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jsarets 07:36 PM on 06/28/2013
If all else fails, Elon Musk will think of some way to sell cars and deliver them to people in states that have prohibited Tesla Stores in such a way as to skirt the letter of these silly state laws. He's a clever guy -- and very determined.
But that's also what worriers the establishment. I remember when Elon tweeted a photo gallery of him giving President Obama a personal tour of the SpaceX Falcon 9  Read More...
Proud Marine, Proud Papa, Proud Grandpapa, Proud D
10:41 PM on 06/30/2013
"Local Car Dealers have a vested interest in bettering their communities" Its been awhile since I heard a doozy like that. Local Car Dealers would talk every member of the community into spending their mortgage payment, rent, retirement savings or the money saved up for Grandma's gall bladder operation on buying that beauty with low mileage that you better buy now, cause he's certain it'll be gone before the end of the day.
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10:10 PM on 06/30/2013
I am for competition but if the Telsa breaks where will you take it for repairs? At least if my vehicle tears up I have a local number to call.
10:22 PM on 06/30/2013
Tesla has service centers all around the country. There is one just down the road from me. I drive by it regularly and envy the Roadster sitting there waiting to be loaned out which a Model S is being serviced.
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09:26 PM on 07/01/2013
The nearest one to me is a 4 hour drive (Atlanta) until things improve electric vehicle will NOT be in my future.. Not to mention the states will start adding a road tax to EV's in the future due to lost revenue at the pump..
Proud Marine, Proud Papa, Proud Grandpapa, Proud D
10:44 PM on 06/30/2013
Good question, and I've heard the car has had some reliability issues.
12:12 AM on 07/01/2013
Your confusing it with the fisker kharma, there are no reliability issues with the Tesla Model S to date.
buy the ticket-take the ride
08:34 PM on 06/30/2013
it smells like Big Oil Lobbyists...keeping Ameika...addicted to their wares...and keeping the coffers full for re-election time...
01:29 PM on 07/01/2013‎

Exactly. We're back to the GM EV1. Electric cars are the biggest threat to Big Oil. Let's see what happens to this one
obama 2012
08:29 PM on 06/30/2013
Why doesn't Tesla set-up dealerships? Maybe they will not be able to make a profit since electric cars only need tire rotations.
09:23 PM on 06/30/2013
Tesla does have their own dealerships in MA. Tesla is fine with setting up dealerships that they own. They do not want to do franchise dealerships though.

The point is Tesla wants to push a model where salesman are like retailers and get paid per hour instead of commission. With the primary goal of the salesman is to educate the consumer.

The current model pretty much requires that dealers lie and deceive their consumers to make money. And with a government granted monopoly they do not have to worry about being replaced.

Tesla also wants to separate the dealerships from the service centers. Tesla dealerships are showrooms with educational material and test drives. Then when you need service you go to a local service center.
Feminist liberal atheist and raising an army.
08:21 PM on 06/30/2013
"A White House petition, voicing support for Tesla's direct-to-consumer sales, seeks an end to what it says are "state legislators ... trying to unfairly protect automobile dealers in their states from competition." this is very true of my state. There is no avenue for a consumer and no protections in place for them. If a dealership sucks you in... too bad for you. Our neighbor to the south... this may hold water but not in New Hampshire.... you buy it... your problem.
barrada nicto
Optimism is necessary.
07:32 PM on 06/30/2013
Monopolies are a normal tendency in a capitalist system. Businesses yearn for monopoly power.

They only serve themselves well. Society suffers.
06:54 PM on 06/30/2013
Price is another big factor. These cars are expensive. The average consumer cant afford one.
07:42 PM on 06/30/2013
Price is a factor, but not yet. Tesla at this point can't keep up with the demand. Once Tesla surpasses their demand is when price will become an issue. Though by then the Gen III will solve the price issue.
Agnostic Liberal Independent
08:37 AM on 07/01/2013
In a few years, the price won't be as big of a factor.
What Would Bernie Sanders Do? There's the answer.
05:08 PM on 06/30/2013
The sedan is STUNNING.
05:01 PM on 06/30/2013
Why not let the consumer decide? If the critics are right and local car dealerships are better for the community and consumers, why not let the decide cause it they are right they’ll buy from the dealerships and not the manufacturers.
WHEE!!! The people...
02:53 PM on 06/30/2013
Car dealers contribute to communities?

Las year I went to a dealer to look at new pickups. Salesman asked for my keys to determine my trade in value. When I did not buy, he tossed my keys on the roof. I convinced him to retrieve them after his front teeth were removed. Turns out there were dozens of keys there. Contribution?

Let the factory sell as they will.
08:41 AM on 07/01/2013
Really!!?? You expect us to believe that "Dozens" of people left the dealership without their keys? I suppose they just left their cars behind, either clogging up the dealers lot or signing over the title to the "stealership". Or if they were strong-armed into buying, the dealer now has dozens of trade-ins sitting around with no keys to move them elsewhere or sell them.
Of course, we are all very impressed with your insinuated act of violence against the salesman.
01:06 PM on 06/30/2013
Here we have a bunch of smug and lazy sales folks who are trying to block jobs and kill the better product.

Car dealerships seems to have out-lived their usefulness..
The Fulcrum
04:25 PM on 06/30/2013
They are in my experience, dens of knaves at best.

Long Live TESLA!
01:05 PM on 06/30/2013
Electric cars are dangerous:
Permaculture and Sustainability
02:26 PM on 06/30/2013
You are linking to an extremely dubious blogger. The blog smells of right wing propaganda and contains no facts to support it's wild charges.
02:57 PM on 06/30/2013
It's satire. Did you read the comments at the bottom? Do you read The Onion?

Lighten up.
05:46 PM on 06/30/2013
TESLA cars are not dangerous and neither was the original RAV4-EV. Let me ask you how many people have been burnt and or torn to shreds across the world just today in crashes that only involved gasoline cars ? You are meant to ignore decades of deathly horror of ICE cars.
05:59 PM on 06/30/2013
It's satire. Read the above post.
Sandra Huff
Don't hate, instead relate
01:06 PM on 06/30/2013
I have also signed.
12:27 PM on 06/30/2013
12:24 PM on 06/30/2013
Oh...I thought the problem was the brand name -- and that it frightened people, conjuring up images of teleautomatons.
04:03 PM on 06/30/2013
They can't afford it anyway.