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12:48 PM on 07/30/2013
Obama and liberals detest businesses. To them it is exploitation. Obama, "if you have a business, you did not create that.." Obama again, "I do not want to bankrupt all businesses." which is about the most pro-business statement he has made. No, liberals believe the economy is "magic," jobs just appear, debt doesn't matter, responsibility is for others, anyone and everyone without should be given. You are just wasting your time. Millenials should just live with mommy and daddy until they die and leave them the house. Pick up a couple of bucks flipping burgers, pay most of that to their student loans, and wonder what happened. Well, liberals happened. Without businesses there are no real jobs, there are no taxes, there is nothing. But, if you risk everything, the Liberals will crush you in taxes. Take a doctor in CA. College, medical school, internship, residency. At about 35 he goes on his own. At 45 he might make $500,000 if he works really, really, really hard. Pays 39% fed tax, 15% owner SS and medicare tax, 13.5% CA income tax, an couple of % other CA taxes, so he pays about 70% in taxes off the top. After all that work the liberals will allow him to keep 30% of his income. Years of effort, sacrifice, risk, all to have it taken from him. Guess he should move to TX with everyone else.
Now you say crony capitalism like its a bad thing
01:33 AM on 07/31/2013
Labor is every bit as important as capital in an economy. When you can go on two or three expensive vacations, dress well, send your kids to private school, live in a mini mansion and drive a luxury automobile, but your employees cannot meet their basic needs, that is exploitation. When you refuse to provide health insurance but stand firmly against any alternative that seems "socialist" then that is exploitation.

When business folk start to act as if they value the time and labor of people who help make them rich then we can talk about their "sacrifices". Until then don't talk to me about all the great things business does for people.
12:44 PM on 07/30/2013
But too often, government policies, taxes and regulations stop them from taking that risk.
During my campaign for U.S. Senate in 2012, I met with more than 300 small business owners all over Connecticut. A manufacturer in Cheshire told me he'd love to hire more workers but would be penalized by the Affordable Care Act if he expanded beyond 50 employees.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur may I suggest that you might have missed the point being made by the Cheshire manufacturer. Instead of ACA, give us a single-payer system that is not employer-based. That way we could better compete against Canadian businesses. That way we would be free to hire in response to demand unfettered by the cost of healthcare. Sure, we would all pay more in taxes; however, the operative word is "all" would or should pay to cover the healthcare of "all" - not just employers who feel a moral and business imperative in having healthy workers. With a single-payer system the cost of paperwork is greatly diminished and the cost attributed to healthcare services reduced at the same time as we enhance the competitive environment for practitioners who are no longer forced into mega-groups just to meet the administrative demands. You want to help small business?
David Madison
boycott progressive insurance
11:57 PM on 07/30/2013
If you think single payer has a reduced level of paper work, then you are not a doctor dealing with Medicare. Why do you think more than 50% of doctors no longer accept Medicare? A doctor sees a patient, doesn't get paid when the service is provided but he still has to pay his bills, he has to submit paperwork to Medicare, Medicare questions it, more paperwork, its finally approved, more waiting, then 1-3 months later the doctor gets paid some amount that is freuqnetly less than his actual cost.
11:38 AM on 07/31/2013
You are wrong on almost all counts. In 2012, 81% of physicians were accepting new Medicare patients. The 50% is pure folly. The reason given by physicians for not accepting Medicare patients is not the paperwork but the reimbursement rate being, in their mind, too low. It is almost as though you believe that non-Medicare patients are cash patients. It takes weeks to collect from insurance agencies and if you were watching the billing process for your visits and procedures you would see it.
Now you say crony capitalism like its a bad thing
01:39 AM on 07/31/2013
Ironically it is many of these small businesses that oppose any other health care system than the status quo. Oh, but with "tort reform" to protect the rich when they mess up and hurt somebody. They are fine with their employees not being able to afford health care, I guess. If you are going to oppose a changed system, then by golly you should darn sure be required to participate in the system we have. And stop whining about all the "uncertainty". Value the labor and time of others.