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01:56 PM on 07/01/2013
When christians or MusIims seek outr sympethy that they are v!ctims... Don't believe them

These two are the two GoIaith Predat0rs in the world
01:54 PM on 07/01/2013
They should convert to Buddhism.. Problem solved.
what separates me, saves me
05:54 AM on 07/02/2013
too peaceful, too calm and nice for bloodthirsty savages
01:20 PM on 07/01/2013
Malaysian Muslims make Hindu minorities life heII
01:18 PM on 07/01/2013
01:16 PM on 07/01/2013
When Pakistan came to be there 18% its less than 2%. They were either KiIIed or forfefuIIy converted.
02:46 PM on 07/01/2013
Do you know anything about the Partition of India and Pakistan? The entire point was to have one Hindu state and one Muslim state.

Your conclusion that they were killed or converted is blatantly false. 7 to 8 million people from each side of the border immigrated to the other side.

This is an example of distorting statistics to serve one's ends.
04:26 PM on 07/01/2013
India was and never was a "Hindu" country..its a secular country. unlike "IsIamic republic ,,,
04:36 PM on 07/01/2013
The 18% Hindus of Pakistan was after the initial exchange and exodus.

where did all those Hindus of Pakistan Go?
11:53 AM on 07/01/2013
omg thats crazy. I had no idea.
11:45 AM on 07/01/2013
obviously the rest of the people do not want to "mix" with the muslims any longer
12:44 PM on 07/01/2013
Yeah, the Nazi's had a similar reaction to theJews.
01:03 PM on 07/01/2013
not quite-Sundance- after putting the jews into the ghettos the Nazis then went into the ghettos and killed them. This has not happened in Myramar. I am sure the jews would have done just fine, as they had for centuries in ghettos-if the nazis left them alone.
Robert Cat
Low probability events occur
06:02 PM on 07/01/2013
Interesting you bring up Nazis, Islam is just like Nazism. It's a totalitarian system with domination and control as its basic tenets. Oh, and world domination.
11:37 AM on 07/01/2013
In view of all the atrocities done by radical Islam in this age it's not difficult to understand how most people hate Muslims. One big reason is we never see a mass demonstration from "normal Muslims" against all the killings done by these terrorists in the name of Allah. They not only kill other religious people but they kill Muslims as well, where's the outrage from them. Bottom line if you do not speak up when you see evil done, then you've approved their evil deeds. In God we trust.
12:57 PM on 07/01/2013
This has nothing to do with 'all the atrocities done by radical Islam' - this is good old fashioned ethnic cleansing. Asia ( both muslim and non muslim countries ) has an appalling record when it comes to the treatment of it's ethnic minorities. The minorities are usually of different religious or ethnic backgrounds to the majority population, or as in this case, both. Previously,the brutal military dictatorship kept a lid ethnic tension, but as has happned so often around the world ( think Yugoslavia ), once the dictatorship loosens it's grip, old hatreds come back to the surface. The Majority population uses their new found freedom to settle some old scores - both real and imagined. Muslims have not been the only victims, ask the Burmese Christians what they did to deserve having their churches burned and their women raped. Better yet, ask the Karen & Kachin people of the countr why they deserve to be ethnically cleansed by the same people who are now targeting the muslims.
Doug Sandlin
07:55 PM on 07/01/2013
"In view of all the atrocities done by radical Islam in this age it's not difficult to understand how most people hate Muslims."

Most people don't hate Muslims.

Some people who don't understand the inherent fallacies of stereotyping hate Muslims.

The rest of us know that people are individuals, and that stereotyping is never accurate.
05:41 PM on 07/02/2013
why is stereotyping "never" accurate? stereotyping is an overgeneralized belief about a group of people. for example, the irish are known to be drinkers, beer drinkers in particular. and it's true that the irish are known for their beer drinking. go to ireland and see it for yourself. muslims have developed a reputation for being violent and intollerant. why? because you can pick up the paper, read the news. islam is intollerant towards gays, women, other religions.... it's following the koran to be that way.
11:20 AM on 07/01/2013
Hundreds of years from now, History will see this in the same light as the spread of religions over the last two millennia. This is about the ebb and flow of religion. How it happens, how its done to others. How its inevitable when first one group, and later another, are finally directed enough to "see the light", and understand that only the "purity of that light" can bring a world worth living in.

Now that's a vision worth killing for.
11:16 AM on 07/01/2013
Most Muslims, outside the Islamic countries, who live in non-Muslims countries cannot and will not make an attempt to fit in the societies of their host countries, check all the European countries that are having this problem. They expect the host countries to fit into their culture and religion. If you are not a Muslim, you are considered an Infidel, a non-believer. When East Pakistan was taken over and became Bangladesh, which shares a huge border with Burma, aka Myanmar, this Islamic sect was not accepted by their own Muslim brotherhood and kicked out and fled to Burma. They trickled into Myanmar and took over all the farm land by loan sharking and if the Burmese farmers could not pay they not only confiscated their land, but also their women and converted them to Islam forcefully. Like the present day extremist Muslims, they formed a Jihadist army and wanted to make Rakine, aka, Arakan State in Burma a Muslim State. Burma being a young Democratic Country in 1947, could not protect itself as these Mujahidin's were supported and funded from neighboring Islamic and Arabic countries, just like in the Philippines.
The Burmese people, just like the Thais, they are very peace loving and tolerant to all religions. The Christians in Myanmar join the armed forces in every branch, support their country and are patriotic. For people who like to compare this situation to the Nazis and Jews, show their complete ignorance about that region and it's complex history.
01:16 PM on 07/01/2013
'The Christians in Myanmar join the armed forces in every branch, support their country and are patriotic'.....really? Would those be the same Christians that the majority Burmese poulation rape torture and kill? the same people who's churches get burned? the same people who have been fighting a civil war with the Byrmese government for the past 62 years?. And your history of the Rohingya is about as accurate as your discription of the Christians in Myanmar. The Rohingya were brought to Burma since in the 19th century not your fictional story about them fleeing their own 'muslim brotherhood'. Seriously, if you're going to flat out make stuff up an lie, you need to start taking lessons from Fox news.
04:44 PM on 07/02/2013
You sound like you get all you education and information from Fox News. I never, ever watch that channel. Recently, I have met many Catholic priest, Nuns and lay Christian of other denominations who visited the US on their way to the Vatican. I have first hand information of the situation over there. Having lived in that region, especially Burma, aka, Myanmar and also speak the language, I know the entire history and kings who ruled that country before the British and the Japanese raped and robbed that beautiful country . Right now I have friends who are teaching at Rangoon University. I could give you a lecture and many references to read, but at your level of education I doubt you will be able to comprehend. The Burmese people, like the Thais, are very gentle, kind, courteous, generous and respectful people. You should leave the comfort of your couch and visit that country and the whole of SEA and educate yourself, instead of airing your ignorance.
Doug Sandlin
07:56 PM on 07/01/2013
You're wrong.



Muslims in the U.S. and Canada.
10:27 AM on 07/01/2013
Interesting how the liberal democrats turn from being extremely politically correct when talking about certain minorities, but then turn slightly to the right of Genghis Khan when it comes to Muslims.
Are you sure Rs arn't Decepitcons in desguise?
10:40 AM on 07/01/2013
You want to smear liberals for not liking muslims when you have conservatives and rep.ugs accusing muslims of infiltrating the goverment? For openly saying their evil? For authorizing anti infidel bible quotes on rifle scopes for the troops?
01:22 PM on 07/01/2013
I'm no fan of the GOP - they are dangerous fundamentalists. There is glaring hypocrisy on the side of the Dems though.
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02:17 PM on 07/01/2013
What could be more liberal than opposing Islamism--a movement the goal of which is Muslim supremacy and world domination?

Islamists are oppressors who do not believe women should have the same rights of men, who condemn homosexuals, disbelievers and polytheists and who reject the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Muslims who advocate secular liberal democracy are not the problem. It's just disappointing that more Muslims don't.

If you do not oppose Islamism, I question your liberal credentials.
04:45 PM on 07/01/2013
Islamists? I was referring to Muslims, who practice their religion privately and do not impose it on others like the overwhelming majority of Muslims I've met. I don't rely on the media to influence my view of Muslims but solely my experience. I could say exactly the same about Buddhists, but if I had based it on the quotes from Buddhist extremists in this article then I would probably have a rather skewed vision of Buddhism. I vehemently oppose extremism, irrespective of the ideology or belief behind it - that to me is liberalism.
10:09 AM on 07/01/2013
no different than it would have been had the jews controlled the nazis.

bottom line - muslims want to kill non-muslims - can you blame a country or a city for keeping them under control?
10:29 AM on 07/01/2013
Bottom line? What are you on about? I've been in over a dozen Muslim countries, traveled independently and not once was I threatened or treated with disrespect.
A pale-skinned atheist
10:33 AM on 07/01/2013
i've been to africa three times on safari - never been eaten by a lion - but that doesnt make the lion anything other than an animal that will eventually kill you if you spend enough time unprotected with it
11:48 AM on 07/01/2013
my friend's brother(jewish) lives in paris and is accosted on a regular basis-not beaten up-just threatened, cursed and occasionally shoved-by muslims living there.
09:42 AM on 07/01/2013
Reading the comments its easy to see how the world stood by while Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin and countless millions. "Its their fault," "they deserve it," "they'd do the same to us," and so on. These comments seem to obscure the fact that real people are dying for no reason besides who they are. Either you care about human rights or you don't. Either you have principles or you don't.
Robert Cat
Low probability events occur
06:10 PM on 07/01/2013
It's hard to tell whose side you are on.

Islam is not about human rights, equality or freedom. Are you defending Islam?
Doug Sandlin
07:58 PM on 07/01/2013
bananaspider seems to be defending rational support for the innocent people described in the article above.
07:39 AM on 07/01/2013
Only on Huff and Puff! creating Civil unrest!
I think, therefore you are wrong.
02:57 AM on 07/01/2013
Oh, poor little Moslems.

Could it be that they live in "ghettos" because they do not want to mix and mingle with unwashed and impure infidels?
Card-carrying Socialist and proud of it!
03:52 AM on 07/01/2013
I'm sure many Germans said the same about Jews...
Yasser Yousufi
04:11 AM on 07/01/2013
.......just read the headline and started commenting didn't ya?