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Bald Eagle
12:23 AM on 07/02/2013
This is almost too simplistic, but there is no real comparison....Spying on American citizens by anyone is simply wrong.
02:10 AM on 07/02/2013
There has been out cry about corporations doing the spying. They know everything about you, and will sell that info to the highest bidder.
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12:19 AM on 07/02/2013
Do no harm. . . I guess corporate aircraft and billions of dollars trumps integrity. Time to look for alternatives to Google.

First Schmidtt rips off Apple with Android and now this revelation. Google is not cool. They suck.
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Liberty is more precious than safety.
01:43 AM on 07/02/2013
Fire them, then evict them. Try that with the US Government. Good luck.
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12:36 PM on 07/02/2013
Though difficult, it's easier firing a congressman than a CEO or BOD.  Those guys are untouchable as long as they meet their qtr numbers.
Stewart Goss
Collectivism leads to mass poverty
02:45 AM on 07/02/2013
Lol, alternatives to Google, Microsoft, Apple...are you going to build your own software and computers?
yes.. my micro bio is meaningless
09:24 AM on 07/02/2013
Actually.. you can easily run your own email server.. it's quite cheap. My entire family uses private email.. always have.. We even have our own domains and stick our family photos out there for family and friends between the US and Europe.

It's not hard.. have your kids set it up.
11:43 PM on 07/01/2013
"Given the documented history of online corporate exploitation of user data, it becomes ridiculous to argue that it's a bigger problem that the NSA was grabbing the data then that corporate exploiters like Google had the data themselves in the first place."

To make such a statement requires an unjustifiable faith in the benevolence of our rulers. What business does the government have gathering that information at all? We can choose to not use Google. But the government's mission is to gather everything everybody does online or on the phone. And unlike the government, Google has no power to persecute those who actually reveal the nature of this data collection.

Corporations may use this information to target advertisements, but the government uses this information to target propaganda and manipulate and persecute political enemies. Predatory lenders most definitely took financial advantage of the mortgage bubble, but it was artificial credit expansion of the Federal Reserve channeled through (the government-created) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that created the bubble in the first place.

One noteworthy technical aspect of Skype is that it used to be a secure form of communication from even Skype itself. This is unfortunately no longer true, but it wasn't the market that changed the situation. And it's curious how little attention facts like this get given the faux concern over privacy articles like this make so much noise about in the cause of having us surrender even more authority on the issue to the government.
Empathy ends cruelty
01:49 AM on 07/02/2013
My, have been doing your "homework"...on Faux Snooze! HAW! HAW!
02:21 AM on 07/02/2013
There is no benevolence in the corporations.
They are much more dangerous and intrusive than the government.
As for Skype, they could always listen in on your calls. Recently I have received Skype calls from advertisers, Skype sold my info to advertisers!
Two 'alves of coconut!
10:00 PM on 07/01/2013
'G' probably stands for 'government', and the 'le' probably stands for law enforcement. What are the other letters? If you use the interwebs, you don't have any secrets. Maybe another user might be prevented from reading your email, but up at the ISP level, your computer, your connection to the web, is an open-backed gown. THEY know what you're doing. Which 'they'? Does it matter? THEY are all 'golf buddies'. So, what-cha doing online, there, 'citizen'? Inquiring minds apparently want to know.
The bigger question is how many people are currently serving time, for cybercrime...and how many convicts turn right around and get Government Jobs...or get hired on at G(overnment?)oog(law enforcement)?
08:28 PM on 07/01/2013
Corporations can't be trusted and should be reigned in, but the government efforts have a much larger potential for abuse, even if we haven't heard about any... yet.

Congress didn't know they were voting to authorize these NSA programs. They were informed after the fact that the law was being interpreted to allow that which is not spelled out in the law.

Keeping some in Congress informed is quite different than Congress specifically authorizing these programs after debating the matter.

These programs don't even run on the unAmerican guilty until proven innocent corruption of our basic law. We are all now perpetually guilty, and no "proof of innocence" in our data exempts anyone from ongoing privacy violations.

The lack of probable cause cannot be overlooked... and certainly not on the basis of a comparison with Google.

The state can do a lot more to us than tempting the gullible with ads.
Some days you're the windshield, others the bug...
07:20 PM on 07/01/2013
This is all absolutely true, yet none of my friends (who are all outraged about NSA, as am I) wants to know that the big ad companies like Google have been doing this for years. The most they've ever gotten is a proverbial slap on the wrist for it. I actually feel better about the NSA trying to keep us safe than someone scanning my computer to see how much money I have, where I spend it and what for.
11:35 PM on 07/01/2013
exactly...The government having the info that is there no matter what...A corporatation using it to make money is not something I want...a government program that uses the same to go after criminals is the brighter side of the coin...
06:49 PM on 07/01/2013
Yes, being charged more than my neighbor for the same products is much worse than being charged with a crime for my online behavior. Thanks for your protection!
What hump?
09:07 PM on 07/01/2013
The only people charged with a crime for their online behavior have been watching or producing kiddie porn. Histrionics have no place here.
09:38 PM on 07/01/2013
If the govt is not using data to find/charge criminals it is utterly useless.
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Jeremy Bursac
You're not the bossa nova me.
09:48 PM on 07/01/2013
You could easily be targeted for entrapment (or "to see if you are prediposed to violate the law") based on your online political opinions.
Empathy ends cruelty
01:52 AM on 07/02/2013
Ohhh...what have YOU been up to?? HAW! HAW!
08:06 AM on 07/02/2013
If youve done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear right? Foolish