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07:00 PM on 07/23/2013
Sgt. Sean Murphy should be fired. If he worked in the private sector he would be fired. When you work for the govenment, you just collect a paycheck. Sgt. Sean Murphy and Tsarnaev are a waste of my time just like this comment I am typing.
knott wrench
11:20 PM on 07/23/2013

Yep. You are a waste of time.

Sgt Murphy, did a good job in exposing Tsarnaev for being nothing more than a Terrorist and cold blooded murdered.

Oh and call Faux Noise, next time you need Police assistance, I'm sure Roger Ailes will help you out.
01:10 AM on 07/24/2013
Jt John
Asura's Samsara
01:12 AM on 07/24/2013
"A good job exposing Tsarnaev for being a terrorist." Are you kidding me? We all knew who the bombers were before he released the pictures.
01:05 AM on 07/24/2013
why did you write it?
01:34 AM on 07/24/2013
Exactly. Murphy, Snowden, and all the rest that take the kings penny and proclaim their independence are in conflict with the values they proclaim. Police Officers like the military swear an oath to the constitstion. If that oath is"only when I feel like it" ..they loose the moral ground what is the rem so often used ... to be "good guys".
Murphy broke his oath and the law. It is not his role as a police officer to pass sentence nor disrupt a system of justice to which is sworn and paid. nder Murphys "honor" the planting of evidence is a matte rof personal honor. Or the sniper on the other end of the laser pulling the trigger. There is a reason discipline is enforced in armed organizations. He should be rleeive of duty and bebfits and go on to some where in keeping with his philosopy.