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Que sera, sera
12:52 AM on 06/21/2013
African males have upped the ante from 3 legs to 4 legs?
Can't take that away from them
07:41 AM on 06/21/2013
Gcock10, does you mother know that you are using the internet for comments like this?
Que sera, sera
09:52 AM on 06/21/2013
say hello to her soon
10:21 AM on 06/21/2013
What about your mother?
12:44 AM on 06/21/2013
This is such a good thing for the have as a normal life as possible!
12:30 AM on 06/21/2013
This happens sometimes when one twin is absorbed by the other. I had fraternal twins and am constantly asked if I have a family history of them. We have never had live twins before, but when my grandfather had surgery for kidney stones in his 70s, they discovered a third kidney, two urethras and various other bits and pieces that he had absorbed from a twin. Nature - kind of creepy, really!
My micro-bio may be empty but my head isn't.
01:56 PM on 06/22/2013
I have 4 fully functioning kidneys plus all the connections for them to work.
12:00 AM on 06/21/2013
Another very creative design experiment.....
11:07 PM on 06/20/2013
Why do they show the picture of the baby in China, caught in a toilet pipe? I wanted to see the baby for which this story applies.
Kindness & Respect; some people deserve it!!
09:39 AM on 06/21/2013
Agree, brent, was a bit confusing.
Detroit, 50yrs of democrat progress.
10:29 PM on 06/20/2013
So this isnt the kardhashian kid ???
10:17 PM on 06/20/2013
I saw this type of deformity several times when I worked in the Neonatal Unit. The extra appendages can protrude from any body part. It's a rare genetic disorder thought to be from twin conception. Although it's usually diagnosed before birth, it's still devastating for parents to see it. Sad.
10:55 PM on 06/20/2013
Good explanation. Thank you.
K- Bear-1
I think, therefore, i'm frightened
11:00 PM on 06/20/2013
Will the baby be able to lead a normal life, walk?? It so, not sad, happy, as long as the little guy makes it.
11:50 PM on 06/20/2013
I agree with Juno in that it's sad that a baby's first experience in his new world had to be such a horrific operation, and a probably painful recovery. Like you, I hope he makes it, and goes on to lead a normal life, but if Juno did once work in a neonatal unit, then her comment suggests to me that she's looking ahead to the complications that may occur. My own guess is that he's got a rough road ahead of him, at least for the first couple of years.
09:33 AM on 06/21/2013
K-Bear...the cases I've seen have required multiple surgeries resulting in long-term disabilities but they have lived.
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09:53 PM on 06/20/2013
Damn you science, he could have been the fastest man in the world.
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Don't fan'll just unfan me later.
09:50 PM on 06/20/2013
Why would anyone want to sew 2 more legs on a baby?
10:16 PM on 06/20/2013
12:01 AM on 06/21/2013
Why would anyone want to build a baby with 4 legs??? Ask the creator i guess.
09:40 PM on 06/20/2013
In South Africa you are forced to pay for health insurance.
no fan of the NRA
10:23 PM on 06/20/2013
In most countries around this great world of ours someone has to pay.
11:08 PM on 06/20/2013
How does one pay when they have a balance sheet that equals $0?
GraniteSkyline returns
I wish you happiness, or, bqhatevwr.
09:39 PM on 06/20/2013
Poor little guy! Get better soon Andrew!
Major prolation, perfect mode
09:34 PM on 06/20/2013
A healthy and happy life to you, Andrew.
09:15 PM on 06/20/2013
Always makes me wonder what the Christian Scientists and others who believe only in healing directly from God think about such cases. I know CS believers always come back at me by saying Mrs. Eddy never said you couldn't seek medical care, but she also said if you did you weren't a Scientist. I've read Science and Health as well as some good biographies of her.

Last week the most recent case of child murder-by-parents in the news still had the parents blaming their children's deaths on "the Devil". I do wonder what they'd say about something so clearly beneficial as helping this baby via surgery. Kudos to the surgical team and all the caregivers involved. And the Namibian government stepped up too.
NRA, making a list and checking it twice!
10:12 PM on 06/20/2013
Sometimes we do too much. This baby has very good odds of dying, of mobility issues, and even more. When there are major birth defects, there may quite possibly be ones that can take years to discover. I have a nephew who had heart surgery and in the wake of it, as an infant, and had a stroke that went undiagnosed for years, because stroke damage can mimic learning disabilities. Surgery isn't always the humane answer.
10:21 PM on 06/20/2013
No but sometimes it is the answer & I wouldn't want to be the one to make that decision for someone else's baby.
Keep Calm and Carry On!
11:23 PM on 06/20/2013
I agree with you. Sometimes there is too much intervention.
Please allow me to introduce myself...
02:28 AM on 06/21/2013
My Father and his family were Christian Scientists. The CS would keep the baby at home. Have a Practitioner come and help you understand that the baby is perfect. The extra legs don't exist. You are just not praying and believing hard enough. I lost childhood friends to these nuts. It is a cult, not a religion.
07:27 PM on 06/21/2013
We have CS friends and they have no qualms about seeking medical attention even though they also consult their practitioner as part of the healing process. They use their religious practice more to cultivate a mental attitude of peace and confidence in the idea that they or their loved ones will heal. I would trust a child with them at all times, but in my experience they are not standard CS believers. Your experience is far more common to what others have told me about both CS and believers in faith healing - transfer blame to yourself, your child, the "devil", whatever.
Please allow me to introduce myself...
09:13 PM on 06/21/2013
I lived with my Father's sister & her husband for over 2 years. I loved my Aunt with all my heart. I just couldn't accept the Christian Science beliefs. She almost killed her self trying to go with out her glasses. She was bat blind without them. I loved her more for doing that. I think she knew she had lost me. To me Unity or the Church of Religious Science come closer to the ideal. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT SCIENTOLOGY. I did like the non emphasis on Christ, sin, & baptisim.
˙ɟɟnʇs ǝɥʇ ɥɔnoʇ ɹǝʌǝN-oıq oɹɔıW
09:14 PM on 06/20/2013
What... No pictures!
01:02 AM on 06/21/2013
Grab a crayon and draw your own... silly dummy. This is about a human baby, not a Kardashian wedding...
An Arizona Independent
˙ɟɟnʇs ǝɥʇ ɥɔnoʇ ɹǝʌǝN-oıq oɹɔıW
01:21 AM on 06/21/2013
Feel better?