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11:18 PM on 06/17/2013
Obama's looking to restart the cold war.
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Thanks Obama!
12:14 AM on 06/18/2013
I thought Obama mocked the GOP for acting like this is still the 60's thru 80's with their mistrust of Russia.

I even read similar comments on the HP that the right doesn't trust Russia and doesn't realize the "cold war is over with the KGB out of commission."

And now?

Do we trust Russia or do we not trust Russia, again? Which way is it with our Government?

Do we have to reset the reset?
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12:55 AM on 06/18/2013
Why does the US have to be the one to make such a decision? The US's stance on Russia should be based on Russia's actions.
01:17 AM on 06/18/2013
Reset the reset, but since Putin does not the USSR make, it doesn't take much pressure to push the button. Even Obama may be strong enough to do this. However, he may be afread of buttons.
11:17 PM on 06/17/2013
The title of this article needs a correction, it should say:

G8 Syria Talks: Putin Rebukes West Over Al-Qaeda Support
oops ! did i offend you , my bad .
11:17 PM on 06/17/2013
i dont think sending ANY weapons to the rebels is a good idea . most if not half of the rebels are alqudea and musilim forces that have sworn death isreal and the united states. the only reason why this musilim pres wants to aid the rebels is because the rebels are his musilim brothers . NO MORE AID IN THE FORM OF WEAPONS TO ANY DAMN COUNTRY , NO MORE WEAPONS SALES TO ANY DAMN FOREIGN COUNTRY , NO MORE DAMN FOREIGN AID IN THE FORM OF CASH WHEN PEOPLES SAFETY NET PROGRAMS ARE BEING CUT HERE, --- NO MORE DAMN WARS !!!!!!!!! STOP THE CIRCLE OF VIOLENCE !!!!
01:28 AM on 06/18/2013
No more US aid to anyone. No more US influence in the world. No more stable world economy. No more US economy. No more cash for safety nets. No more iPhones. Really? Damn the wars and violence, where are those weapons to send out again?
11:16 PM on 06/17/2013
At a GOLF Resort again GOLFING, apologizing to Putin, just like with XI from China. No work getting done, another week goes by, more scandals. Americans Losing more and more every day, Oh well what difference does it make.
11:16 PM on 06/17/2013
Obama doesn't understand why he can't give an Arab Spring to Everybody !??
Actually; he should be trying to give one to Iran; rather than Syria.
11:10 PM on 06/17/2013
let's get all the single women in the world to flood putin's account with emails, maybe that will get him distracted. seriously, when will we learn to take all our toys and money and just go home???
11:09 PM on 06/17/2013
Putin is a commie and always be. He has no power and never will. Russia is a joke in any war. We got them out of trouble in WW2 and they have been all mouth with no action. Now Putin wants to show he has guts. HA!
11:38 PM on 06/17/2013
You're wrong, my friend. The only thing stopping the Russians from owning the world are the Chinese.
11:43 PM on 06/17/2013
Obviously you are not a student of history. Or English for that matter.
11:08 PM on 06/17/2013
There is one "S" word that overrides the G8 "S" word and it ain't Syria.
11:07 PM on 06/17/2013
Obama how dare you send weapons using taxpayer money to other countries to battle their Governments............ Did any of them pass your background check.....NO because then you couldnt send them guns......2 faced
11:47 PM on 06/17/2013
Remember,the bad guy don,t use back ground checks.The followers want guns GONE,the only problem the bad guys will not follow the followers ideal.Too all the victims of dodgeball,the bad guys are going to hit you with something a lot harder than a rubber ball.Grow a pair and defend yourself ,I just got back from NYC,eat or be eaten!
10:58 PM on 06/17/2013
Islamists rejoice! Another piece of the caliphate is falling into place.
big gov't.=smaller citizens
10:56 PM on 06/17/2013
What a disadvantage the US is at. Obama, a failed community organizer against a former head of the KGB.
John Whatmeworry
04:50 AM on 06/18/2013
Putin was never head of the KGB. His highest rank was Lieutenant colonel
10:54 PM on 06/17/2013
I think Russia has made his mind to support Assad regime against rebel force. Western nations can not change his mind because the regine he supports is related to Russia's core interest. in other words. Russia will support Syria at all costs.
2 Steps from Hell
11:39 PM on 06/17/2013
I hope your right, if not Syria is going to turn into another Islamist mess.
Spring comes and the grass grows by itself
12:36 AM on 06/18/2013
10:51 PM on 06/17/2013

11:14 PM on 06/17/2013
they said "okay how much is this tomfoolery going to cost us this time Barry"
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11:34 PM on 06/17/2013
10:45 AM on 06/18/2013
It was reported yesterday that the Mayor of London berated the British P.M Cameron by saying arming the Syrian rebels would be "pressing weapons into the hands of maniacs and al-Qaeda thugs,” while warning him of the risks of arming the Syrian opposition fighters.
I would love to hear the Mayor of New York do the same for Secretary of State Kerry.
We are all here because we are all not there
10:49 PM on 06/17/2013
You know, it was Putin's KGB that warned us about bin-Laden and we boo-hooed that. We should stay out. Have the Syrian rebels ever done anytihng in the US interest? No. Let the UN supply the rebels.
11:39 PM on 06/17/2013
They also warned us about the Boston bomber.
10:46 PM on 06/17/2013
What a big mistake...the US leading the 'West' should...join with Putin and Assad. That way we save Assad's behind and his life....and he becomes thereafter 'our' creature....
An....alliance.... between the US and Russia (plus the G-8 and NATO)...on the Mideast would force every Mideast country to ....knuckle under....and do whatever we want.
The Russians hate Muslim terror as much as the no more Hezbollah, no more Hamas, no 'Chechens', no more PLO. Russia still has a big and veteran army... unpaid....paid and supplied by the US and NATO, a million Russian troops could do US/NATO bidding and take over and wipe out like...3 days...ending forever the Iranian threat.
It's past high time for Russia to be ...brought into NATO....The US, NATO, Russia, and all the G-8 against...just the Arabic Mideast and the Islamic crazies...what a wonder match....and then the world gets to divide up the oil for 'free' till at least 2100.
11:47 PM on 06/17/2013
Wow... That's... the...answer.... Now it... all makes sense.... You've solved all...the world's problems....