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10:16 PM on 06/21/2013
Stress is self induced and increased pace is a choice.

We create our individual realities by the choices we make. We are the ones in charge, not matter what anyone tries to tell us differently.

All people have to do is learn to say "no", to stop thinking they have to be "in" on all the newest stuff, and to realize they have the final say-so as to how and by whom their lives are controlled.
All you really own is your own integrity
10:14 PM on 06/21/2013
" Today's pace and stress ...."

While I have no problem if people want to meditate, I do think this is treating a symptom while letting the disease go raging on.

Perhaps a more mindful thing would be to seek to change the culture of "must always be working" and the grotesque inequality that is creating so much stress in our world.
Sorry kids.
09:34 PM on 06/21/2013
Mindfulness is basically beginning Buddhist meditation. Just going to the source makes it easier and more effective. A good idea in any event.
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09:28 PM on 06/21/2013
Mindfulness also beats look at your cell phone every five minutes .....or less.
All you really own is your own integrity
10:16 PM on 06/21/2013
Living in an economy that didn't require constant work would be even better.

Our increasingly "competitive" economy where no matter how hard you work, you will never rise or even feel comfortable and secure is why people spend so much time checking their messages from the office.
12:44 AM on 06/22/2013
Our ancestors of say 10,000 B.C. could have probably enlightened you on an economy that required constant work. Survival of the fittest is now no longer an issue. One only has to look at the 47%
Kindest Regards
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08:58 PM on 06/22/2013
You can choose more wisely what you do when you practice mindfulness because you learn to exist beyond culture's demands. The frantic pace most people have is unhealthy and leads nowhere. Remember that we come to this world naked and we leave with nothing, so does it make sense to try to seek security through "things"? Seeking security leads to fixation, the human condition is impermanent and always evolving, like the wind. Namasde
06:02 PM on 06/21/2013

change your way of being...
05:56 PM on 06/21/2013
Go meditation!!!! It can get very lonely in this world at times.
05:17 PM on 06/21/2013
Self observation without judgement is first. By trying to Remembering the Self, we allow our cosmic essence to appear and begin to learn who it is. Uncritical Self Observation allows us to see all the many i's within, who are not the Self. The many i's are judgmental, negative,and stressed out opinions on one side, but they also can be kind, thoughtful and loving, yet these are also asleep i..e. without Presence. Self Remembering must be added to any meditation practice so that one will have a chance at divided attention or Presence of the Self at any time of the day. The aim is to be the Self and not a sleeping though relaxed machine or everyday self.
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Micro bio? We don't need no stinkin' micro bio...
08:18 PM on 06/21/2013
Transcendental Meditation requires no effort, and in fact, effort and control are counter-productive. Mr George mentions that he learned TM 37 years ago, but he attempts to explain it in terms of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a different practice with different effects and different outcomes.
05:15 PM on 06/21/2013
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Micro-bio, was one of my favorite classes.
05:02 PM on 06/21/2013
I don't know much about meditation, but I'm encouraged to learn that a Harvard Business professor believes that he has a soul.
Don't Sleep With Mean People
05:00 PM on 06/21/2013
The best time to meditate is after a workout. Shower, sit in your favorite chair, let the endorphins rush through you and let your mind feel as calm as your body.
04:17 PM on 06/21/2013
"Mindfulness, the practice of self-observation without judgment, encompasses an array of activities in which we focus inward on our minds and our inner voices."

While being still and silent is a sure way to release and relieve stress, self-consciousness without a compassionate morality seems a recipe for narcissism and self-indulgence. In extreme I am sure the Officers and Guards at Auschwitz were quite stressed out what with keeping the railroads running and the fires burning and a bit of 'mindfulness' would have proved very beneficial. So too the worthies of HU & HBS, many of whose graduates have brought us to our current disparate political and commercial chaos, might find a more blissful and perfect existence in changing what and how they do their business, rather than sitting on their brains for 20 minutes.
Gentleman and Scholar. Mostly.
07:01 PM on 06/21/2013
The point you've missed is that the practice of mindfulness tends to build a conscience. Stress comes from the effort to balance conflicting attitudes (e.g. "I hate my job but I need the money"). When you release those attitudes (even for a short time), it gives the mind some space to work out the conflict, similar to the way dreaming is often conceived. A lot of stress is caused when personal goals and desires conflict with interpersonal relationships, and working out those conflicts naturally makes one less self-centered. Except for sociopaths, I suppose, but then I don't imagine sociopaths feel much conflict over getting what they want in the first place.

People who become meditational narcissists (and most meditators go through that stage at one point or another) merely create a new set of conflicts to be worked through: apologies, but meditational narcissists really irritate everyone who doesn't absolutely adore them. As long as they continue to practice mindfulness (and don't insulate themselves with doting admirers or blithering yes-men) they will work out those conflicts as well.
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Micro bio? We don't need no stinkin' micro bio...
08:23 PM on 06/21/2013
Mindfulness tends to supress the self, and when comparisons are made between TM, which Mr George learned 37 years ago, and mindfulness, striking differences in EEG start to show.
As well, when you compare the long-term effects of TM and the long-term effects of mindfulness, you see radically different results. So radically different, that the American Heart ASsociation just declared that of all meditation and relaxation techniques with resarch published in the last 5 years, only TM had sufficiently good and consistent research to warrant using it as a clinical treatment for high blood pressure.

Similar patterns in the scientific literature exist when comparing TM vs mindfulness vs concentration on anxiety, longevity, and PTSD. TM works faster and better than other forms of meditation in resolving stress and the physiological damage from stress.

It also, unlike mindfulness and concentration, doesn't suppress the parts of the brain responsible for "sense of self," but rather enhances its function, bringing it literally into physical harmony with the rest of the brain.
02:54 PM on 06/21/2013
Corporate Meditation

Emerson, Thoreau, and the New England transcendentalists were Apple Pie Americans, and they were greatly inspired by the Indian Bhagavad Gita which advises us to sit in silence to discover the bliss and quietude of our inner selves so that we may find the answers and remedies to the great challenge of living in a material world filled with noise and unethical choices. Thoreau's Civil Disobedience is an example of how each of us can make the right decisions with good conscience, if we tap the unlimited potential within our souls. This is the first step that paves the way for corporations and governments to put human and environmental well being before profit.
Jimmy Goodman
01:56 PM on 06/21/2013
Good thoughts, thanks. As a longtime meditator myself, I think it's important to distinguish between mindfulness meditation and Transcendental Meditation. Both are secular but have very different results and health benefits. Here's the best link I've seen to explain the distinction:

Mindfulness is more about learning to cope with life in the state of consciousness you're already in, not so much about transcendence or growth to higher states of consciousness. Mindfulness meditation, as generally practiced, is not intended to take the mind beyond mental activity to deeper, more expanded states of awareness.

TM is an effortless way to settle and transcend the active mind and experiencing pure consciousness, one's deepest inner self, an experience that very powerfully reduces stress and transforms life from within.

According to the scientific research, TM has a more holistic range of benefits than mindfulness practices. TM is the only meditation practice recommended by the American Heart Association for reducing high blood pressure. They stated in a recent study that they did not recommend mindfulness:

Yes, I'm quite partial to TM. And I'm very happy that the non-profit TM organization gives scholarships to help people learn who can't afford tuition for the classes.
03:20 PM on 06/21/2013
TM is a cult. And your comprehension of mindfulness is flawed.
Hospital Administrator
04:46 PM on 06/21/2013
Mindfulness meditation is aligned more with Buddhism with concentration on the breath.
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Micro bio? We don't need no stinkin' micro bio...
08:24 PM on 06/21/2013
But your comprehension of TM is perfect, I take it?
01:13 PM on 06/21/2013
Or, the more time-tested solution; find a really good secretary.
12:55 PM on 06/21/2013
As I get it mindfulness is practice in getting your thinking off of things you cannot control and onto simple awareness as a the process the brain goes into neutral like the switching of gears in a car and removes the obstacles to creative processes...this is akin to the Clear that L.Ron Hubbard carlled a religion in Scientology and Freud called removing the engrams that clutter up the natural neurons in your such it may be a gift of God to balance all the insanity that also comes with being human...if you read the news each day your brain will be overwhelmed with the issues facing mankind but in meditation they just fade into the smell of your own breathing as nothing else matters...all in God's will of course or it would be different...generator, operator, destroyer..GOD..ergo for details...