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i have a scream
09:30 PM on 11/05/2009
Baucus likes them triggers. But he doesn’t like the health care overhaul and now he doesn’t care for climate change legislation.

So his “concerns were not fully addressed”. Poor thing just can’t catch a break. Well he can either help the dems (of which he’s supposed to be one) or he can just get out of the way. Either way works for me.
08:52 PM on 11/05/2009
hmm, so I guess I was wrong about this guy. I was under the impression that he was owned by the healthcare industry, apparently they had the coal lobby co-sign when they bought him.
08:50 PM on 11/05/2009
Doesn't that face look like the kind of thing folks make out of dried apples?
Proud Progressive for decades
08:40 PM on 11/05/2009
He needs to change his designation to (R).

He is no good for the Democratic party.
08:36 PM on 11/05/2009
Anything that is " pro life" Baucus is against.

Montanans would do humanity a service by putting this old f)art out to pasture!

His days of usefulness are long over!
08:29 PM on 11/05/2009
I love it - this is what we want our Democrat majority to do. Elections have consequences. Lets GO!!!!
3 years left on the meter - LETS GO!!!!
Liberals: the only true fiscal conservatives.
08:09 PM on 11/05/2009
"We have not been able to find a time when a bill has been marked up without minority participation," Inhofe said.

What a tw.t. You had the opportunity to participate; you chose not to. Big difference there, buddy.
In search of the unmoderated thread
08:04 PM on 11/05/2009
Attention Max Baucus:

This is how you treat people that only want to stall your bill, knowing they will never support the majority.

This is how you get a bill through committee.

Thank you Senator Barbara Boxer.

I am proud to call you my Senator.
08:00 PM on 11/05/2009
gop boycotts have been proved worthless. we need bills passed with them or without them. they less the gop touches the bill the cleaner it is
Liberal Registered Nurse
07:48 PM on 11/05/2009
Enough energy hits the planet earth through the form of sunlight in ONE HOUR to supply energy to the world for A YEAR. This isn't a random made up sentence, it's in Al Gore's new book.
It's high time that we started harnessing things like wind/hydro/solar instead of destroying the world we live in to avoid the inconveniance of change.

Look at the universe. How many planets have life? Possibly very few. Possibly (but probably more) only one. This universe is not hospitable to life. We are very lucky that earth formed the protections for life that it has, including the atmposphere and O-Zone layer. Wake up. if we continue to put 400 million tons of global warming polutants into our atmosphere every day we WILL become exstinct.
In search of the unmoderated thread
07:46 PM on 11/05/2009
Attention Max Baucus:
This is how you deal with wingnuts that just want to stall and won't vote for your bill anyways!!!
Just say GO
Thank you Barbara Boxer.
07:44 PM on 11/05/2009
When James Inhofe leaves a crowded room, the average IQ doubles.

Hey, people from the 11th century need a senator too.
07:29 PM on 11/05/2009
Good news for Goldman Sachs!
10:27 PM on 11/05/2009
Yes. Cap and Trade is a scam/bubble in the making and the bill was written by Goldman.
07:16 PM on 11/05/2009
Lordy, Lordy, it is getting awful hard to say anything nice about my senator. I call his office on a regular basis. His staff can tell me my views on health care reform. Tomorrow, I'll start all over on a new topic. It sure is hard to raise a Senator.
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07:45 PM on 11/05/2009
I love your comment. I'm not sure whether you are raising him or caretaking him! Being in the stage of caring for elderly parents, I see a lot of similarities to these officials who think they know what's good for everyone because " that's how it's always been done." Gads!! Someone should market PINK YARD FLAMINGOES WITH THEIR HEADS IN THE "SAND".
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I know where my towel is
07:16 PM on 11/05/2009
I never realized until I saw that photo just how much Max Baucus looks like David Letterman.
Liberals rock!
09:41 PM on 11/05/2009
Bingo! Better check his interns.