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08:10 PM on 07/11/2013
All abortions (as in all surgeries) carry a great deal of risk. It's just pooh-poohed by the pro-aborts.
Feed the Kitty - 1952
09:45 PM on 07/11/2013

A woman in the United States is far more likely to die from pregnancy and/or birth related problems.

Check out the Morbidity and Mortality Reports at
08:09 PM on 07/11/2013
it is in a way good to be a teenager mother : I have no objections for that kind of stuff ! The younger you are , you can bear a child with less risk as you have more strength in your body ! It should be encouraged !
08:39 PM on 07/11/2013
All things being equal, the younger the mother, the less successful the child will be. Less likely to finish high school, less likely to go to college, more likely to end up in jail, and lower IQs. Was your mother very young when she had you?
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10:17 PM on 07/11/2013
Only if you are in a position to provide for it and not expect the rest of us to take care of a child born out of irresponsibility.
07:22 PM on 07/11/2013
In this country teens know how not to get pregnant. Young girls in many cases are desperate to get out of the house no matter what. Beware young men, if you let them they will ruin your life.
07:21 PM on 07/11/2013
Send this to every Republican man in Texas, North Carolina etc... Send it twice.
And how do I donate to family planning fund?
06:40 PM on 07/11/2013
There is always such a heated debate about abortion, and never enough emphasis on birth control. I believe that a major part of the problem regarding the high number of teen pregnancies is that it's become normal, indeed almost expected, that parents will raise the children born to their teen daughters. When it comes to birth control, we need to get religion out of the equation and focus on educating young girls before it's too late, however, parents also need to refrain from allowing their daughters to assume that if they do get pregnant, their parents -- often only single mothers -- will take on the responsibility.
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10:19 PM on 07/11/2013

I wonder how many grandparents raise their grandchildren??

The statistics on that may be overwhelming.
True and Fabulous
06:22 PM on 07/11/2013
The UN put out a press release. Yes, much awareness was raised.
06:47 PM on 07/11/2013
Well, what do you expect from all those underpaid 250K a year wusses at the UN?
06:21 PM on 07/11/2013
I read the story and I read a lot of the comments. I do believe that most of you think that this is a U.S. problem. It is not. This is a problem through out the world. In some cases it is ignorance, in some cases it is a combination of ignorance and religion. In U.S. it is a combination of ignorance brought on by religion and the GOP who are doing everything in their power to make sure things do not get better but much much worse.
Feminist liberal atheist and raising an army.
06:06 PM on 07/11/2013
Wow Nader... way to be a mysogynist... funny thing they haven't yet figured out what causes this: men..... try including them in some of the accountability and teen pregnancy articles and maybe there will be impact. Sheesh.
06:05 PM on 07/11/2013
The reason - people are stupid.
05:59 PM on 07/11/2013
How about if PARENTS actually made their teens aware of pregnancy?
How about teaching them morals and the parents being an example?
It doesn't take a village to raise a kid. We aren't a tribe.
We are families.
06:21 PM on 07/11/2013
And I am sure GLAD I am not part of yours. I went through the fifties, I do not care todo it again.
Tanks a lot!
08:10 PM on 07/11/2013
What could you possibly find wrong with what he said? Are intact, functioning families a threat to you or something?
06:40 PM on 07/11/2013
how about a chastity belt ?
05:54 PM on 07/11/2013
Michael Zacka urged us to solve the world hunger problem. We must hunker down?
No, no, no! We must first recongnise the cause of the problem. Obama said that we have an imparative to feed Africa. Very noble. The world can feed itself. So what is the problem? The problem is socialist governments. Socialism kills individualism, entreprenuer ship, and competative markets. Socialism squanders the wealth of nations. It provided a well fed military, but lets the peple stave. Look at every African government, North Korea, or Cuba. Socialism never succeeds because it believes that the state and not the individual should make all of the decisions. Nanny knows what is best for us.
Jt John
Asura's Samsara
06:49 PM on 07/11/2013
Socialism works fine if you employ it properly. The countries you listed all face the highest corruption rates and bad dictatorships in the world. Take a look at Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and other European socialistic nations. They work out just fine.
07:13 PM on 07/11/2013
Your reply was laughable to say the least. Look at their income tax rates. In the end, all socialistic countries go broke. Why work if the nanny state will take care of all of your wants and needs!
I will choose capitalism over socialism.
And look at the United States. The deeper that we sink into socialism, the higher the unemployment and the greater the federal deficit.
05:53 PM on 07/11/2013
one way to solve the problem is to have every teen become gay then you wont have to worry about unwanted babies, maybe aids, but not unwanted kids...
06:41 PM on 07/11/2013
and you will have lots of company huh ?
06:48 PM on 07/11/2013
They are working on it.
05:47 PM on 07/11/2013
i guess all those FREE contraceptives the leftwingers get for FREE are not doing any good...maybe the FREE abortions will help for all the leftwingers...
05:38 PM on 07/11/2013
WOW , you mean the Teenage Party Girls , who 80% could not even name the Father of there kid, Becuase they do not know it
05:49 PM on 07/11/2013
thats why the leftwingers are pushing the abortion thing because thats all leftwing women things do all day and evening and they dont want to be tied down to a kid it will interfere with their partying...
06:42 PM on 07/11/2013
father ? oh you mean baby daddy !!!
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Fatto Bene
05:08 PM on 07/11/2013
We must have our children (girls) line up each morning in school and take a birfth control pill in front of the school nurse. This should be mandatory for every girl over the age of ten. Abstaining from engaging in sexual intercourse and the effects of VD should not be taught to chldren under college age for fear of endangering their fragile psyche. Same sex is as an alternative life style is OK and can be taught after grade four in all schools. Marriage should be treated like evolution and banned from being taught, or even mentioned, in our schools. Than our children will be safe and without guilt.