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08:07 AM on 11/18/2009
Congradulations to Senator Byrd, it is a well deserved hard traveled road. If you ever want to see real oratory, something that will make you think, look up nearly any of his past Senate floor speeches. Forget about all the age stuff, this guy can actualy speak from the heart. Precious few have this ability, and even fewer in elected government. As long as he is effective (he is) I say let him stay right where he is.
Liberty Loving, Liberal
08:06 AM on 11/18/2009
With all due respect Mr. Byrd, retire!
07:51 AM on 11/18/2009
I love him but this should not be a goal for our elected officials. It actually belittles the great work he's done to have set such an egotistical goal for himself forgetting about the needs of his constituents and his country.
07:49 AM on 11/18/2009
I guess the record doesn't take into consideration how many days the Member actually knows where he is.
07:46 AM on 11/18/2009
Celebrate and bring the old white sheets.
07:34 AM on 11/18/2009
And I thought China had the oldest geezers in power. (gots to give him a break though, he is a Dem)
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07:22 AM on 11/18/2009
That guy DOES look like a bird

07:21 AM on 11/18/2009
We are thankful for his service. On the other hand , there must be age limits in congress. Amen!
Let's agree to be respectful even when we disagree
08:00 AM on 11/18/2009
The problem with age limits and term limits is that lobbyists don't have any. They can just get better at what they do, more entrenched, *and* get a greehorn to influence every two terms. The problem lies not with congress, but with a system of legalised bribery where international corporations - with no true loyaly to the US - have more sway than the people.
I say campaign contributions be should capped at $1, $10, $100 - you pick the number- and only individuals can contribute, not corporations. Then you might get a congress beholden to their constituents!
07:03 AM on 11/18/2009
With all due respect to Senator Byrd, wouldn't his constituents be better served by someone else? I don't want to sound like an age-ist (is that a word?) but ... Jeez, these guys don't know when to call it a day -- and that goes for Republicans AND Democrats. We need some young blood in Congress. We need someone who can understand what the people care about TODAY. What I really want to say to any of the 70+ congressmen is this: RETIRE ALREADY! Take up golf, visit the grandchildren, go on a cruise. You had a good run but It's over.
07:03 AM on 11/18/2009
Woo Woo-- he broke the record -- Woo Woo !!! Now retire and let someone who is young and healthy enough to show up to work have the job.
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07:02 AM on 11/18/2009
92 years of age? 50 years in Congress? Our country needs:

1. Term Limits.

2. Re-institute the draft to help stop Congress and the White House wars.

3. Kick Congress off their current health care plan (that we pay for) until they pass meaningful reform for this country.
07:23 AM on 11/18/2009
Here, here!
Carpe Diem!
10:10 AM on 11/18/2009
And taken away the lifelong pension that is currently offered to anyone who only serves 4 years.
That is insane!!!!!!!
06:59 AM on 11/18/2009
While I admire some of Sen. Bird's positions, especially his stands against the war in Iraq, he is getting too old to be an effective elected official. He has stayed there by bringing to WV the 'pork' and it's jobs. I believe as done in many states as to those that serve in judicial positions, a maximum age of usually 70 to 75, should be considered for Federal elected and appointed positions. That would probably take a Constitutional amendmendment, but it would be a form of 'term limits' many want, give opportunities to powerful positions to others to serve.
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06:57 AM on 11/18/2009
Living Proof people can change.
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06:51 AM on 11/18/2009
We need term limits - badly.
07:23 AM on 11/18/2009
06:48 AM on 11/18/2009
Congradulations, needless to say I found contention with his past and didn't agree with many of his positions, but the reason he is still there is because the people of his district are happy with his work. Its easy to say that its because of voter apathy as one post states, but if he didnt get the work of the people done and didnt represent their position he would have never lasted this long. Yes, Byrd is a strict Constitutionalist ; but everyone should agree that there are some outdated measures in that fine document. Unfortunately Byrd now has some Diminished Mental and Physical Capacities and its time for Constituency (in my Humble and less informed opinion) should enlist some fresh blood.