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10:57 AM on 07/31/2013
My advice to all young men is to get fixed ASAP, before you have one of these parasite moms leeching child support off of you!
08:15 PM on 07/31/2013
better yet, don't date, just masturbate.
11:44 PM on 07/31/2013
Wow you must be some kind of jerk. Childsupport is to help pay for the child....just as if you and she were living under 1 roof still....DUH. Is it really that hard to understand? It must be cuz you all sit here and whine about moms and call them names. So if you don't want to pay child support then you gain custody of your kid.....end of story.

Oh and yes I get child support but its I who supports my son way more than the mere $300+ does a month. I can also live without it.....oh wait I do when he doesn't pay.

Oh and my support goes for things like: mortgage, insurance, utilities, food, clothing, sport fees and anything else it involves, cell phone (my sons), health care, etc. Hard to spend $300+ just on myself when my expenses are over $2000 a month. But yep I must be one of those leeching moms.....NOT
08:02 AM on 08/01/2013
The only thing a woman proves when she leeches child support off of a man is how inferior to and how beneath him that she really is. Women have such a huge sense of entitlement that they don't even realize that.
12:05 PM on 10/29/2013
My ex and I had always had an agreement - she let's me know what the kids need and we meet in town & she helps choose the items while I pay.
Everyone wins.
She had another child by another man and went for C$A as he wanted nothing to do with the child. Once she realised how much she got, she went for me - because we'd had two children.
I'd noted shortly before this she was complaining about her car. I said to a few people that within a year she'd have a new car sat on the drive as I suspected the car was her motivation, not our children.
Within a MONTH - she'd got a new car on finance, knowing I was unable to even contest C$A let alone reduce the amount. Since then, I've lost my two bedroom home and can barely afford to use my own car. Meanwhile, she continues not working, continues drawing welfare payments, continues drawing C$A for three children and living in a nice three bedroom home & with a new car.

So C$A goes on the kids does it?
09:26 AM on 07/31/2013
I can't access the video, but I truly believe all these laws on child and spousal support have to be revisited and updated. They were created for a reason that is no longer relevant to the vast majority of people. It's unforgivable to exploit them.
Living not the length, but the width of life.
09:14 AM on 07/31/2013
That is so stupid. Sounds like this mother is just in for more more more.
05:24 AM on 07/31/2013
I would tell those folks at the DHS to shove it.
08:30 PM on 07/31/2013
unfortunately, you would be shoved into a cage, until you complied. Its too hard to fight the courts right now. new legislation is needed.
12:10 AM on 08/01/2013
Agreed. In reality I would pay and Hire an real good atty. Sad that we have such screwed up laws.   Any idea why such a law was created?
12:13 AM on 07/31/2013
Here in WA its your kid until YOU prove other wise. Sad, yes, but that's the law. I don't think its right that he should have to pay for a child that isn't his. So now he needs to prove the kid isn't his and all the trouble should go away.
12:52 PM on 08/02/2013
The truth is that whether the kid is technically yours or not, if you were married to someone (or even living with someone in some jurisdictions), it doesnt matter. You have a tiny window to challenge paternity. After that, it is simply a case of what is best for the child. Whether you are the biological father is immaterial. The guy is a walking, talking atm.
07:18 AM on 08/25/2013
Funny how "what is best for the child" is not taken into account with safe-drops or adoption options for the mom.

In other words: the child can go to hell when it comes to women taking responsibility, but when it comes to men, they are subject to legalized slavery.
Just a little bent
11:34 PM on 08/02/2013

And Washington state has a 3 year limit after birth to prove DNA results and be omitted as the father - if you wait too long - they 'gotta cha!".
12:48 AM on 08/03/2013
Hmmm that is something I didn't know. Interesting. But it doesn't pertain to me. My husband and I separated before I knew I was pregnant. He claimed it wasn't his. I was still going through with the divorce. He got pissy cuz his name was on the birth certificate. Tried telling him that in this state we are married and the law sees the baby as his (which he was). Its up to him to prove otherwise on his dime. Yeah well that didn't happen even though I said to name the time and place and the baby and I will be there. Just sad that some men see women as leeches and some women see men as an ATM. Simply sad because nobody seems interested in whats best for the kid.
09:53 PM on 07/30/2013
In CT the same would apply. Divorce jurisprudence is totally governed by Statuate created by the Statuate Legislators. Custody & Support are two seperate issues. If a child is born of the Marriage the husband can be held accountable for support. See Doe v Doe around 1997 CT Supreme. If the child is adopted by the father is another.

In this you'll notice they were seperated, not yet divorced. I don't think it's right myself, what's worse the same thing happened to me, and allthough no statuate applied, I still was forced to pay support based on and old common law of estople (Not a Statuate).. Comming on the heels of the Doe v Doe case, a case to see if a non-bio mom could get custoday... she did.
The CT Supremes in my case WvW ignored their DoevDoe claim of only governed by statuate and stuck me with the support order, primarily based on another states estople use. My lawyer filed a motion to reargue bringing to their attention that (In PA Estople is a statuate). Motion to reargue denied. "Sucker" Don't get me wrong, I love my child and would support her forever. I just didn't think it was right to force me to pay, that's all.
08:57 PM on 08/05/2013
"Don't get me wrong, I love my child and would support her forever. I just didn't think it was right to force me to pay, that's all".
I don't understand. Why don't you think you should be forced to pay? She is really your kid right?
08:03 AM on 08/09/2013
Biologically no.
Guys POV
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07:30 PM on 07/30/2013
For those who didn't/can't view the video, the man's lawyer was ultimately able to get the claim for child support dropped.
05:24 AM on 07/31/2013
^ Vital piece of information that should have been in the text, and which most of the posters here are clearly unaware of. Thanks for pointing it out.
It came out of the faucet that way...
04:48 PM on 07/31/2013
Guys POV:

It's getting so articles don't even have a proper dateline anymore: Am looking for where this took place and it's not until the 2nd paragraph that it mentions Michigan. I would have flunked out of school for making a journalistic mistake like that. But here it is regularly...
05:55 PM on 07/30/2013
"This Court finds that it is clearly in the best interest of the child that Mr. Bill Gates, a citizen of the state of Washington, provide financial support until the child reaches its majority. It is so ordered."
Jessica Holiday
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05:36 PM on 07/30/2013
Welcome to Detroit.

Don't like it? Then follow the 3/5ths of the city that has already moved out.
Dream Big, Live Large!
03:38 PM on 07/31/2013
Where the only thing that will be left is the tumble-weed! Nice attitude coming from some who may live in a city that on the verge on desertion!
Justin Bowen
05:30 PM on 07/30/2013
Meh. What a non-issue. I'd rather not have to pay taxes to support other people's kids. Let some poor schmuck get assigned to the child as the welfare provider.
01:19 AM on 08/01/2013
Would your tune change if next time the "poor schmuck" is you?
Better dead than red...
04:54 PM on 07/30/2013
While it's not exactly a one to one thing, my ex-wife's kids with her 2nd husband can and would be considered as part of the child support calculation if she were to ever request that this be reviewed.

The state takes the number of dependent children in the house (regardless of who fathered them... step kids don't count), then plugs in both parent's income. It spits out a figure and that's what I have to pay every month. It doesn't matter if 2 of the 3 kids aren't mine and it doesn't take into consideration the fact that she's remarried or his income - only # of kids and what she and I make.

In my situation I haven't had a scenario where my child support has been readjusted but if it were I could potentially be hit with taking care of someone else's kids and there is nothing I can do about it.

It gets even better when you consider that now that she's divorcing him, my son will be included in his child support calculation but because the state doesn't consider child support as income, what I pay her every month ($850) will not be included in that calculation.

Guess who wins in this scenario? It ain't the fathers....
07:21 AM on 08/02/2013
Don't know where you're getting that information but it doesn't work that way.
Better dead than red...
08:48 AM on 08/02/2013
Yes - actually it does. I'm getting it from having a good attorney and living through the process.
04:33 PM on 07/30/2013
Just because something is "legal" doesn't mean that it is right or fair.
04:29 PM on 07/30/2013
Good to see this is getting some attention as it has been going on way too long. The courts will often cite the reason being "in the best interest of the child", which basically lets women stick men for their child support bills. There have even been cases of adult women, raping underage boys, then coming after them for child support when the child is born. When are women going to be held accountable for their own actions? Feminists blame men for the explosion of single mothers, never directing any responsibility on the women who get pregnant. These laws need to change. If they weren't guaranteed child support they might think twice about having a child.
Dream Big, Live Large!
03:49 PM on 07/31/2013
When men stop trying to tell women what to do with her body, tell us what we should and shouldn't eat, drink, watch and how to dress, we'll take responsibility! Unitl the latter part of your comment, I was with you. I totally agree that it isn't fair that men become responsible for a child born after seperation that isn't even his. The man who impregnated her should be held accountable. I think the law should be change. Not all women are the same. There are some who do take responsibility for their action. And, as far as the "Feminist are concerned, they don't speak for us all!
04:24 PM on 07/31/2013
I think we agree that many laws and attitudes need to change.
11:01 AM on 08/01/2013
Women don't get pregnant on their own, ya know?! Some of us (half the country, actually) don't agree with having an abortion. I've only been with my husband, but I was very straight forward with him when we started having sex. We took extreme precautions to avoid children early on (IUD, condom, plan B when condom failed). All that said, nothing is perfect. He was making an informed decision to have sex with me. I would have kept a child that was accidentally conceived. We both would have been financially responsible.
11:40 AM on 08/01/2013
I know women don't get pregnant on their own, just so many of these article blame only the man. In this case, the wife got pregnant by another man and tried to stick her ex with child support. As for single motherhood, there has been an explosion over the last 20 years or so. Whereas being an unmarried single mother used to carry a stigma, it's now worn like a badge of honor while the men are shamed and blamed for it. My point is women ALSO need to take responsibility for their own actions. Like you said, it takes two.
03:17 PM on 07/30/2013
I am woman but I would be the first to admit that woman is a b!+(^. How the hell you would ask a man to mind another man's child?
02:23 PM on 07/30/2013
Quick questions, with the attention given to gay marraige in this country will the federal or state governments have to re-examine all of the family law statutes to reverse the favoritism towards women? IE. Forever alimoney, child support laws such as these, custody arrangements? Current famiyl law is written based on 1950's family structure which is obviously not the case and fathers have seen their rights dulted for decades. Since we live in a country that does not value, support or encouragement 1950's family structures shouldn't family law be changed to reflect the family priorities of todays which is all parties are equal and capable of matrimony?
Greg Albright
04:09 PM on 07/30/2013
Yes, the DOMA case clears the way for about five different cases to be heard by the SCOTUS regarding paternity and child support, for both married and unmarried parents. It is going to take another decade to sort it out, but the end of child support and alimony is at hand.