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Trini to the bone. Global heart and soul
04:00 PM on 07/30/2013
I think the correlation is being interpreted the wrong way.

Those who lack self-control, self-restraint, feel unable to govern over themselves or are nursing deep insecurities, guilt and shame in the first place are often depend HEAVILY on religion to help keep them in line with very rigid rules, penances and reassurances they are forgiven.

There is just one big problem.

There is no magical religious cure for these things. You might believe you are "washed in the blood" and get a big euphoric rush from that. However, there is still work to be done learning how to self-discipline, manage emotions, stress, get over insecurities and regrets. Unfortunately many simply make religion their drug and instead of working on themselves, they distract themselves with worship and proselytizing.

So when they have a "slip" and drink alcohol, all the underlying issues that lead to violence which are STILL THERE under the surface, come bubbling right up.

It's like wearing training wheels and never being able to learn how to ride and balance on your own.
03:20 PM on 07/30/2013
Yeah because non-religious people never get violent when drinking, a totally biased study.
An Thrope
Credulity is not a virtue
04:01 PM on 07/30/2013
As usual, you just argue for it's own sake.
"When you can balance a tackhammer on your head...
04:05 PM on 07/30/2013
Uh, that's just a reflection of your all-or-nothing bias right there.

The study isn't biased for studying what it actually studied: it directly compared the 'religious' and 'less-religious/non-religious' and found data about it.

Just cause you don't like the data doesn't mean the study is a product of 'bias.'

Of course there's one problem: once again something claims to be studying 'religion' and apparently only refers to the dominant monotheisms. It's not apparently correlating what *kind* of religions bring about these results, are those consistent across religions, etc.
Seriously, it's time.
03:19 PM on 07/30/2013
Is it any great surprise that those affected by significant mental issues, and lacking a grip on reality when sober might be more expected to go off the rational rails when drunk.
"When you can balance a tackhammer on your head...
04:10 PM on 07/30/2013
I suspect the correlation there is about what both religion and book-based morality tend to affect, the verbal and judgment-based brain centers. If it's a religion or presumably non-religious belief that is all about repressing emotions and about inhibitions and all, of course there'll be less-inhibited responses when people drink.

I do wonder if the 'religiosity' factor applies to aggression in paths that aren't so much about burying stuff under such controls, ie, more holistic/less dogmatic ones.

Certainly on these boards we can see how aggression levels go. :)