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05:36 PM on 11/07/2009
Una, loved your recaps more than the show, unfortunately.. still love Tim and the gang but really wish you and your husband were on the panel..
05:13 PM on 11/07/2009
I really enjoy these recaps. Like most of you, I didn't enjoy the show so much this year. There just weren't any "Wow" outfits at all. Some, well maybe a few, were pretty, but nothing new and exciting. Irina did some nice things, very wearable (except the last dress), but nothing that was really special. Heidi did seem rather snarky this year, like a drill sergeant, which I didn't care for, but I don't care for Heidi's voice. I was glad to see the crybaby was out. Chris needs to go to school.

If there is another Project Runway in the future, they should make some changes to the script. I would like to see one challenge be more definitive and for the designers to be given a little more time to design, shop and make the garments. I've sewed for many years, but would hate to be so rushed every time.
Frustrated Floridian
04:38 PM on 11/07/2009
Ho ho, I actually FORGOT to watch this week's episode. What does that tell you? Didn't forget your recap though, Una! Ever so much more entertaining than the actual show.

Gee, I thought Gordana's frothy dress was rather pretty, in a Pre-Raphaelite sort of way. Althea's looked like her model slept in it. It's only I-Meana's body of work that saved her 'cos that was one baggy mess of a dress. Well, I hope Carol Hannah cranks up the volume and wins, if only to spite Irina.

Epperson, you are missed!
03:33 PM on 11/07/2009
What happened to Heidi? What made her so mean this season? Was the show trying to be "edgier" since it had jumped off the Bravo ship? All I know is I came away from this season's show thinking that Heidi's actions/words were mean spirited, cruel and belittling. Especially towards Gordana. What happened, Heidi, did she kill your dog when we weren't looking? As a matter of fact Ms. Garcia seemed to dislike Gordana, as well. So, ladies, why? Too poor? Serbian? Too old? Not pretty enough? What??
A show that was a top favorite of mine has now lost it's sparkle. If Tim Gunn hadn't been there to filter away some of the hostility aimed at those poor designers I think I would have stopped watching the show for good. Thank you Mr. Gunn for being a true gentleman.
It's easy to judge people, Heidi. ANYONE can judge another person but it takes class to judge another with compassion. Seems to me that you are sadly lacking in that area. You owe Gordana a big apology for your mistreatment of her but I doubt that will ever happen. So don't be surprised when you find your popularity on the wane. Karma, dearie. What goes around comes around.
...but not to buffalo!
04:48 PM on 11/07/2009
Just think of Heidi wearing her silver ill fitting elf shorts and you'll feel better! Regarding Nina and Heidi's attitudes, $$$ will do that to ya. We do luv our Tim Gunn...I thank the patron saint of fashion for Tim each and every week!
05:52 PM on 11/07/2009
Maybe Heidi was so mean because Michael Kors and Nina Garcia bailed on her for most of the season and she took out her hostility on the contestants in an attempt to be witty. Whatever the reason, she owes them all an apology, especially Gordana.
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09:16 PM on 11/07/2009
I agree, she was terrible to Gordana who never did anything to her.

At least Tim is still loveable; I'm convinced he's an avatar from higher plane of existence here to guide us to fashion nirvana.
12:53 PM on 11/07/2009
Una, I will miss your recaps more than the show when this season is over.
09:51 AM on 11/07/2009
Can't stop watching; aside from Una's recaps, can't find any satisfaction at all this season, and I think we've rehashed why:
Zero budget: can't all that product placement pay for some pizazz? The trip to Paris to make couture was great, what could it cost for a workroom, 100 bucks in fabric?
Judging: they're not there merely to snipe, but to foster talent, help designers develop. MK missing the final challenge; does no one care? It seems not. Even Heidi is downright ugly.
A really uninspired batch of designers: what were the casting people thinking? Never thought I'd miss Santino's boorishness.

And they have a blueprint for this show, a child could figure out by season 6 what works, and why.

I hate to say it, but this show has run its course. Anyone remember last year? The same challenges feeling stale, seen it already; same old workroom, Make It Work, a pregnant Heidi losing interest, the winner, what's her name, mousy, whiny, a good seamstress, but compared to Christian, zero excitement, a collection nothing new.
I'll watch the finale, out of morbid curiosity, but could care less who wins, and that's death for a competition show.
My blog is up and running.
04:32 AM on 11/07/2009
What ever happened to color? You would think they were color blind. I kept hoping to see something wonderful,,,but N-O-O-O! t. I found this season bland, colorless (literally) and completely lacking in flair. I was very disappointed. If it came in black, gray, white, beige, they'd use it. The Mackie debacle was a disaster. I thought the Getty challenge might net something really worthy, again I was totally disappointed. How can they have all that wonderful inspiration to draw on and come up with more samo, samo dull,drab, flat, unappealing design? I'll never get back the 12 hours, I lost. I was expecting too much, I guess, but I sure know the difference between Wal-Mart and Nordstrom's designer shop. They may all have worked their butts off, but they didn't net much in the finished product. I hope they can do better at Bryant Park.
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Democrat dagnabit! Now leave me alone!
01:51 AM on 11/07/2009
Chris really needs to go to a fashion school. He has no idea about cut, color or what today's woman wants to wear. Shakopee is a hick town and that's what he designed all season. Plus, all that crying! Really, it just made him look more ridiculous. With no training, no clothing manufacturer is going to hire him. Plus, if they saw how many times he was in the bottom three, they'd be hard-pressed to think he had any talent at all. Irina will win because she is a baitch! And, if you look at Nina, you'll know what I mean. She didn't get where she is by being sweet as pie!
09:57 AM on 11/07/2009
Unless her collection inexplicably bites, Irina will likely win because she is the only one who seems able to craft well-made, impeccable, luxe clothing out of 100 bucks and make it stand out. (I'm curious to see what she can do with some time & a budget).
And just maybe she's been so snarky from being surrounded by such untalented, annoying dullards: the crybaby, the greasy (not pretty) boy, poor beaten-up Gordans, fake nice women. Althea has been the b*tch in disguise, last nite she really showed her true nature -- and once again, her clothing was sloppy and ill-fitting. I'd react poorly to living and working around that kind of lousy, covert energy.
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09:19 PM on 11/07/2009
Irina's outfits are coughed up hairballs from the 80's and, on close-up, often aren't that well constructed. Her Persian outfit from last week looked awful, this week's dress looks dumpy. Yuck.
...but not to buffalo!
12:15 AM on 11/07/2009
Has no one else noticed that it was not algae on Chris's inspirational was rust!! Why didn't anyone point that out to him???? URGH. This is painful Una. Your blogs are far more entertaining than the season. Here's hoping for next season and for NYC...let's just remember the good times: Christian, Laura, Uli, Jeffery, Daniel, Kara Sahn, etc...makes me want to weep for the good ol' days of Runway...
David Hewitt
12:01 AM on 11/07/2009
Honestly, after Nic went out, my wife and I agreed that it was going to be Irina, Carol Hannah and Althea, with only Gordana having an outside shot. Nic and Epperson were both significantly more talented than Logan, Chris and Gordana, and could have probably challenged for a spot; Ra'mon just never got his act together enough to be in the running.

Too bad Logan's "best look" wasn't his action-hero outfit, he might've been able to stay alive working off of that one.
09:48 PM on 11/06/2009
I really didn't care for any of the dresses this challenge--the one I cared for the least was Irina's--it was almost comical coming down the runway--it reminded me of Popeye's Olive Oyl for some reason.

I guess I'll be hoping the nice girl finishes last--Carol Hannah. Just once I'd like to see her without so much mascara and eyeliner, though. She has beautiful eyes and doesn't need to accentuate them so much, I think?

Great recap, Una!! I was laughing out loud again, as always!! Your friends and hubby sure are funny!
Progress is an evolutionary process
09:39 PM on 11/06/2009
Carol Hannah´s no fool, she wanted Chris to go with her because he wasn´t competition, don´t let the dewy eyed smile fool you. I thought her dress was gorgeous but looked nothing like the inspiration, except the braiding. She could have made a beautiful dress that was more like the bed though.

Chirs.. WITH THE CRYING... I wanted to shake him.. STOP THE CRYING! Too ridiculous.. and you are 100% right about Christian. He was the Man! I remember he would just whip those clothes up, be finished before everyone, have a nap and his design would way outshine everyone elses.

I missed Michael Kors and Nina and New York, but I still think the show was interesting. Admittedly, they could improve some of the challenges, but I¨m a die hard about Project Runway, personally, and Heidí´s my girl.

I have to admit, I watch Models of the Runway too (even though I know it´s really a bad show) and I liked Matar. Carol Hannah´s model can do that 40´s look with style.
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07:26 PM on 11/06/2009
Thanks for another great recap, Una. I wish that Epperson and Shirin were going to Bryant park with Carol Hannah. Irina is an excellent designer, but I don't like her personality, and Althea is overrated. My vote goes to CH for the win.
05:44 PM on 11/06/2009
No, wait-there is really no "Mood" in LA?!
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06:18 PM on 11/06/2009
(At least, I am assuming they went to the downtown store since that is where FIDM is located.)
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05:38 PM on 11/06/2009
I DVR the shows since they come on so late and I have to get up at 4 in the morning to get to work. A co-worker of mine also watches the show and sometimes we do a re-cap about our favorite designers getting auffed or whatever. Well, I always tell my co-worker not to tell me who gets auffed until I get a chance to watch the show. She said, "I wouldn't be able to tell you who won last night anyway because I FELL ASLEEP!" She said the challenge was so boring and she did not care who the f**k won. We are both still pissed about Epperson, Ra'mon AND Shirin. I agree with another poster here who said that Althea is over rated. She should have been tarred and feathered after those horrible bloomers she sent down the runway AND that botched yellow silk skirt from last night. And did the producers hold onto poor Chris just so he could cry? How pathetic.

I was also moved by the closing comment from the designers, I actually teared up along with Chris. Hee hee.

And I do like Models of the Runway because you get to know the models and understand how they REALLY feel about getting eliminated. Before it was just a bunch of girls getting eliminated with no background story.
08:04 PM on 11/06/2009
I couldn't agree more, Althea is WAY over-rated, I wouldn't wear one thing she's made if it was given to me, she does not understand the female body (if stuff looks like sloppy crap on a stick-thin model, who's gonna wear it??) CH's dres might've been tame, but it was a knockout figure hugger. Plus, I either didn't notice it before, or last night her claws came out, but Althea is Nastier than Irina, and I was hoping she, and her messy outfit, would get aufed. At least Irina makes no bones about her attitude; Althea is a fraud!

Anyone else ntoice how truly snarky, if not cruel, Heidi has been? I thought she hated poor Gordana, but ick, nasty to all....