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samidean 01:05 PM on 06/18/2013
Good people of North Carolina, I hate to add to your teabag government miseries, but back in 2010, Wisconsin made the same mistake you just did in the last election, and here is what YOU people have to look forward to three years from now.
Thanks to Walker, and the teabag controlled legislature Wisconsin is now:
49th in economic growth indicators.
One of five states in the country who are on  Read More...
09:49 AM on 06/18/2013
Nothing is new about how Republicans conduct themselves and legislate in any part of the country including Congress. They are against women, gays, immigrants, minorities and the middle class and poorer citizens. Anyone who isn't aware of this is simply brain dead.
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09:44 AM on 06/18/2013
NC needs to impeach McCrory for his obvious failure to keep the best interest of his constituents in mind. Arresting people who disagree with his legislative actions sounds far too much like a fascist regime. McCrory wants to unilaterally control NC which is clear from his support of efforts to disenfranchise voters and cut education funding. As for Moral Mondays being driven by outside interests, if by outside interests he means equality for ALL Americans, then what does that say about the NC GOP's interests?!
10:07 AM on 06/18/2013
Outside interests my aunt fannie!

These are upstanding North Carolinians. Many of them christian clergy.

These protests are in favor of MORALITY, which the gop legislature and governor have plainly said is unacceptable.

Wonder what church they learned that lesson in?
04:22 PM on 06/18/2013
The church where Glenn Beck is a bishop.
10:09 AM on 06/18/2013
So if I wandered up to a Democrat Legislature and started shouting in the assembly and wouldn't shut up, should I get arrested?
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09:34 AM on 06/18/2013
i'm proud of the citizens protesting in north carolina. the practice of civil disobedience is alive and well and should be inspirational to the rest of us who are sick of these legislatures kowtowing to their corporate masters.
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09:51 AM on 06/18/2013
When is this going to happen in Washington DC? I am waiting and when it does, I'm there!!!
02:40 PM on 06/18/2013
just don't attempt to protest at the "supreme" court ...

they recently passed a law that makes any sort of gathering to "incite a crowd," including carrying an American flag on "their property" (property which actually belongs to the people of the US) a felony ... a FEDERAL felony at that!
09:30 PM on 06/18/2013
Being a senior citizen I am surprised that more young people aren't protesting how the baggers are destroying our country--geez, in the 60's we were out every weekend protesting something--most the war in Vietnam--
10:31 AM on 06/18/2013
^ Typed in Starbucks on a Mac.
10:43 AM on 06/18/2013
Like that is somehow something worthy of being derided..............
The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy
11:25 AM on 06/18/2013
^ Typed on an off the shelf Dell in mother's basement for a nickel a post.