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04:46 PM on 07/15/2013
Why should he talk about race when he was elected by White People?

Am I missing something here?
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04:45 PM on 07/15/2013
Because he can't...and he knows manyAmericans are waiting for him to be "pro" black so they can pounce. It's revolting.

Does anyone else remember the first week Pres Obama read to some kindergarten kids, like every other modern pres has done, and Fox started talking about him indoctrinating the students? And we expect him to be able to talk about race more than he has already done?

I wish this country wasn't full of ig norant insolent people who act like 2 year olds, but sadly it is...
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04:43 PM on 07/15/2013
What do you mean, he never talks about race?

Cambridge Police?

Trayvon Martin?

Letting the NBPP poll watchers go?

Pandering to blacks in his speeches, using a black patois?

This is the most racially divisive President EVER!!
Do not fear the future.
04:42 PM on 07/15/2013
Why Obama never talks about race... because we are all human? We are all Americans? You see the problem is that we have this whole "color of the skin" non-sense we need to shake.
livs (low information voters)
04:39 PM on 07/15/2013
That's why he has underlings... so he can distance himself from race, while letting other pursue racially charged policy. Can't touch the president.
You wanna go that way? Oh, we'll go that way !
04:39 PM on 07/15/2013
The moment Obama even hints that he has something to say about race, the GOP jumps on him and says he is trying to divide the country and start a race war.
Sue She
Restore the Matriarchy
04:38 PM on 07/15/2013
Why is it required that Obama be the spokesperson for racism, just because he's black?
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04:37 PM on 07/15/2013
He is conflicted himself about his race and what country was he born in.
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04:37 PM on 07/15/2013
Not easy for him to talk race because he has essentially failed innocent young kids of color living in dangerous gang riddled inner city neighborhoods looking for some "hope & change" that never seems to get to them. And, if he dares to talk about that, then he's compelled to talk about the dire conditions some whites live in too, which would only further demonstrate his failure to deliver on his promise of "hope & change" to people who thought he was the one...

Gotta give it to him though, he's a good talker...what a shame though, talk is cheap. The American people deserve so much better than pretty speeches.
04:37 PM on 07/15/2013
Such talk puts one side against the other. The President is for all Americans!
04:33 PM on 07/15/2013
because the color of the persons skin is irrelevant.
04:32 PM on 07/15/2013
He DOES invoke racial themes when he addresses predominantly black audiences he gets that certain cadence then scolds is for our various sins. He is certainly quick to lambast us. He remembers he IS the black president when it is time to take us read us.
What did you expect? Plant a potato, get a potato.
04:31 PM on 07/15/2013
He should speak of it more often. He's wasting an unbelievable opportunity to improve race relations, but, the only time he does use his mantel, it's inflammatory.
04:28 PM on 07/15/2013
Like all events going on in the country the Pres will talk about race when he turns on the news and sees that it is a topic.
04:24 PM on 07/15/2013
How can a people who have never experienced oppression understand its affects, if they've been since birth taught or learned to discount its existence or validity. Asking most white people about the challenges racism presents to blacks is like asking a horse to tell you about a cows life. Although he knows the cow will be slaughtered he can still find reasons why the cow should be happy, eat the grass and stop whinning and complaining about being milked everyday or being confined to certain areas of the pasture, while he himself is groomed regularly, given apples and allowed to run free and ultimately knowing his destiny and opprutunities are much different he feels privaledged and of greater value.