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science teacher
09:53 PM on 06/26/2013
I've seen a number of comments in here bashing Planned Parenthood for providing abortion services and comparisons to them being mass murders, etc.

People need to get a few things straight about Planned Parenthood.

They are a NON-PROFIT organization. They make no money off the procedure.

They would be MUCH happier not to have to perform abortions if there was a higher level of awareness about birth-control and pregnancy prevention and in 2009 prevented over 4 million abortions through birth control services. Go out to Wikipedia to check a few facts.

Abortions do stress the body, just like any other surgical procedure and they would like to forgo the procedure, if possible, but also want to support the decision of a woman to control her own body. That was the primary reason that Margaret Sanger started the organization in the first place since it was ILLEGAL at the time of its inception for a doctor to even discuss birth control with a woman.

So for all you good people out there who what to stop abortion, support sexual education and affordable access to birth control. If you hate the idea of young people having sex, accept the fact that in a society that uses sex to sell everything, this is going to happen and you really need to start having HONEST discussions with your children about sex and not assume just because they're going to church, it isn't going to happen. The stats say otherwise.
Death...the last new experience you will ever have
10:43 PM on 06/26/2013
I've known about a dozen women who have had abortions, one of them was my girlfriend. They all said that it wasn't an easy choice on one that left them with more pain than they thought possible but all of them said the alternative would have been worse. But as long as the religiously brainwashed continue to deny females sex education and emphasize contraception rather than their silly ineffective just say no abortion number will not drop. And all their attempts to replace medical procedures with christianish dogma will be fought until either we put a stop to religious brainwashing of small children which perpetuates this evil attitudes or we stomp out the pernicious religion itself!

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Living off the grid.
12:02 PM on 06/27/2013
I don't know anything really abt PP, we don't have one in my area and never have. But, the doctors and staff who do these terminations are paid employee's. So there is a profit to be made, might not be the organization, but the employees are paid for terminating life, just like these prison guards who do DP detail.
Joseph Prato
09:48 PM on 06/26/2013
Wait! How can this be? I thought Texas believed in the sanctity of life? Oh, not really. We love to kill certain people even if find out later they were innocent.
11:16 PM on 06/26/2013
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05:00 PM on 07/06/2013
Many seem unaware that the death penalty is based upon the sanctity of life.

It becomes easy to understand when we consider that a sanction cannot be a sanction unless we value what that sanction takes away.

No one doubts that we value freedom and such is why we incarcerate criminals, because freedom is so valued, just as life.

Jesus and the Death Penalty
my kitteh debates politics
09:45 PM on 06/26/2013
peace out my last words
Love Like A Liberal
09:53 PM on 06/26/2013
"cya on the other side" will be mine.... "peace out" is something I write in my emails most days :)
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09:38 PM on 06/26/2013
Am I supposed to feel sorry for them? I feel sorry for their victims. And you sir, it's about time you seek another line of reporting and save yourself from future ruination, you have done enough.

May their victims rest in peace and may the killers find eternal damnation. They had free choice not to kill, there must be consequences.
A radical leftist with a JS Woodsworth avatar.
10:01 PM on 06/26/2013
The state has a free choice not to kill, there must be consequences for it.
11:23 PM on 06/26/2013
The state has free choice? LOL!
A radical leftist with a JS Woodsworth avatar.
11:26 PM on 06/26/2013
Think Dubya will get executed?
I think therefore I am not a Republican
10:07 PM on 06/26/2013
So how many innocent men are you willing to kill to get all the bad ones? Because I guarantee innocent men are executed, whatever the percentage may be.
11:24 PM on 06/26/2013
You guarantee? Oh, well thats proof enough! LOL!
09:38 PM on 06/26/2013
Did this guy ever get around to asking those murderers and rapists victims how they feel?
09:29 PM on 06/26/2013
I would love to be an executioner.
09:28 PM on 06/26/2013
"When I walked into the death chamber to witness Bob Black's execution, he called my name, said hello and asked how I was doing. What do you say to an otherwise healthy man seconds away from death?"

Better than you. You look like walking death.
democratic socialst
10:26 PM on 06/26/2013
The answer to that could be, "I'm doing allright. How are you handling all of this?"
10:38 PM on 06/26/2013
Yeah, if you cared about how he was handling it, unless you are just being facetious with him. ;)
I'm right, your wrong. Deal with it.
10:43 PM on 06/26/2013
But would you know what to say in that instant? i would think the words would be a little hard to come by for me.
09:28 PM on 06/26/2013
It's not funny when the poison, or electricity kills the wrong person.
And it does.....
09:39 PM on 06/26/2013
it's also not funny when innocent victims of horrible crimes don't get justice.
10:06 PM on 06/26/2013
Agree, but justice that executes or punishes an innocent person is greatest crime of all, justice must be stern but measured. Killing the wrong person brings the murder total up to 2 people. Leaving in the wind the actual murder, that can never be rationalized.
The Death Penalty cannot be applied if their is any chance the state may murder people themselves in error of punishment.
It 2013. There is DNA and reams of science, it's not a Montana horse thief trial.
There should be a massive burden on applying death to another person, I would suggest not at all.
Werner Heisenberg may have been right.
10:22 PM on 06/26/2013
What's justice, and what's vengeance? And who goes to the death chamber when an innocent man is executed?
11:29 PM on 06/26/2013
Except its NEVER been proven.
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01:32 AM on 06/27/2013
You are sadly mistaken, Why don't you just google false convictions? Maybe executed then proven innocent. You are so wrong and repeating it over and over when it is so easy to learn the truth, makes you obscene. Good luck
09:24 PM on 06/26/2013
How about the innocent? How many guilt free have been murdered by the state? How many victims have been sentenced to die due to perjured testimony?
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Sheldon archer
Facebook name is Yuyun Archer
09:02 PM on 06/26/2013
"About once every three weeks, I watch someone die." Follow American drones and you can see a lot more than that.
08:58 PM on 06/26/2013
Wow..... a smiley face on the execution warrant......
08:56 PM on 06/26/2013
as a staunch pro choice advocate I have no problem with termination. these monsters made a choice and they took someone else's life. I wish I had your job.... I have been retired for 12 years and don't need to work but I would find this a lot of fun. the death penalty is for losers..
09:27 PM on 06/26/2013
I bet you would find a Planned Parenthood execution room a lot of fun also. Instead of every 3 weeks you could witness someone die every few minutes.
Wibbley wobbley, timey wimey...
09:39 PM on 06/26/2013
Do you really....believe... that that many abortions go on in every clinic, every day? Do the math on that, if it were true, every three minutes, 8 hours/day, 5 days/week, 50 weeks/year (holidays for 2 weeks) is 40,000 per year, PER CLINIC. That means 2.08 million in Texas alone each year. Given that Texas has a population of 26 million or so, and figure half of that is women so 13 million, you're assuming that 1/6th of all women in Texas get abortions every year. I think you know this is almost comically false.
Mr. Plutocrat, tear down this inequality wall.
09:36 PM on 06/26/2013
"I would find this a lot of fun",precisely, why you can't and shouldn't do his job.
big gov't.=smaller citizens
08:54 PM on 06/26/2013
Just go to the south side of Chicago, it is much more there.
Repeal the Patriot act, let fear die.
08:51 PM on 06/26/2013
This was an interesting and well written article, you carry a heavy burden with your reporting sir, but you do it eloquently. To have the executions "humanized"has provoke some interesting thought.