06:42 PM on 06/17/2013
"It's a scandal! The U.S. and British special services tapped (then President Dmitry) Medvedev's phone at the 2009 G-20 summit. The U.S. denies it, but we can't trust them," Alexei Pushkov, the Kremlin-connected chief of foreign affairs committee in the lower house of Russian parliament, wrote on his Twitter feed Monday."

Ha! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black- does anyone believe the russian intelligence service doesn't tap into any and everyone's phones every minute of every day?
07:17 PM on 06/17/2013
AND STEAL SUPERBOWL RINGS.......please Putin- keep your shirt on- its revolting
06:40 PM on 06/17/2013
I suppose the Repubs think that's Obama's fault as well?
people who tell white lies soon grow color blind.
09:21 PM on 06/17/2013
I guess as much as the Dems and Libs think it's the fault of Bush for everything and anything that's happened.
01:32 AM on 06/18/2013
No. You inverted my point - deflection perhaps?
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The Voynich Manuscripts.
06:40 PM on 06/17/2013
Yes we all spy on each other, but the name of the game is not to get caught doing it..The Brits will now be rushing around trying to make up an excuse, or else they will just flatly deny it...Thing is who is next on the list to get embarrassed...
06:22 PM on 06/17/2013
Remember when "I Spy" was just a game? Now everybody wants to play.
We have been hacked by others. Others have been used for information mining.
It happens. Why so much vitriol?
thank G they'll blame you for everything
06:20 PM on 06/17/2013
So now we trust the Chinese and Russians to tell us that we are violating them. Talk about non denial denial. They take our intellectual property spying on private companies, work to develop cyber war techniques and we are to be fooled by their outrage. That's the outrage
05:59 PM on 06/17/2013
hahahahahahah....our country is better than your country....we spy on our law abiding poo poo to you UK....beat that...
05:54 PM on 06/17/2013
This so-called revelation is neither new nor particularly surprising. Move on...
Your Micro-bio is empty, I know, stop nagging.
05:49 PM on 06/17/2013
Everybody is spying on everybody else, seems to be the biggest growth employment opportunity around.
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05:27 PM on 06/17/2013
for some reason the guardian is not giving this as much traction as their old news about the patriot act.
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standing on fishes
05:22 PM on 06/17/2013
So, everybody is spying on everybody else. Who's going to win at this game?
06:17 PM on 06/17/2013
Which has been going on since the days of documents being transported via courier on horseback.
05:03 PM on 06/17/2013
I think it is safe to say that both sides agree that our government has gotten out of hand. If "change" is truly going to happen then Americans need to stop falling for this republican vs democrat political game and start having a healthy debate. We need to get rid of this empirical like govt and restore it back to a "We The People" type government. Both liberals and conservatives want the same outcomes, peace, freedom, liberty, and higher standards of living for all. History can be a great commodity when determining the best way to achieve these and from what I learned government is never one of them.
05:35 PM on 06/17/2013
I would like to share your opinion but I just can't; there are 'way too many people who's idea of an acceptable government is one that gives them freedom to do as they wish and deny others the freedom to do what they wish.
06:06 PM on 06/17/2013
I don't understand what the disagreement is?  I agree that government power is used to benefit certain groups of people.  I believe that citizen should have the power and responsibility to control their own destinies.  I would hope your solution wouldn't be more government. 
07:19 PM on 06/17/2013
the government is protecting its they really want to know you are hooked on porn? they could care if you are getting porn for state secrets- well that's another every american is mr and mrs trustworthy!
09:39 PM on 06/17/2013
Protecting us from what?  The problem that they created?  Terrorism is a direct result if US's interventionism which has included our involvement in the middle east for the past 50+ years.  Their solutions include more intervening along with policies that erode liberties.  I logical conclusion would to mind our own business and bring our troops home.  We could have a much stronger homeland security at a much cheaper price.  You must first find the diagnosis before you treat the disease.