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09:55 PM on 06/20/2013
Who's surprised? That's the type majority group affirmative action and quota that are not subject to lawsuits!
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09:53 PM on 06/20/2013
"Concerns about his resume discrepancies"? Who cares about THAT?

I am "concerned" about the people who work for NSA who care about their jobs more than about giving Americans the truth about their government. Snowden is a hero for doing what he did!
09:51 PM on 06/20/2013
You can thank the GOP for this sort of mess: they've denigrated the government for two decades at least, showing how they hate their own gov't, but this is just the tip of the iceberg of how incompetent private industry can be...and usually is!
09:51 PM on 06/20/2013
Government contractors are all "Bottom Line Hacks", They are all Profit driven. Yet the NSA has the huevos to contract out Top Secret projects. Get a life America. The NSA is peanuts. We have been slaved out years ago.