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02:14 AM on 07/20/2013
What a cool thing to be able to remember. I was moved.
02:14 AM on 07/20/2013
This man is 60 years old? Or am I the only that noticed he looks 35-45 at best?
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02:07 AM on 07/20/2013
He's very lucky that Gorilla didn't do the thriller of Manila and swipe his head off , at the same time what an experience , but I wouldn't trust it , I love live too much !!!
won't read your angry replies :D
02:01 AM on 07/20/2013
For anyone thinking of having one of these gorilla tracking adventures, please remember it could just as easily have ripped his head off. It's okay to admire wild animals, but perhaps do it from afar, without entering their territory.
01:43 AM on 07/20/2013
Does the kiss mean they're now married? "GORILLA MARRIES CALIFORNIA LIBERAL" will read the headline.
02:00 AM on 07/20/2013
Better than Gorilla gets shot by a self absorbed, entitled repub-con who likes to illegally hunt innocent animals.
02:13 AM on 07/20/2013
No, it's much better than a group of Liberals chasing down some poor animal, shooting him with a dart, and stapling tags on his ears and toes and putting radio monters embedded into his skin!
By the way, I DON'T HUNT ANY ANIMALS! I think they should all be left alone in the wild. But, I DO hunt Liberals! (I eat them for breakfast!)
02:19 AM on 07/20/2013
Really, did the Gorilla belong in that neighborhood? Was he unarmed? Who threw the first Kiss? Once the Gorilla approached, he was the aggressor and last but not least, it's Racial, the Gorilla was Racially/Species Profiled!!! Press release by Al to follow.
01:28 AM on 07/20/2013
Silver backs can be aggressive especially when protecting their families.but most Gorillas are very docile creatures. They are gentle and are herbivores (they do not eat other animals or kill them).
01:20 AM on 07/20/2013
Does that mean there engaged?
12:59 AM on 07/20/2013
The guy is from liberal California. What does that tell you. Kinda wish the Gorilla would have bitten his face off. Now that would have been worth watching..
01:03 AM on 07/20/2013
What an ignorant ass you are
01:36 AM on 07/20/2013
. . . said the gorilla.
12:33 AM on 07/21/2013
Bob - you like animals - I bet you do. -- That's funny - you are probably a liberal from California.
12:42 AM on 07/20/2013
I find this disturbing and have nothing kind to say about the "tourists." It's a disrespect to the balance of nature.
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12:39 AM on 07/20/2013
Zimmerman did not shoot him.
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12:37 AM on 07/20/2013
We could learn alot from animals. They aren't as animalistic as we may think. I have volunteered for over 16 years at 2 animal "NO KILL ' shelters & you would be surprised at what you can learn from an animal who has been abused, they can still show warmth & love, how they can be starved & and still take a piece of food from you gentley. I worked w/ a series of abused animals & each one of them taught me new lessons. I saw on the news about a man who swam w/ his dying german shepherd today & how the dog responded to him, 17 years he had that dog . It had been abused as a puppy but you could tell that they were very close, right up to the end. In todays times, violence is everywhere, this was a breath of fresh air.
12:15 AM on 07/20/2013
This could have easily gone VERY bad no matter what "typical" Gorilla behavior is. WILD IS WILD despite how our love and inner connections make us feel. IMO
11:36 PM on 07/19/2013
Oh, wow, what an extraordinary occurrence. Now we can get all teary eyed and express such gratitude for being able to see this. But....what would have happened if the gorilla became aggressive? Would some one have shot the gorilla? Humans invaded the "home" of a family of gorillas and fortunately nothing adverse happened. Jerks!
11:52 PM on 07/19/2013
Good point, however positive exposure like this is the only hope we have of saving species such as these. Unless people see and feel a connection with nature, they tend to turn a blind eye to it's destruction. All it takes is a small "Aww" moment to help sway public opinion and attention. Plus unless you are aggressive towards them in return, they almost always leave you be, it's just a display.
11:19 PM on 07/19/2013
Koko also had a kitten, All Ball. It was given her to foster maternal nurturing in the hopes that Koko would mate with Michael, the male gorilla that is also part of the long-term study. So far, that has not happened. All Ball ran out into traffic one day and was killed. Koko mourned excessively for her kitty. She was later given another kitten, a ginger calico that she named Lipstick.

Koko was ridiculed for calling watermelon "candy water" and for calling a ring a "finger bracelet" until it was discovered that an aboriginal tribe uses the same words "finger bracelet" to describe a ring.

There is a wonderful children's book (the money is used to help fund the study) entitled "Koko's Kitten" which is well worth the read, even by adults.
Reasonable Doubter
10:46 PM on 07/19/2013
Amazing how an animal with the strength to easily kill a person with their bare hands chose not to do so. Beautiful animals they are! Jealous & if I thought I could ever be that close to one & not pass out, I would love to!
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