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I don't facebook
05:52 AM on 11/16/2009
Sorry Ms. P. It ain't gonna happen, I betcha.
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05:35 AM on 11/16/2009
OK, who's getting high while banging out an article. The very idea of an unpopular pariah continuing to be floated as a contender by the media is ludicrous, because she'd still have to debate somebody, and as we've all seen last year, she can't get by her lack of policy know-how merely by winking her way through one.

Of course, this past week, Fox News lets Liz Cheney also float by the ridiculous idea that anyone would elect her criminal dad President in 2012, so IMO, this is all "silly season" for inaccurate speculation. Even though it's in obvious disarray, I don't think the GOP is that desperate to nominate either of these losers.
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05:56 AM on 11/16/2009
Their desperation comes from being soooo irrelevant, they have nothing else to lose.
05:56 AM on 11/16/2009
We are gaining stupidity in America at an alarming rate, but Palin will be long gone before she meets the minimum qualification for "winning". I saw a slogan on a truck that said "adequate service is our goa!l", and it reminded me of both Palin, and also the fact that America is semi-literate (at best). She has a lot of get-up-and go, and Peggy Hill style gumption, but adequacy still seems like an impossibly high goal in her case
eschew Obfuscation, end Subterfuge...
06:00 AM on 11/16/2009
Cyrus : Well put.

Let's turn Texas Blue
05:30 AM on 11/16/2009
Guess I better start looking for a new home far away, just in case the loonies take over.