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12:33 AM on 07/19/2013
I would be willing to bet that a few years down the road Zimmerman will get what is coming to him all you white people that are racist are the same. You figure that just because he was young and black that he just had to be up to no good. How man times in the past 50 years have innocent black men went to jail because some racist white woman lied on them or some so called judge thought he was guilty just because the person on trial was black. Regradless of how you white racist feel you white people are the ones that have done us wrong. We never hung you for looking at a black woman, we never hung you for raping one and when you did you got away with it. You white people of today that are under 50 years old are that way because of the lies and half truths your parents and grand parents told you. You people try to blame all the evils of the world on black people. But in the past 150 years how many wars have you fought against black people. In WW1 it was not white men against black men it was white men against white men, in that case British, American, etc against Germans and whoever else was in WW1. In WW2 it was again white men against white men and you threw innocent Japanese American in camps because the enemy was Japan,
loves life
06:53 AM on 07/19/2013
Don't put ALL white people into one category. In this particular situation....there are many white people marching and writing of their protest against injustice in our system. Join with the ones who are not racists.
03:30 PM on 07/19/2013
Your being a racist with your rant. You white people. Do you like the term "You black people". No then don't use it to describe others.
12:23 AM on 07/19/2013
If you can be prejudice, ignorant, and a racist. I can as a Christian, believe in a God of love and forgiveness.I love you all even though I don't understand the hatred that I read in your comments to each other
03:51 PM on 07/19/2013
You are a wonderful person! not at all like the mis-fits that get on here & bash our wonderful God, I just wish I was as proud as you are in your beliefs! May God Bless you Richly!
07:18 PM on 07/19/2013
Legal 1: thank you but the Lord has inspired me to live the christian life from His word He gets the glory, praise and honor for all that I do. And to love others no matter what they think of me. they can't do me any harm. May the Lord bless you
Patrick Labbe
A Thinking Man not a politician
07:04 AM on 07/22/2013
Most Christians I know (white ones at least) are RACIST! Of course I live in the Southy where it's OK for a man to kill a Black teenager who is only armed with Skittles and an Ice Tea. We haven't come very far in the South in the last 60 years! I want to live in a world where no one judges another by the color of their skin or by the hoodie they are wearing. I want to live in a world where George Zimmerman would have seen Trayvon Martin walking in the rain and offered him a ride home!
12:06 AM on 07/19/2013
I will pray for all of you. I'am just saying
10:52 PM on 07/18/2013
Racism goes both ways. As an Hispanic-American who grew up in the 70s in a rough Brooklyn neighborhood, I experiences firsthand Black on non -black racial violence and hatred. I went thru High School always carrying a knife on me and thank God I only had to brandish it but never stabbed anyone. Now I notice its always the blacks that cry out the loudest as if only they are singled out for racism. Its politically incorrect to argue the point. A jury found Zimmerman not guilty of the charges. Live with that and move on. Quit rioting and assaulting people over a verdict that you don't like.
05:22 PM on 07/21/2013
And no reasonable person (ie without an agenda), meeting Zimmerman on the street would call him "white." He looks Hispanic. It was media and others with a hot agenda who turned this into white-on-black, when if anything (if it must be reduce to such inane commentary) it was minority-on-minority. English is not even Zimmerman's 1st language.
10:13 PM on 07/18/2013
This is exactly why I gave up organized religion.....
12:05 AM on 07/19/2013
You should not let the actions of stupid people acting in an unchristian manner discredit religion any more than you should let the actions of stupid people of any race discredit all of the other members of that race.
Patrick Labbe
A Thinking Man not a politician
07:06 AM on 07/22/2013
How about the CRUSADES, the PROGROMS, the INQUISITION and the HOLOCAUST...not to mention the violence in Northern Ireland...that is what discredits Christianity.
03:53 PM on 07/19/2013
I hope you didn't give up on God!
09:50 PM on 07/18/2013
Wow, people like this give churches and God a bad name. Spewing this hatred only divides our nation.
10:34 PM on 07/18/2013
Where have you been? This nation has always been divided.
Patrick Labbe
A Thinking Man not a politician
07:07 AM on 07/22/2013
Its only TRUTH....apparently you can't handele the Truth. As fror me aqnd my house: I want to live in a world where no one judges another by the color of their skin or by the hoodie they are wearing. I want to live in a world where George Zimmerman would have seen Trayvon Martin walking in the rain and offered him a ride home!
Twitchy Ferret
Free thinking, independent, ex-liberal.
09:22 PM on 07/18/2013
I love how the left and the right media are BOTH wrong. Neither person in this incident are the little angels their respective sides make them out to be. Zimmerman AND Martin have been in trouble with the law, only Martin's records are sealed because of being a minor. Though non-sealed school documents and phone records show Martin had been in trouble for theft, drugs, and fighting, multiple times. Also I love the obsession over racism and people Labeling Zimmerman as anything other than Hispanic... I have never heard the term "White-Hispanic" used so much before in any way other than describing actual people from Spain... Gotta love a media frenzy doing all it can at dividing the nation even more.
05:56 PM on 07/18/2013
This church makes the Westboro Baptist Church look like a bunch of angels. Pastor Jordan needs to get over this and work for POSITIVE change!!
05:47 PM on 07/18/2013
I think that George Zimmerman put those wounds on his face and head himself!
Retired Sailors Have More Fun.
07:17 PM on 07/18/2013
Of course you do.
loves life
06:57 AM on 07/19/2013
When I saw those wounds, I remember how I got some worse ones picking blackberries.
05:39 PM on 07/18/2013
Zimmerman is Hispanic, geniuses.
08:36 PM on 07/18/2013
Zimmerman is GUILTY as sin! I believe in karma, and he will see what he did to that kid come back to him ten times greater! And for all of you supporters of Zimmerman, such as ZaneDavid, I hope none of your relatives ever run into someone like George Zimmerman and he 'stands his ground with them" Karma has a way of coming back at ya!
Cronos warszawa
11:48 PM on 07/18/2013
but guiltly of what in your opinion? Of manslaughter? Of pre-meditated murder? Of self-defence?
04:06 PM on 07/19/2013
Since when is a 17yr old that was
high on Marijuana,Hiding under a hoodie, looking into peoples windows, sucker-punching GZ breaking his nose with fighting skills that were taught to him, considered a child? GZ is more than lucky to be alive.
truth always preveils
05:19 PM on 07/18/2013
Even though people are entitled to their opinions..This pastor by putting this sign up has put on display the bitterness that is in his heart which does not serve God. The only way to deal with this is for both sides white and black to forgive each other and learn to walk in love towards each other. Saying stuff like this only sows division and discord in communities and makes the gospel of no effect. Pastor if you are a christian than show it by your love one for anther regardless of color
03:57 PM on 07/18/2013
Why is there so much black on black killing in black neighbor hoods verses white neighbor hoods and where is the out cry?
05:08 PM on 07/18/2013
It's just not reported we know what it means to slant facts remember the government assistance lie that was debunked
03:45 PM on 07/18/2013
If you want to know what this phony pastor is about, listen to the lyrics of the old song, "Poppa was a Rolling Stone."
03:22 PM on 07/18/2013
If you want to understand charlatan pastors that plague black America, listen to the lyrics of the old song, "Poppa was a Rolling Stone."
04:19 PM on 07/22/2013
Most people aren't even aware that MLK, Jr., was the exact same way. But back then, the black community and the family didn't want to publicize that, any more than whites wanted what Jack Kennedy did to get out.
02:43 PM on 07/18/2013
Justice was accomplished. When a judge hearing a case decides mid-stream to inform the jury that they should consider lesser charges than what the defendant is charged with, then you have to accept that even that judge believes this was self defense. The shame is that someone was lost, and that someone could have been either party in this event. This young man was obviously looking for trouble and unfortunately found it. You cannot blame any person for serving and protecting the property he was hired to monitor or to defend himself when confronted. The lost young man wanted to act like a ruffian and did so to the the wrong person. All indications of someone who thrives on that lifestyle who most likely would have only gotten deeper into that lifestyle. The only good that may come out of this is to remind other youngsters to keep their noses clean and not be punks. You will eventually find the trouble which you cannot get out of. Jail or worse. The media should stop showing 'baby photos' of the lost young man. I'm sure O.J.'s school photos were cute also. Justice is supposed to be blind. Concentrate on the facts and consider all the new facts coming out of this young mans' recent past.........
08:40 PM on 07/18/2013
You are about as silly as your comment!
09:29 PM on 07/19/2013
Then that means I am not silly at all. It's just hard for you to accept the truth and the facts. There is no reason to march and protest unless you are trying to make more of an issue than needs be. Can't believe the President himself is going against his own Judicial system - which acted properly - by saying that the lost soul needs to be "honored". Honored for what, finding trouble and paying the unfortunate consequence ?