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02:11 AM on 06/25/2013
I have a right to speak privately whether face to face, or electronically. Its a shame that the powers that be think that they own my communication.
I am not surprised though, the water, land and soon to be all our food is owned and managed by a small group. The concept of control is so sweet to government but bitter to the public.
Dont be a sheeple. Dont let your mind be colonised by these ways.
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Voting exterminates republicans
03:13 AM on 06/25/2013
They're already trying to commoditize water in some countries. And if people don't keep fighting for their privacy, the choice to live or die will be at the will of those who control the flow of water and oxygen.
07:18 AM on 06/25/2013
Lol. The only "fighting" that anyone here does is with their mcwhopper wrappers. Haha. I wouldn't expect any ho user to have the slightest amount of activism in them. All bark.
12:09 PM on 06/25/2013
It's not (just) the government it's the corporate will - the capitalist machine that will eat us all for lunch! (I really don't get why people think it's the government when its insurance and mortgage companies, banks and big pharma are really calling the shots).
01:03 AM on 06/25/2013
"do no evil"... kiss my taint...
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01:01 AM on 06/25/2013
Once the Utah Data Center is finished, the NSA won't need Google or anyone else. They will be able to handle all the data on the Internet worldwide on a daily basis. Read any articles you can find on "Big Data". It's the end of the Internet as we knew it. There will be NO privacy.
07:14 AM on 06/25/2013
Read my butt.
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10:30 AM on 06/25/2013
It's too big to read it all.
12:54 AM on 06/25/2013
It's time we harnessed the alternatives to Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and many more US-domiciled system providers.

US troops commit war crimes. Leaking information about them is considered a treasonable offence, yet no inquiry is undertaken into the crimes exposed.

Ironically, I'm writing this on another US-domiciled provider.
Trying to move from "talk" to "discussion"
12:37 AM on 06/25/2013
If one is going to use gmail to send messages back and forth regarding leaks and exposing classified data and activities, then it may behoove one use encrypted email or at the very least, not store email (IMAP) on a publicly accessible server like Gmail. As the request for the emails was part of discovery for an "ongoing investigation of unauthorized public disclosure of information ... " it would seem that the request was within the scope of allowable actions. Bottom line (and something that people have been saying for at least a decade), if you don't want anyone seeing your communications, then encrypt or destroy them, or don't use a public medium for same.
02:05 AM on 06/25/2013
So basically your argument is go bury your head in the dirt and hide from your government. I hoped a "non-dictatorial" nation's people would never have to take that stance. Oh well, guess I'll just move out of the country; not that I can avoid this crap for long since everyone seems to not care or has just given up.
Julie Baker Morse
Mostly harmless
02:29 AM on 06/25/2013
I care, but WOW. I didn't realize that my fellow Americans were quite as stupid as so many appear to be. How did we get to this point, where Americans don't understand the whole point of America, the importance of the Constitution and the purpose of specifically limiting government powers and protecting specific rights of individuals? It's incredibly disheartening. Education is and always has been the key, but obviously public education, as currently implemented, isn't getting the job done.
Trying to move from "talk" to "discussion"
08:31 AM on 06/25/2013
No, my argument is that if you have communications that you want to guarantee won't be seen by anyone else except their intended audience then you need to take measures to ensure this. Doesn't matter if the unintended audience is the government, google, verizon, or anyone else that wants to use your communications for profit or other uses. If one is engaged in questionable activity (the definition of which is worthy for discussion, by the way -- the sideshow of playing "where in the world is Snowden" merely distracts us from this) then, just in any other criminal proceedings, one's communications may be subject to being subpoenaed. It would seem to me that "moving out of the country" is more of a cop out than is trying to find areas where we can improve privacy rights while still maintaining the ability to achieve security in an age of ever expanding communications.
12:03 AM on 06/25/2013
"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power." Benito Mussolini, Fascist dictator of Italy
11:55 PM on 06/24/2013
Google motto: do evil
Get over it. It's the Shock Doctrine (book)
11:48 PM on 06/24/2013 has an article and video with the co-founder of Apple slamming the surveillance program:
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11:43 PM on 06/24/2013
It amazes me that supposedly sophisticated people do not understand what Google is all about. They fail to realize that none of the wide array of technological goodies and services that Google entices people into using are actually 'free' even though they seek no monetary compensation in return for their use.

Anything that Google puts out there is a gift horse and you are paying them for it's use in ways that you are unaware of and fail to fully understand.

Anyone who divulges the slighest bit of personal information in setting up an 'account' with them for any purpose; anyone who uses their search engine automatically forfeits their privacy and any anonymity they may imagine they have while on the web.

Google tracks every move you make; everywhere you go; everything you show the slightest bit of an interest in. That is their business. Developing a profile on you(what you're worth, where you live, what you like) and selling it to those who want to pester you into buying the stuff they are peddling.

A very sinister outfit with virtually unlimited, megalomaniacal ambitions...
11:56 PM on 06/24/2013
Seconded. I use none of this junk. No cloud, no Gmail, and FB for pretty much nothing more than what people are saying or to post a hike or a dog pic. My email is set to erase on pup from server which is so so. Had I more cash I would buy a box and set up an e-mail server. Moved over to Duck Duck for search and have don't track on browsers.
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12:17 AM on 06/25/2013
Thanks for the tip on Duck Duck. I've been a longtime Yahoo! user and have them as my homepage and  their search engine by default. Really not surprised when I checked and found that Yahoo!'s search is "powered by" Google. So I've been looking to make a change. G-mail, forget it and as to this growing 'cloud computing' trend, I think you have to be totally insane to park your data anywhere but on your own machine that is under nobody's control but your own.
02:14 AM on 06/25/2013
It's another thing entirely to just go along with the government taking advantage of that. The fact that google does that is unavoidable. Every major site does that as well and it's impossible to get away from that. However accepting that the government can go and access that data whenever they want is crossing a line from which there's no return. It doesn't benefit google at all to give that information to the government. In fact it puts them in a really bad position because it's become painfully obvious what kind of information they're collecting. In today's age everyone should expect that whenever they log into a website that site is collecting information on them to sell to advertisers; and you know what I'm okay with that. However I think that as a people a line can be drawn that says its not okay for the government to demand access to that information without a warrant.
Julie Baker Morse
Mostly harmless
02:33 AM on 06/25/2013
I don't think that Google sells the type of information that the government is reportedly accessing, anyway, such as the exact text of emails, text messages etc.
Justice for Delbert
11:43 PM on 06/24/2013
Well Well, what goes around comes around doesn't it?
11:34 PM on 06/24/2013
We should FEAR Google. They are power hungry.
Middle o/t Road = Yellow stripes & dead armadillos
11:25 PM on 06/24/2013
What's this "Google gave" headline? It says Google responded to a US government court order. You defy those at the peril of your freedom. Any lawyer for Google that refused to comply could face disbarment.

Why isn't the headline "Government seized emails of wikileaks volunteers"?
Slower Traffic - Keep Right
11:11 PM on 06/24/2013
We need to leave WikiLeaks alone and let them decide what's good for us.
11:11 PM on 06/24/2013
So now that the govt has copies of these men's personal emails, it probably won't be long before any embarrassing or personally damaging ones start "accidentally" being made public. Then again, they can also just use it as blackmail material to keep them silent and in line in the future.
Yeah, tell me again that our govt isn't reading and archiving our personal communications for future use against us. And no, I don't believe that it only happened because of the court order. Every once in a while you have to "let one out" so to show the public "See? We're only doing it to a few people...and with an excuse!" so that the masses will go, "oh, it's okay then."...all the while doing the same thing to everyone. These guys now get to spend the rest of their lives waiting for their personal communications to be made public and knowing that a bunch of creeps in the US have read all their private messages. I think I'd feel pretty violated in a very personal way.
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To Love One Is To Love All
11:36 PM on 06/24/2013
kinda like a peeping tom if one were to ask me !
02:18 AM on 06/25/2013
peeping uncle sam... he's the black sheep in the family
Werner Heisenberg may have been right.
10:42 PM on 06/24/2013
Way to go, Google. Make it impossible for adult Americans to search images without censorship while at the same time selling people out to the government.