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04:57 AM on 06/26/2013
As Texas celebrates its 500th executions today? We must protect the unborn, and yet after they're born? We refuse to worry about their health, feeding them, or educating them. That's the way Texas has rolled since Perry was put into office. Texas has become a dangerous place for Women, Children, the Elderly, the Disabled, and Minorities! It is only becoming worse with the new editions elected without the experience, compassion, or knowledge of what folks want, or need in this once great place to live. Sadly, Texas hasn't been the same since Ann Richards was bullied out!
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03:54 AM on 06/26/2013
The bill failed. Cheering in Austin.
06:13 AM on 06/26/2013
For today.
03:54 AM on 06/26/2013
SB5 allegedly confirmed dead by Cecile Richards via Wendy Davis.
03:47 AM on 06/26/2013
You can distil this debate to its essence: men who want to control women.
06:23 AM on 06/26/2013
Turdinthepunchbowl, if that's the case, why are women just as likely or unlikely to be pro-life or pro-choice as men? Moreover, why are the vast majority of pro-life activists female, as is the case of pro-choice activists?
10:35 AM on 06/26/2013
Actually, most women are pro-choice even in the US (and that is at an historic high).  Especially amongst the younger demographics (all women 18-39 were 69% pro-choice).  Men overall were 47% pro-choice versus 43% pro-life.  I use "pro-life" simply because the study cited the term.  I would use the term anti-choice because the vast majority of pro-lifers are also pro-death penalty.  This poll is from January of this year. Thanks.
07:22 AM on 06/26/2013
Those are all very sick people you are talking about.
10:36 AM on 06/26/2013
They could be more "productive" in many ways. 
Partly Cloudy Patriot
03:44 AM on 06/26/2013
The bill is now being reported as dead by people still in the capitol!
03:33 AM on 06/26/2013
I don't know why people are so surprised that the Republicans cheated and broke the rules. They're Republicans, it's what they do. It's like being surprised that cows poop, or horses eat grass.
06:15 AM on 06/26/2013
What rule did they break?
10:10 AM on 06/26/2013
Holding a vote after their time was already up.
06:24 AM on 06/26/2013
rka, if you really believe that one party is pristine pure and the other party irredeemably corrupt, you have your head in a place where it isn't designed to be.
03:31 AM on 06/26/2013
I have always wondered why the pro-birth folks have settled on abortion as their sticking point. Pregnant women should be eating well-balanced diets, listening to soothing music, speaking lovingly to their abdomens. Do they not care that some pregnant women might be feasting on fast food, listening to acid rock, and screaming retorts at Dr. Phil on TV. There is a whole bunch of things they SHOULD be doing when carrying a baby. Why do they not pass laws about all those things? BTW: 1 in 5 children in America went to bed hungry tonight.
05:45 AM on 06/26/2013
"acid rock"? Really?
06:17 AM on 06/26/2013
So, if you kill yours, how will that help those others? BTW, we don't pass laws on those other subjects because many of your would scream about your "freedoms".
Games lubricate the body and the mind.
06:33 AM on 06/26/2013
I am so glad you now understand what we are "screaming" about!
07:00 AM on 06/26/2013
Wow!   You would think it was my "freedom" to be able to eat what I wanted etc?  
03:16 AM on 06/26/2013
i know this is wrong to say but i've always wondered if it's more political. if you can't stop blacks and hispanics from having babies, immigrating and voting democratic, then prevent whites from having abortions. i don't think the math adds up to support that notion. of course, limiting birth control when your trying to prevent abortions makes limited sense.
06:18 AM on 06/26/2013
No one is limiting birth control. That is just another of those fear mongering stories that some people love to tell to scare the children.
08:38 AM on 06/26/2013
Tell the males who control the Catholic Church that. Artificial birth control to them is a major sin, right up there at the top near abortion.
06:25 AM on 06/26/2013
Andrew Harvey
Don't F with the Jesus
02:58 AM on 06/26/2013
People calm down. That bill did (primarily) two thing:

1) restricting elective abortions at or later than 20 weeks
2) Abortion facilities need to be within 30 miles of a real hospital

And finally, from the text of the bill iteslf:

"this Act does not apply to abortions that are necessary to avert the death or substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function of the pregnant woman"

Not a big deal,
05:12 AM on 06/26/2013
Any bill that attempts to legislate this type of decision for an individual is a big deal.

Any policy debate that hinges on religious scripture versus individual freedom is a big deal

Any law that intends to control what a woman does with her body is a BIG deal.
06:02 AM on 06/26/2013
------Any law that intends to control what a woman does with her body is a BIG deal.--

No one is concerned about what women do to their own bodies. The concern here is what women do to someone's else's body when they abort. No religious scripture here but a reflection of the reality that fetuses aren't developing tumors or cysts, they are developing human beings capable of sucking their thumbs as early as twelve weeks according to websites on gestation, and as human beings, they have right to both civil and human rights.

No matter how easily people can blind themselves to that fact, no matter how easy the law makes it to get abortions, fetuses will always be developing HUMAN BEINGS whose crime was being too helpless to defend themselves against the very women who irresponsibly got themselves pregnant.
06:29 AM on 06/26/2013
Sugar, get off your soapbox....It has nothing to do with religion, but with the scientific and readily observable fact that a late-term fetus has a head, arms, legs, and all the rest and that aborting it is no different in any rational way than killing a newborn.

Put another way, a fetus doesn't magically become a baby at birth, and you know that as well as I do.
06:19 AM on 06/26/2013
It is a big deal to Planned Parenthood and their shills. That measure might have cut into their multi billion dollar industry.
02:25 PM on 06/26/2013
Is it so hard to do research on Planned Parenthood? Obviously it is, or you just like being ignorant. Abortion is not an "industry." 3% of all PP's services are abortions. 3%. And they don't charge nearly enough for the abortion pill to make a profit off of it at all (not to mention PP is a non-profit and legally *can't* make a profit off of any of their services). The other things they do are: gyno exams, mammograms, STD testing and treatment, birth control distribution, etc. For may women, PP is the only affordable healthcare around. Get off your soapbox. None of what you are saying is true, and you're embarrassing yourself.
02:15 AM on 06/26/2013
Women should have a choice
06:22 AM on 06/26/2013
They have lots and lots of choices. What about that other life? Why would you deny that human being a choice?
08:43 AM on 06/26/2013
Who are you going to hold accountable for spontaneous abortions? The will of a god?
02:27 PM on 06/26/2013
Because it's a clump of cells that has no cognizant abilities to be able to make a choice. The woman is the one saddled with all of the physical, emotion and financial responsibilities of pregnancy. You would rather force someone to have a baby they don't want and can't care for than have that baby be taken care of? You're sick.
06:26 AM on 06/26/2013
--------Women should have a choice ---------

Yes, and the choice is this..... Take responsibility for one's sexual conduct or face the consequences of having to end the life of a developing human being whose crime was simply being conceived by an irresponsible woman who refuses to have the maturity to MAKE SURE a pregnancy does not occur.
08:44 AM on 06/26/2013
I thought it took a male to make a pregnancy. What about male responsibility?
02:28 PM on 06/26/2013
Let us know when you invent a birth control method that is 100% effective.
02:06 AM on 06/26/2013
The GOP in Texas is acting just like Erdogan in Turkey. Same thing. Doesn't matter---Islamic fundamentalism or Christian fundamentalism. Both are equally sick. The terror in this land lies with the GOP Regressive who desire to blend church and state (a THEOCRACY) and to limit women's rights. And the people of America do not have the guts to protest the way the Turks have been doing for 3 weeks now. Turkey is more of a secular republic than the USA in my opinion. It's threatened yes. But ours (the USA) is too and has much much more power and money. And that makes it more dangerous to its citizens.
rusty apache
Don't blame ME. I voted against the Multinationals
04:38 AM on 06/26/2013
The protesters in the Capitol might disagree with your opinion of them.
05:16 AM on 06/26/2013
rusty apache---specifically what way? Please clarify. Also, note I wrote my own opinion.
08:45 AM on 06/26/2013
Seems same to me. They are trying to force their religious opinions on everyone irrespective of what those other people believe or do not believe.
04:51 AM on 06/26/2013
The right of the child to life and the fathers rights to his child is the most important thing here. Saving children and saving familys.
05:11 AM on 06/26/2013
Biology is biology---men don't mentruate for years and years every month, men don't get pregnancy, don't carry a baby with all the risks involved for 9 months and most men don't do the most care for the children. You may certainly have the rights to YOUR child. Other people can make their own decisions that might not be the same as yours. If you want to save all the children then you can open a number of orphanages and make sure they provide excellent care. Otherwise, please stay out of others' business and bodies---we will stay out of yours. Promise.
05:22 AM on 06/26/2013
laedbac1---perhaps men should not masturbate either. Lots of potential babies just for a man to pleasure himself.... I doubt men would like it for women to legislate that they must stop doing this because all sperm are potential babies. In fact, as has been said, if men got pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.
All that said, the issue that is absolutely NOT looked at is that there is NO "right" or "good" solution to the problem of unwanted pregnancy. None are on anyone's "to do" list. That's why, for every woman, it is important that she make the decision re: her own body. It is a very very very personal thing---not anyone else's business. I am for (my opinion) counseling or therapy before and after WHICHEVER decision are made because all of them are difficult and traumatic. Each choice is.
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02:02 AM on 06/26/2013
Texas GOP just showed their cheating ways in front of 170,000 youtube spectators! What a bunch of PIGS!
06:24 AM on 06/26/2013
What cheating ways?
06:35 AM on 06/26/2013
Kim, grow up.
01:56 AM on 06/26/2013
This is a victory for men.
02:17 AM on 06/26/2013
Having a problem keeping a woman buddy??? I can see why. No respect for a woman makes your hand your best friend probably. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.
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03:51 AM on 06/26/2013
better than hearing nagging
06:36 AM on 06/26/2013
Note how quickly people like music reach for the gutter when their opinions are challenged.
02:19 AM on 06/26/2013
Yeah, those poor babies. Nothing ever goes their way except the entirety of human history.
01:52 AM on 06/26/2013
Brilliant, Republicans! Your party believes that life begins at conception...and ends at birth. Idiocy!
06:25 AM on 06/26/2013
You are dishonest. That is idiocy, and childish.
01:48 AM on 06/26/2013
I'm pretty sure Hilary Clinton just won 2016.
Alden Rogers
02:53 AM on 06/26/2013
How about we get someone rational, truthful, dedicated, and thoughtful in the presidency for a change?! Both republican and democratic parties are full of corrupt, bought and paid for puppets for the corporations.
rusty apache
Don't blame ME. I voted against the Multinationals
04:39 AM on 06/26/2013
Yes! Elizabeth Warren. She is not a CFR approved candidate.
The Wolf's Den.
07:03 AM on 06/26/2013
That won't happen until the voters stop voting for ill gotten corporate clouns and shills because nothing else is available. Even though there is an option on the ballot ... None of the Above. we continue to vote for the least of two evils. Because voting none the above is feared to give the worst of two evils the vote. But if all Americans who on both sides recognize that Corporate is running the presidency by virtue of his campaign gifts. were to unanimously say on every ballot none of the above. what then? What if we didn't show up for the DNC and the GOPC's What if we voted none of the above on the Senate, House. What if we stopped donating to any and all of them. The 1% is only so many people. 20%. Against 80%. What if. They were all sitting there waiting for the candiate vote count and the box had no name? And America said. Red, Blue.. We are through with you.. Can you hear us now?
yes I have a toothbrush
03:52 AM on 06/26/2013
that is the funniest joke on the internet
05:02 AM on 06/26/2013
The only thing funnier is how it never gets old.