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common sense is highly uncommon
03:58 PM on 07/30/2013
Someone once told me there are "no coincidences"

Just as Sequestion is about to impact the Golden Calf's (Pentagon's) bottom line...........look at all the militants successfully breaking out of prisons overseas....................something smells here.......
Sal Ginty
Truth-It's subjective
08:24 PM on 07/30/2013
Nothing will really impact the Pentagon. It's an illusion. The Pentagon is the money maker for the country.
03:58 PM on 07/30/2013
I guess they got some new recruits now.
03:58 PM on 07/30/2013
Wasn't this part of the Negotiations w the US? lol
Liberal. Pro-Israel. Recovering atheist.
03:56 PM on 07/30/2013
All those police states over there... you'd think they would at least be good at police work!
Go ahead....Say something funny.
03:53 PM on 07/30/2013
Wow,That was kinda like the 9-11inteligence .They knew it was coming and did nothing to stop it
03:24 PM on 07/30/2013
TheTaliban must be getting desperate for foot soldiers , the ones that are trained to get killed know matter what. So the drones are working well and the Pakistan army and police are doing well.Now all they need to do is route out the traitors and corrupt staff and execute them for treason.
04:03 PM on 07/30/2013
pakistani army and police are doing well?
what fantasy land do you live in?
05:24 PM on 07/30/2013
Perhaps the same one you live in, please explain soldier.
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06:24 PM on 07/30/2013
The Taliban still has tens of thousands of fighters. These attacks just prove how well structured they are. They have hiding places all over Pakistan and Afghanistan, where thousands of miles of rough terrain makes it easier for them to be concealed. The Taliban are slowly winning.
03:06 PM on 07/30/2013
maybe American prisoners could contract out with some of these groups, we'll call it Prison Reform . .
03:06 PM on 07/30/2013
FLASH! AL-CIADA TALIBAN, kidnap force labor mercenaries and head for Mali and Nigria. Last week, hundreds of prisoners were "freed"(if you want to call it that) from Abu Ghraib, Iraq by AL-CIADA/NATO/Muslim Brotherhood.

When corporations need resources and profit margins...they call on NATO for assistance. This makes everyone happy in a variety of military industrial scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, Boys! Lest we not forget international bankers get their cut when they legitimatize all the above. THANKS CORPORATE MEDIA, you're doing a fantastic job hiding the truth from THE PEOPLE!
04:04 PM on 07/30/2013
al qaeda was created in 1988
the cia funded 400,000 afghan mujihadeen from 1979-1989

but ya whatever dont let facts get in the way of your lies
03:00 PM on 07/30/2013
More drones, no prisoners to break out or nowhere...
02:59 PM on 07/30/2013
Is there any way we can get this group to close down Guantanamo?
How you gonna get down that hill
04:33 PM on 07/30/2013
Why don't you volunteer to lead a seaborne assault on the facility, Gregario?
Davinci Mode
Tell the truth, or someone will tell it for you.
02:39 AM on 07/31/2013
Good idea!
02:45 PM on 07/30/2013
Idea: Advertise an infidel stoning...Taliban gets in free. When the venue is full of our poor deluded brothers, napalm the joint...add salt, pepper, and cumin for taste
02:42 PM on 07/30/2013
The breakout of 250 extremely dangerous prisoners in Pakistan by the Taliban force is a very serious situation for everybody. There is definably a mole or insider to that prison breakout operation when the Taliban combatant who are terrorist knew precisely which day to attack the prison when there was the least amount of guards on duty for a particular day to guard prisoners. It would be in my opinion that any political or terrorist types of people be located in a prison-inside-a prison that is located within the centralized area of a tremendously defendable, Army base laced with landmines on its outermost perimeter, and guarded by elite, Army personal who are well armed and trained, Pakistani Army people (who exceptional pass the background screening test). They should be armed utilizing heavy weapons and tanks for guarding these types of prisoners. If the Pakistan's nuclear facility is in anyway of being in danger or jeopardized by terrorist forces, then Pakistan must allow without opposing attitude outside help to assist in squelching Pakistan's enemies who are living and fighting within their country. If Pakistan government falls to Taliban forces, then UN troops must be employed at any cost to rescue Pakistan and its government previous before being overtaken.
02:40 PM on 07/30/2013
The Taliban's model for early release and expedited parole of certain classes of political prisoners is beginning to show real promise.
Bones Rhodes
03:11 PM on 07/30/2013
---- perhaps they will hire Haley Barbour as adviser on other methods of release
02:33 PM on 07/30/2013
Soooo let me guess. THIS will be used as an excuse for an all out occupation of Pakistan.
No, your micro-bio is empty!
03:45 PM on 07/30/2013
McCain tried to use last week's Iraq prison break as a rally cry as to why we should have never pulled out of your idea isn't all that crazy...sadly.
04:28 PM on 07/30/2013
of course it's not's problem reaction solution.
04:04 PM on 07/30/2013
your really stupid arent you
04:27 PM on 07/30/2013
No, but the reasons the gov't gives us for starting just about any war usually are...
Mitch Aston
02:23 PM on 07/30/2013
I predict Pakistani soil will be turned into a giant mirror within fifty years.
Doug Sandlin
07:19 PM on 07/30/2013
They have mirror-makers too, don't forget.

Plus, murdering millions of innocent people is always a really bad idea, no matter who does it, or why.