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02:09 PM on 07/07/2013
can we get back to the bit where breast feeding is about food and not some big emo fight?
currently observing
02:09 PM on 07/07/2013
As a man The most beautiful (non sexual) sight to me is a women breastfeeding her child.
If she inherits your courage and intelligence, she'll be just fine. All the best in the future.
02:58 PM on 07/07/2013
Yay you!!!!! Do you want a gold star to go with that?
02:05 PM on 07/07/2013
It also sucks to hold a fart in but I don't fart in public because it bothers other people.
lex parsimoniae
02:14 PM on 07/07/2013
Man you have serious psychological issues if you equate breastfeeding with farting.
02:19 PM on 07/07/2013
And you have serious communication issues if you have to attack me personally rather than attack my argument with a counterpoint.
Black Rhino
10:04 AM on 07/08/2013
It's not equating...there are many bodily functions which are natural. They don't necessarily belong in public.
A Bernie Sanders Proud Socialist Liberal
02:45 PM on 07/07/2013
Do you realize how utterly stupid that statement is?
02:51 PM on 07/07/2013
No. But pray tell, please educate me oh erudite one.
01:59 PM on 07/07/2013
It seems that its now ok to expose your pregnant belly, wear tight dresses and breastfeed. Guess the word "modesty" and "privacy" is no longer applicable. Yep, I'm "old fashioned" and proud of it.
Erica Roth
02:03 PM on 07/07/2013
So your problem is with pregnant bodies being exposed, not short shorts, yoga pants, half naked VS advertisements, sex sells music videos, etc? What a warped version of reality you live in.
10:12 PM on 07/07/2013
Im not trying to solve all the problems of the world, I just think we ladies should not expose their breast in public, no matter if its in a video or breastfeeding.
02:04 PM on 07/07/2013
you also seem quite stupid
10:12 PM on 07/07/2013
01:59 PM on 07/07/2013
Quack quack quack!!
01:50 PM on 07/07/2013
Discreet breastfeeding in public is fine. I take issue with the women who use this as an excuse to proudly flop a tit out for the show and breastfeed. If flopping one out to reastfeed is ok, why don't they go topless when they're not breastfeeding? Let's be consistent. BTW, I wholeheartedly support breastfeeding. My wife did it.
01:52 AM on 07/08/2013
Proudly flop a tit? Seriously. People like you make me wonder about our species as a whole. How dare a woman be proud that she can feed her child, it's all about you. You've so impressed us all with your "open mindedness". I'm sure your wife appreciates you tolerating her breasts being used to FEED another human being! How BIG of you.
Black Rhino
10:02 AM on 07/08/2013
Just do it in private. The rest of us have rights too. It's just wrong to pop out a breast in many public places.
Honey It's Cold Outside!
12:19 AM on 07/09/2013
Women want it both ways. They want to be equals, but open the door for me. They want to be seen as sexy, but not on Tuesday while their whipping their tit out at the mall food court. They're proud to show off their new augmented breast, but how dare you look at them.
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08:55 AM on 07/08/2013
If you find bf provocative your the one who needs help. It's not 'proudly flopping' to give a child nourishment. I am a currently nursing mother who is here to tell you it is an act of vulnerability to expose ones self to feed a child and covering with a blanket especially in August or July (I personally have a newborn and do cover) is a hot sweaty and stifling enforcement to pose on a tiny baby and a tired and all ready uncomfortable mother. I'm not saying you should be an expert but try being a large chested woman trying to feed a newborn blindly, in the dead heat of summer with a stuffy nose! The fact of the matter this mindset needs to advance into its natural, be polite and don't drool and let a mother feed their child. I've never seen ANY mother take of her shirt or strip completely naked to feed her baby.
01:30 AM on 07/10/2013
You sound like a reasonable person. It's the militant La Leche leaguer types that are over the top. The ones that scream at frightened new moms with painful cracking nipples that they're depriving their babies of lifesaving breast milk. And yes, before the indignation starts, there ARE women like that. And no, it's not "provocative". Get over your breasts. Pre-teens might giggle, the rest of us have seen better.