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right = correct
06:47 PM on 07/20/2013
Enzi is up on her over 30 points in all the Wyoming polls--that's not interesting.
06:27 PM on 07/20/2013
The representation sword cuts the other way, but only a little bit. My own state of Vermont has just a few more people than Wyoming, but it has Bernie Sanders and Pat Leahy in the Senate. (And a fine Congressman too, in Peter Welch).
Conservatism is a con job!
06:02 PM on 07/20/2013
I wonder which CIA agent she'll expose.
06:23 PM on 07/20/2013
Only the best!
Relax, nothing is under control
05:54 PM on 07/20/2013
If Cheney wins you'll get a far right Republican. If Enzi wins you'll get a far right Republican. Either one will vote exactly the same as the other on any issue, or almost any issue. So who cares which one wins?
I'm already bored with that race.
05:46 PM on 07/20/2013
wyoming is a beautiful state. it's citizens are entitled to elect anyone they want. it is also the state where sitting bull tore george custer a new one. the battle of little big horn is my favorite historical battle of all time. hee ha. rand paul 1820!!!!!
11:11 PM on 07/20/2013
Battle of the Little Big Horn/Custer's Last Stand is in Montana, not Wyoming.
02:27 AM on 07/21/2013
i am losing it.. i stand corrected thanks.
Geoff Boltach
Just my opinion
05:42 PM on 07/20/2013
Anyone with the last name Cheney, bush, and Clinton, and mccain need to retire from politics
05:22 PM on 07/20/2013
Don't 400 people have more money and assets than 150 million of us, combined? Who cares about Liz Cheney or Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi, et al. Who cares what any of them think, anymore.
05:09 PM on 07/20/2013
Enzi has been a good right winger soldier. He has made a mockery of Senate ethics and has voted the wrong way on every issue. Why would he stab his cohorts in the back this way?
05:03 PM on 07/20/2013
Why does Wyoming even rate statehood and two senators?
Really a crazy idea the senate!
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Unraveling the mystery . .
04:51 PM on 07/20/2013
it's the venue for a hot proxy war between Rand Paul's libertarianish insurgency and the neo-con old guard.

That can be rewritten as ' rAyndroid's loonytarian insanity and neolying obstructionist crud.'
There . . that's more like it. 
Corporate Criminals Playing with Tanks
04:36 PM on 07/20/2013
Wyoming has just over 500,000 citizens and I'd have to do some research to get the number of registered voters. How many millions of dark dollars will be poured into this state to get Liz Cheney a decent vote count in the primary?

Enzi is a marked man in regards to the oligarchs who seem to think they can buy elections. He's very conservative, he's not pure enough for these who think they own the nation. Any media outlet is going to see a windfall of dollars this year, guess that's the GOP economic plan in action.
Don't vote against your own best interests...
04:20 PM on 07/20/2013
I don't care for Republicans, but I DO know Sen. Enzi has served the best interests of his conservative base in Wyoming, and that anyone related to Dick Cheney has his foul 'stench' of detached feelings ,and death about them. Apple rarely falls far from the tree... Ms. Cheney is not qualified to serve by both experience and pedigree. Cheney want a conduit to power... will the GOP voters in Wyoming give him one?
03:53 PM on 07/20/2013
Can this country stand to have another Cheney in office? Her father was terrible. Worst vp ever. Some say he should be in jail! Here are countries out here that definitely want him in jail. I think his daughter might be worse. This country can not afford to have her in any office.
03:48 PM on 07/20/2013
If John McCain is against her ,, she can't be all that bad.
That's me in the red coat
04:49 PM on 07/20/2013
John McCain, like a broken clock, can be right once in a while.
05:09 PM on 07/20/2013
Yes, she can.
03:31 PM on 07/20/2013
Does anyone, outside the borders of the state, care about anything but mineral rights in Wyoming?
04:32 PM on 07/20/2013