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06:23 PM on 07/25/2013
she should be careful because the photo could simply be that Facebook sold her pictures to the dating site.
in your terms of services it states your pictures do not belong to Facebook and they have the right to sell them if they want
06:23 PM on 07/25/2013
i meant do not belong to you. but facebook
06:19 PM on 07/25/2013
well first off, those dating sites never use actual members in the ad. on the off chance that they did, they would have had to contact her and get her permission first. so regardless of if she is part of that site or just did a model shoot, she knew before hand that her face was going to be on an ad. If she was cheating she is border line mentally challenged for okaying that. Best thing to do is get the evidence and have it ready then talk to her about it and get her side of the story. If she is cheating give her the chance to tell him herself. If she just did a model shoot or something then ask if your dad knows and if not that she needs to tell him. but do NOT just run to dad and say omgwtfbbq she is cheating on you look what i found that will only stir up bad stuff for everyone including yourself.
07:24 PM on 07/25/2013
great answer !
Human, as long as it's convenient.
08:22 PM on 07/25/2013
It also could have been something she wasn't aware of. When you put photos on Facebook, they can do what they want with them, including selling them for advertisements.
06:09 PM on 07/25/2013
Prudence is the one that needs to write for help and advice. Of course you let your father know. This is potential cheating. Why would you not tell your FATHER? You have issues as a daughter if you give any reason for not telling. Duh!
06:23 PM on 07/25/2013
well how about this. the photo could be from another dating site owned by the same company it happens alot. They would not use her face in an ad if she was not aware of it so if she was cheating then she is dumb as a box of rocks. maybe she did a model shoot and that's where they got the photo. Now, daddy daddy she is cheating. he assumes she is right and blows his lid on step mommy. Step mom proves her case and is not cheating but after seeing his reaction she divorces him and now dad is alone and resents his daughter for causing it. people really need to stop and think for a moment before opening their mouths.
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05:54 PM on 07/25/2013
Best idea to confront the stepmother, because some companies are stealing photos off of FB and other websites to use in their ads. It's happened to more than just a few. One family had their dead baby's photo being used two years after its death without their permission that was stolen off of a FB page.

There was a lawsuit within the last couple of years about whether photos posted online were in the public domain for anyone to use or they still belonged to those who took them and posted them. I don't recall the verdict, but anyone who wants can research it.

It's obvious that the kid who found the photo is unaware of the amount of theft that is taking place of photos and sharing photos, or else she wouldn't have automatically assumed the worse and written someone who couldn't give her the correct information about the latest stealing going on.
05:44 PM on 07/25/2013
Stepmom is obviously looking for greener pastures and when she finds a better man she'll be dumping the Dad. Daughter needs to tell Dad only and let him deal with Evil Stepmother, hopefully before Dad's new STD giving it away.
11:23 PM on 07/25/2013
I agree. She owes stepmom nothing. Her dad is her parent.
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05:25 PM on 07/25/2013
stepmom is busted if that was her,,tsk tsk tsk..but what was the kid looking for after all? was it an adult site of some kind?
I called u a liar because u lied, simple
05:28 PM on 07/25/2013
she was on facebook, facebook has app advertisements on their pages she saw her stepmoms pic on a dating app. It's in the story, geez...
06:21 PM on 07/25/2013
in Facebook terms and services it states the moment you put a pic on Facebook it is no longer your property it is Facebook. they also actually sell those pics so it could easily be that that company bought her pic from Facebook and are using it for advertisement
04:52 PM on 07/25/2013
dear tmi i think that it would be a wonderful opportunity to expand your financial horizons and black mail her then after you have been paid tell your dad anyway lol
Just a guy from So Cal
04:31 PM on 07/25/2013
Opps.....You could take out a billboard on the way your dad goes to work with that ad on it? Nawwww that might cause a accident when he sees it... That is a tough one. With photos online being used by unauthorised people anymore you really don't know how or if or who put her photo there or if she is really a user of that site. If she is your father deserves to know. He is your father. Your loyalty is to him but that is like playing with dynamite. Some how if it could be placed where he would find it himeself without your involvement? That would be the best. That way your not in the middle of a marriage possible breaking up and then take that information to your grave.
Carla Peele
04:18 PM on 07/25/2013
I'd say tell them both in the same room-- but like CASUAL. Like, "Geez, I was looking at an ad for so-and-so and I saw an pic that looked JUST LIKE (insert stepmom's name)!"
04:18 PM on 07/25/2013
There is no issue. Take it directly to bio-dad and let him decide what to do. He can confront the stepmom without disclosing where the info came from. If it's an unauthorized use of the photo the relation with stepmom is not jeopardized. If not she probably won't be stepmom for long.
I called u a liar because u lied, simple
05:31 PM on 07/25/2013
Right, what's with all this debating garbage, you're actually going to let your biological dad or mom get screwed over?
03:58 PM on 07/25/2013
dating services and facebook are of satan, even the elect can be fooled.
04:41 PM on 07/25/2013
So you think you are of the elect?
08:27 PM on 07/25/2013
How about the Christian Dating Service?
03:54 PM on 07/25/2013
I would sit the both of them down and tell them what is going on. Why talk to one another individually because then that leaves room for lies. If you confront the both of them at the same time about the problem you can all work it out instead of keeping secrets from one another.
03:53 PM on 07/25/2013
I'm not clicking on the link to explore further, but is there a description of the person the picture is attached to? Does it sound like your step-mother?

If it does, tell him NOW, let them sort it out.

If the description doesn't sound like her, confront her with it and see what she says. Go from there.
03:37 PM on 07/25/2013
Facebook pulls user's photos, and puts them on ads. She may not be a member or cheating, just that her photo was attached to an ad. Facebook has been doing this for years. You need to "opt out", or it could happen to you also!
06:18 PM on 07/25/2013
Yeah, at one point FB was randomly grabbing pictures from users photos and using them in ads. It caught me by surprise because one time I saw a picture a a minor that was a friend of mine on FB in an ad that was wholly inappropriate. Could be that she is not cheating on bio-dad. Should investigate further to see if she is on the site before making a bad situation worse. (Nothing worse than losing trust)
03:32 PM on 07/25/2013
Ahhhh, the internet social networking world....bringing about more connections and relationships, love, lust, heart-ache, heart break, happiness, jealousy, rage, marriage,
then divorce. Its a beautiful thing.