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10:14 AM on 07/02/2013
An unfortunate situation for this girl, and her family. However, it makes you wonder why there were regulations against her age initially, and then why those regs were withdrawn. Now, one set of lungs has been used up, which possibly could have saved another adult. And another set is now in place with no guarantee that the girl will make it through another situation. I hope she makes it, or the objection to regs will result in possibly two adults not making it. It is the most difficult situation for a family to be in for sure, but also for those families who did not get the lungs in the first place.
10:12 AM on 07/02/2013
How much more will this child be made to endure? I can't judge her family as I thankfully have never walked in their shoes, but it seems to me that this is so extreme. I question will this child ever be well? From what I have read about CF, it is fatal and most do not live beyond mid teens. This just seems like torture, for the child and the family.
10:31 AM on 07/02/2013
cf average life span is in the 30's..and has been increasing every year for the many years..i am 43 and a cf patient.. but that is not the problem.. rejection of the lungs usually happens within a few years of transplant in any lung transplant, regardless of why or what disease yo have..
10:33 AM on 07/02/2013
Thank you, like I said, I only know a little about the disease, you obviously are far more knowledgeable as you are living with it.  Good luck to you. 
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11:43 AM on 07/02/2013
Her biggest problem is that she is ten years old with such a severe case of CF that she needs a lung transplant now. Not everyone with CF has the same disease process-- hers is severe.
10:11 AM on 07/02/2013
It would be a real shame to see this little girl dependent on a ventilator long term after two lung transplants.
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09:53 AM on 07/02/2013
hoping the best for her!