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msgirlintn 02:24 PM on 07/22/2013
These Teapublicans never learn.  ObamaCARES is the law of the land and it isn't going anywhere.  The individual mandate will go into effect on January 1, 2014 when the ACA goes into effect.
If Republicans want to shut down the government, then they should go for it.  Let them explain to the elderly and disabled why they won't get their SS checks or be able to use their  Read More...
800,000 Government workers would be furloughed.  Police and Firefighters would be furloughed across the country and Veteran's Services would be impacted.
In 2011 when Republicans decided to shut down the government, it cost the taxpayers $19 Billion.
You can't claim to be a conservative and be willing to cost taxpayers $19 Billion to try to get your own way.  You can't claim to be pro-choice when you do it to deny Americans access to healthcare.
06:38 AM on 07/24/2013
Republicans are scared to death the ACA will take affect. They know once it does and people like it they are toast. If they really cared about this issue they would have a real alternative.
09:27 AM on 07/24/2013
THE REPUBS MUST GO, FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01:39 PM on 07/24/2013
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10:30 AM on 07/24/2013
Dude, it's not coverage, it's an order for you to go out and buy your own coverage. Now that Obama has signed a deal with Equifax, you WILL buy coverage or get a negative ding on your credit report. Your ability to qualify for partial help will be based on your income and credit report. You will lose ALL discretionary spending power, all of your funds over your expenses will go towards your ACA premium. The government will NOT subsidize anyone who has savings that could pay for premiums. You'll figure it out.
12:56 PM on 07/24/2013
That's simply not true, and you may want to have a drink and relax before posting another 12 times.
01:40 PM on 07/24/2013
More made up poppycock. From faux news no doubt.
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The Super Patriot
Navy vet for a strong 3rd party
06:36 AM on 07/24/2013
Someone or "others' must be getting the ever living sh$t lobbied out of themselves.. They certainly aren't doing this or making these threats and futile attempts out of the goodness of their hearts, concern for the people or to create a better health-care system.
05:45 AM on 07/24/2013
Mike Lee: Republicans Will Shut Down Government To Block Obamacare

I'm tired of promises, Just do it.
06:39 AM on 07/24/2013
They are not capable of taking a principled stand on anything. They vote and on things that they do not matter and will never happen.
02:27 PM on 07/24/2013
This from a lib? Principles? Tell me what principles, other than socialist handouts to their base, do the dems have? No principles, no belief in the Constitution, no faith, no morals, and little sense.
03:02 AM on 07/24/2013
Why are Republicans seeking to "block" Obamacare?

Isn't Obama doing a good job of "blocking" Obamacare? There are so many exceptions, exemptions and implementation delays that I have lost track?

Everyone is finding out what "we have to pass the bill to find out what is in it!" means, compliments of Nancy Pelosi. What an airhead. What a way to legislate. Pelosi likes "pretending" to be an airhead, but I have news for her - she is an airhead. Her main qualification for House Minority Leader? She helps Democratic Congressional Members raise funds to be used to keep getting re-elected - every "career politicians" number one goal.

The only people dumber are the voters who trip over their feet rushing to the polls to keep electing Nancy Pelosi and the people who insist that the airhead be their leader.

Change the Constitution. We need TERM LIMITS.
11:57 PM on 07/30/2013
I've seen this Nancy Pelosi quote and was curious about its accuracy, so I looked it up and read the entire speech. Here's what I found out:

The statement by Nancy Pelosi was made in a speech on March 9, 2010 at a conference for the National Association of Counties. Toward the end of that speech she did say that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it". But if you just take this statement by itself and out of context, you misunderstand and misrepresent what she said.

The entire sentence in the speech is "But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy."

The "fog of the controversy" (which is often left out of the quote) is referring to what she was elaborating about earlier on during her speech (what the bill is, the "myths" behind the bill, what's not in it, etc.). But of course, out of the entire speech, the one quote is taken out. It's a classic case of taking something out of context and giving it a different meaning. This quote was taken near the end of her speech on why the bill needs to be passed and what the bill will accomplish.
11:58 PM on 07/30/2013

Right before the quote taken out of context, she says, "You've heard about the controversies within the bill, the process about the bill, one or the other. But I don't know if you have heard that it is legislation for the future, not just about health care for America, but about a healthier America, where preventive care is not something that you have to pay a deductible for or out of pocket. Prevention, prevention, prevention -- it's about diet, not diabetes. It's going to be very, very exciting."

Earlier in the speech Pelosi's mentions such items in the bill as a ban on denying health coverage because of a pre-existing conditions, “robust support for public health infrastructure,” more spending on community health centers and reductions in uncompensated care by hospitals. Pelosi also says in the speech that the plan won't require anyone to pay a deductible for preventive health care doctor visits. These ideas were being misrepresented by the opponents of the bill during the "fog of controversy." Once the bill passed, people will understand what's actually in the bill and not what the opponents were claiming and misrepresenting.
02:14 AM on 07/24/2013
I know! How about all Republican senators sitting on the floor cross-legged, put their thumbs in their mouths, and hold their breath until they turn blue. That'll show 'em!
03:04 AM on 07/24/2013
As I note above, Obama is "blocking" Obamacare. That is how "terrific" it is. Why should the Republicans bother?
12:32 AM on 07/24/2013
Republican representatives who enjoy the financial perks of government hate government.
They are in government positions to destroy it.
Because they have no solutions to the problems other than to shut it down.
Will they shut down their pay and benefits?
03:07 AM on 07/24/2013
Republicans have a "solution to the problems." Apply yourself.

Do you see any one of them - Republicans or Democrats - proposing a term limit Constitutional Amendment? Of course not. They are ALL about themselves.
03:13 AM on 07/24/2013
What A be an elected official in Washington and enjoy the perks.
03:10 AM on 07/24/2013
Democrats have solutions. Spend money until Detroit goes bankrupt. Then continue to spend money we do not have until the country goes bankrupt ala Greece and then send troops into the street to STOP YOU when you are rioting.
03:43 AM on 07/24/2013
Fox News will be right back after these important messages from our sponsors....
04:23 AM on 07/24/2013
And that's the second term agenda.
12:14 AM on 07/24/2013
If any government should be shut down for much needed improvements.. it's ours.
12:00 AM on 07/24/2013
The cost is the problem.
For profit HC needs the government.
Without government help how much profit would there be in the HC industry today?
02:18 AM on 07/24/2013
Well that's it - your misery shouldn't be someone else's profit-center.

Some things simply can't be delivered effectively in a for-profit context. (imagine calling a for-profit police or fire department only to discover you're outside their "service area")
02:26 AM on 07/24/2013
For profit HC is bankrupt without the help of the government..
11:34 PM on 07/23/2013
Mike Lee is dropping a bomb which looks very much like the yucky greenish brown stuff that is extruded from the male cattle's rear end periodically.
04:26 AM on 07/24/2013
The prezy wants to delay it. Delay it/kill it.
10:52 AM on 07/24/2013
No ! Obamacare has got a life of its own now, especially after blessings it received from the SCOTUS. Keep dreaming.
11:25 PM on 07/23/2013
Just shows that the insurance and pharmaceutical corporations never run out of money to pay these guys off. They should have used it to pay off insurance claims, instead of ******** the American public. Anyway, they owe their souls to the corporations.
04:27 AM on 07/24/2013
Do you even know how to think? Just repeating libtalk isn't it.
01:26 PM on 07/24/2013
Au contrare. Do you ever think for yourself and see things the way they are?
09:29 PM on 07/23/2013
THE GOPTP can go right ahead, WE THE PEOPLE need something to FIGHT FOR and that will be OBAMACARE. The GOPTP can shut down the government, and I BET that President Obama and the DEMOCRATS will have something to run the GOPTP out of office and the US Government sooner than 2020. The GOPTP days in American government is numbered!
04:27 AM on 07/24/2013
What eloquent prose.
09:20 PM on 07/23/2013
Please, oh please let the Republicans shut the government down......then the Democrats will take both houses and the presidency in the next elections. Yeah, I Mike Lee....I double dare you!
09:04 PM on 07/23/2013
When you PLOT to bring down our Government from with in-----They call it Sabotage! I just read it an it falls under "Inciting Insubordination" an it's in our Constitution!
The truth is hidden like a shadow in the dark.
09:03 PM on 07/23/2013
Either party will do the same with their ... my way or the highway attitudes.
08:55 PM on 07/23/2013
So isn't it Sabotage to try to bring down your Government from with in! When u plot to destroy your Gov. it fall under Inciting Insubordination doesn't it? Look up Gov. Sabotage!
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Americans deserve better than the GOTP
09:03 PM on 07/23/2013
10:27 PM on 07/23/2013
Treason to actually do it

Blackmail to merely suggest it as his tactic
04:29 AM on 07/24/2013
Stopping the ACA idiocy is hardly akin to usurping the gov't. ACA was NEVER desired by the majority and it is gong to die, now or later.
10:58 AM on 07/24/2013
Something tells me that you are a hardened Bagger and like the rest of the crowd you will remain stubborn as a mule on all topics.
01:04 PM on 07/24/2013
Rather it was desired or not is of no consquence's! What is LAW is what we must an always go by! If you don't like some thing you go about certain avenues to change it legally an plotting to bring down our own Government to get your own way is pure an simple Sabotage under our own Constitution! You know that thing the Conservatives keep saying they must protect an go by all the time?