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03:30 PM on 11/21/2009
While this does not make Texans any less stupid, I highly doubt a court would enforce such a reading of the statute, nor does a court "have" to follow the plain meaning of a statute despite the obvious intent of law makers. For another view on the subject, see here:
03:22 PM on 11/21/2009
What a wonderful change it will be to have a Texas Attorney General with common sense! Read more about Barbara Ann's positions on the isues - and donate to the cause - at
Objects in the avatar are larger than they appear
03:08 PM on 11/21/2009
They ought to call it the "Hoist With Their Own Petard Amendment."
I love you Thomas and I miss you like crazy RIP
02:44 PM on 11/21/2009
This is just so funny.
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02:22 PM on 11/21/2009
Dear Lord. Only in Texas -- could the leg screw up this bad.
posted 5 minutes ago
07:43 PM on 11/21/2009
more like the hand, not the lege.
02:09 PM on 11/21/2009
sigh...Texas...I worry about you
I connect the most dissimilar things
01:37 PM on 11/21/2009
I wish that I could move to Texas just to vote for you, Barbara.
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04:31 PM on 11/21/2009
Friends never let friends move to Texas, or Ohio! (Or any other republican fly-over state)!
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05:27 PM on 11/21/2009
As good as she is LMPE, there is no way I would ever move to Texas - not even to help get her in office.
08:25 AM on 11/22/2009
thank God!