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12:54 PM on 07/24/2013
Since so many people now-a-days are dare devils & take extraordinary risks for a thrill, they should have to pay for any rescue efforts. Not only do these rescues cost tax payers big dollars, they also subject the rescuer to harm or death as in this case. Very sorry to hear this officer had to die in the process. Since the area in question had markings that the hiker ignored, he should be penalized in some way and not just go home relieved he survived at the cost of another's life.
12:54 PM on 07/24/2013
Pistol-packing (Ari)zonies are generally easy to spot on California beaches because they usually wear black socks with their flip-flops.
12:52 PM on 07/24/2013
This angers me because the hiker was in an area that was off limits. I'm trying not to make a judgement off of the hiker since he was disoriented, he could have taken a bad fall or other injury which reasoned him to be found in a off limits area. But in todays world I find that hard to believe. In the end a young mans life was taken because of someones wrong doings. RIP David Vanbuskirk.
Mary Keefe
01:23 PM on 07/24/2013
The sad part is he will be hit with a huge fine, and thats it, unless for some crazy reason there was foul play.
11:23 AM on 07/28/2013
It's sad, it really is.
12:51 PM on 07/24/2013
I'm sorry that the article doesn't say any charges will be pressed against that stupid hiker. I think he's guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Had he not disregarded the signs telling hikers to stay out of those areas, David Vanbuskirk wouldn't have been killed. That hiker should NOT get off scot free! People need to understand it's important to heed public notices and signs and not feel such warnings don't apply to them. Unbelievable hubris!
12:51 PM on 07/24/2013
My thoughts and prayers to the family of the officer, He is a Hero. As for the hiker, please find everything in the book that is appropriate to charge him. Maybe some of the charges will stick, and he will spend a good stint incarcerated. What a waist of a man's life.
12:50 PM on 07/24/2013
Yes so sad but what is sadder is, a police officer died to help a stranded hiker, who is not supposed to be in that area. Irresponsible hiker. Whoever the hiker is must be responsible in helping the family of the dead cop
12:45 PM on 07/24/2013
Maybe the man was disoriented before going into the off-mimits area, and wandered in.

So sad though, prayers to his family and friends!
01:27 PM on 07/24/2013
Well, if he was that disoriented, he probably wouldn't have suffered that much when he fell. The wrong man certainly died in this event.
12:43 PM on 07/24/2013
The hiker should pay the fact this could be manslaughter as he was criminally in the wrong..and he should be punished to the full extend of the law...frigging jerk...

RIP Mr. Vanbuskirk
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12:42 PM on 07/24/2013
What a sad and tragic loss. May you RIP Sir. My condolences to you're family and friends.
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12:40 PM on 07/24/2013
Let's take a harder look at this....we have an individual performing an illegal act and he caused the inadvertent death of a police officer. No, he didn't directly kill him but he created the situation that led to his death. Can anyone say Manslaughter and Suit for Wrongful Death? Seems to fit to me. If I were the police officer's family, I would certainly be talking with a very good lawyer.
01:14 PM on 07/24/2013
jl7503, I agree with your post. I'm sure the hiker will be haunted with the fact his actions were responsible for the police officer's death. RIP to the fallen and condolences to his family and colleagues. My thoughts of sadness and support are with Vanbuskirk's family and the Las Vegas Police Department. Thank You to all PD's, FD's and first responders throughout our country for the devotion to your communities!!!
12:39 PM on 07/24/2013
This hiker should have to pay the costs of this rescue operation. It's one thing to get stranded or lost on some trails but another when you disregard the warning signs and put yourself and others in danger.
12:46 PM on 07/24/2013
...careful not to base your response on one report, there may be much more to this whole thing...still an incredible tragedy
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01:14 PM on 07/24/2013
"Mary Jane" Falls???
12:38 PM on 07/24/2013
my condolences also
"a hiker stranded in an off-limits area "
I hope they file charges against the idiot.
GYUSMC Semper Fi
12:36 PM on 07/24/2013
12:36 PM on 07/24/2013
If there were many signs telling people not to enter the area and the hiker did so anyway, that person needs charged criminally in the death of this officer.
12:35 PM on 07/24/2013
WHEN are states going to enact "stupid hiker laws"????? Arizona has "stupid motorist laws" that require repayment of ALL COSTS incurred from rescuing stupid drivers who drive AROUND road closure barriers during flash flooding. Personally, I think that ANYONE STUPID ENOUGH to go hiking and WILLINGLY put themselves and others in jeopardy, should not only have to pay ALL COSTS incurred for rescues, but should be CRIMINALLY liable for ANY harm coming to rescuers.