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12:44 PM on 07/11/2013
These loons in Congress should get their heads out of their collective posteriors and deal with the high cost of energy in the US and the restrictive regulations being spewed by the EPA which will GET THE ECONOMY BACK ON TRACK. Leave the Mickey Mouse regulations such as these for way down the road.
I see your situation and raise you a conundrum
12:42 PM on 07/11/2013
The Cuban embargo is a joke, hold over from the 60's. It's only to keep Florida Cubans voting for repubs. It's also the only way they can. So much for the lazer like focus on jobs the repubs like to trot out from time to time. The Congress is a waste of tax payer money, and I want a refund from these do-nothings.
12:56 PM on 07/11/2013
the funny thing is the kids of those Florida Cubans are voting for Dems.
12:40 PM on 07/11/2013
This is why our congress cannot get anything worthwhile accomplished. With all the serious issused to be addressed, they waste their time on this triffle legislation!
12:40 PM on 07/11/2013
Good to see Congress is focusing on important issues.
12:33 PM on 07/11/2013
As American's we should be able to travel anywhere that we like.
This phony embargo crap is just a political prank on steroids, that has just plain failed.
The rest of the world has no problem with Cuba, and it is time we just admitted our mistake.
12:22 PM on 07/11/2013
Oh come on! They are liberal, Obama supporting celebrities, what's the problem?
12:31 PM on 07/11/2013
Simple solution to this "problem." Just open up travel to everyone without restrictions. Airlines would flock to get on board.

I can't for the life of me see the difference between being able to go to China, Russia, or Cuba.

I thought America was home of the free? If anyone believes Cuba is a "threat" to American way of life I feel sorry for them.
12:57 PM on 07/11/2013
the GOP is stuck in the 1950s
12:05 PM on 07/11/2013
ALL politicians, including congress members in S.FL know many Cuban-Americans, Americans and other legal residents travel to Cuba through 3rd Countries. I think the USA is missing that revenue. They should be the ones to stop the hypocrisy about the whole situation. I can not believe, unless I am a little slow in my mind that Washington and the State Department DO NOT know. But, everything is possible.
12:04 PM on 07/11/2013
What a sad state this country is turning into. Maybe if the people who pay the government put a limit on the taxes WE choose to give them to spend, then they would be spending in a manner as to not waste so much.
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Bonafide Queen..
11:58 AM on 07/11/2013
Your Ignorance Is My Problem
11:48 AM on 07/11/2013
Shouldn't American citizens's have the right of free travel if they so choose? This whole Cuba thing always was well overblown. Hell people used to be able to take trips to the USSR before it fell apart and they are still obsessing over little Cuba because we got ourselves good and embarrassed in the 60's.
11:45 AM on 07/11/2013
And I thought being an American was freedom, now they want to resrict me????
11:55 AM on 07/11/2013
You are free to go to and stay there !
12:01 PM on 07/11/2013
Many places are looking better then this country lately. We already have plans in place to move outta this country in the coming years.
12:09 PM on 07/11/2013
so someone wants to travel freely , and you want them to leave.
well thought out, congrats on a first grade education.
11:41 AM on 07/11/2013
José Serrano is just another left winger deadbeat.
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11:40 AM on 07/11/2013
Congress NEEDS TO GET A LIFE!! In the bigger realm of things.....there are more important things they should be working on
11:38 AM on 07/11/2013
China is communist, why can Americans go there and not to Cuba??? Because the 1% can shift our jobs to China.
12:03 PM on 07/11/2013
NOW you are seeing through the curtain that the government holds up. This country is becoming a JOKE
Independent and Proud of It!
12:54 PM on 07/11/2013
Becoming a joke, this hypocritical Hell hole is already a joke. We have people without jobs, the middle class shrinking, outsourced jobs that put people solidly in the middle class, China is a communist country yet we can travel there but not Cuba , seniors are constantly under siege with threats to their Social Security, the poor are getting poorer and who thought that was possible, higher education is becoming more out of reach than ever ...crime, grime and BS everywhere we look, and they're legislating on where two people visited for their anniversary. On their own dime. Congressional priorities at their finest.
John Peoples
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11:37 AM on 07/11/2013
Hey, this has been settled, they were ok'd to go by the Govt. Why can't they do there job--more proof that they don't want to either. AND GET OVER THE FACT THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT--caps off>
12:41 PM on 07/11/2013
I don't think this about what you are implying I think what this is about is the way this happened and the Presidents love of the Hollywood crowd.