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12:38 AM on 08/07/2013
Had there been no A-bomb, Operation Downfall's two phases - Olympic & Coronet - would have been disasteroue in a host of ways. Think of the Iraqi quagmire and multiply it a thousand times over. That's what we would have encountered, in terms of the lives of American & Japanese soldiers and Japanese civilians. (My father would have been one of them - as a veteran of the Normandy invasion at Omaha Beach, he was starting training for Coronet.) Meanwhile, the Soviet forces would have permanently taking over all of Manchuria, Inner Mongolia, and Korea, along with one-half to two-thirds of Japan, including Tokyo being a divided cithy like Berlin.
12:18 AM on 08/07/2013
My father was in Nagasaki on that day.
He was taking a nap about a mile away from the A-bomb was dropped.after finishing his shift at a war plant.
He witnessed his collegues dying in fire,
They were calling for help, but my father was serioiusly injured and burned too so there was nothing he could do.
He also heard a couple people claimed that their intestines came out from their bodies.
But then he passed out. Then his body was put at the morgue even though he was still alive.

Fortunately one of the nurses realized that my father was still breathing, then he was sent to the hospital.

He is now 83.
He, of course, has a lot of scars and keloid scars, but he is fine.
He says
"People say that WWII was over on August 15, 1945, but my war was over on August 9."

I was born with a genetic desease and some people think because he was radiation-exposed.
No one knows for sure...

Now I'm married to an American guy whose grandfather was at Pearl Habor and fought against Japan and hated Japan the rest of his life.
On the other hand, my father really likes my husband and his country.
12:42 AM on 08/07/2013
Sorry to hear about your fathers experience. My father had died at Pearl Harbor bombimg. He had only the time to jump on another when the airplane opened fire from above taking his life to save another fellow that would never forget what he had did. He has passed on also. Time I guess will be the healing because to be able to marry an American during the war times would have been an insult to culture. Time has healed enough for your father to have excepted your American husband. But for others it just may take a life time. Love & Light Always
05:14 PM on 08/08/2013
Thanks for your reply.
I am in my 40's, and have been married only 16 years :-) According to my husband, his grandfather hated Japan so much and didn't even want to buy Japanese cars.
If he were alive, probably he would hate me.
But I would totally understand.

I know it is difficult, but I am hoping this world will be full of love some day, not hatered.
08:43 AM on 08/07/2013
I have deep sympathy for the millions of innocent Asian lives that were lost at the hands of the Japanese.
05:16 PM on 08/08/2013
Thank you for your reply.
We all wish It didn't happen.
Wish Pearl Harbor attack didn't happen.
Wish A-bomb never been created. We have to learn from the past and move on though....
12:16 AM on 08/07/2013
A single conventional bombing mission, on Tokyo, claimed more lives than Hiroshima (fyi).
04:37 AM on 08/07/2013
they did not surrender as a result of the abomb, but an imminent russian invasion. Obviously they would pick to surrender to america over russia
Res ipsa loquitor
09:01 AM on 08/07/2013
a few more of those bombs would've been nice, though
11:36 PM on 08/06/2013
The entire civilized world dropped that bomb on an imperialistic nation of barbarians saving millions of lives, Americans, Australians, Canadians, British, Chinese, Koreans and many more suffering Asians including The Japanese.
08:20 AM on 08/07/2013
08:44 AM on 08/07/2013
Yes, the bombs saved many, many more lives than it took.
01:16 PM on 08/07/2013
So using your logic..!!!!....the world should drop more Atomic Bombs to save lives..?...Right..?...WOW....this world is in worse shape then we imagine.
Be still like a Mt, yet flow like a river. Lao Tzu
11:23 PM on 08/06/2013
68 years and still no apology for japanese authrocities committed in Asia? My dead ancestors and I are still waiting.
12:27 AM on 08/07/2013
Good point. How many years has it been since the Rape of Nanking? Read that book by Iris Chang. How about an apology for the beheading contests by the Japanese? How about apologies for their medical experiments on Russian prisoners? You know, the ones where they sawed living humans in half. How about an apology for all the rapes their soldiers committed in China and the Phillipines?
04:28 AM on 08/07/2013
Hmm about apologies !
In 2002, according to estimates by the Red Cross suffered about a million Vietnamese from health damage caused by long-term effects of Agent Orange, including about 100,000 children with congenital malformations.While injured former U.S. soldiers were after litigation indemnification from the former manufacturers financially compensation, Vietnamese victims received no compensation to date. A similar class action in the United States was rejected in 2005, because of the use of Agent Orange was "no chemical warfare" and therefore not a violation of international law.
In 3 Years until 1902, 1Mio.Phillipines lost their Lifes (20% of the Phillipine Population).The military strategy "scorched earth", like Alexander I.,Hitler & Napoleon ."ITurn them(the Phillipines) into a Howling Wilderness, I want no prisoners. I wish you to kill and burn, the more you kill and burn the better it will please me "(US General Jacob H. Smith).And they done it,indiscriminately men, women and children were killed and tortured. Filipino historian E. San Juan, Jr., alleges that the death of 1.4 million Filipinos constitutes an act of genocide on the part of the United States.All in the last Century !
From January to June 1902 under the chairmanship of the Republican Senator Henry Cabot Lodge was a Senate inquiry into the crimes of the Philippine-American War. The investigation led, apart from the publication of several large reports, to no result. Any Apology or Memorial or Compensation or even an Article ???
04:29 AM on 08/07/2013
Ever read about the US Trophy Contest ?
Trophy skulls are the most notorious of the so-called "souvenirs". Teeth, ears and other such body parts were occasionally modified, for example by writing on them or fashioning them into utilities or other artifacts.
Eugene Sledge relates a few instances of fellow Marines extracting gold teeth from the Japanese, including one from an enemy soldier who was still alive.
Micro-bios must pass muster. Mine won't.
11:14 PM on 08/06/2013
And with building that new aircraft carrier - er, destroyer, Japan has forgotten why Hiroshima got bombed.
04:44 AM on 08/07/2013
You obviously have not understood who the new Superpower in Asia is.
A nuclear Superpower with many debentures of the U.S.
Micro-bios must pass muster. Mine won't.
05:23 AM on 08/07/2013
Why is this obvious? Having nukes with no way to deliver them isn't that much of a threat. Japan's track record in the 20th Century makes them more of a worry than China, who can't get its act together very well and is ripe for revolution.
10:42 PM on 08/06/2013
my thoughts and prayers are with the survivors and their families.
08:46 AM on 08/07/2013
My thoughts are with the victims of Imperial Japan.
10:26 AM on 08/07/2013
01:18 PM on 08/07/2013
And other Imperial powers....!!!!...
08:53 AM on 08/07/2013
another cliche person. what does that mean? thoughts and prayers? everyone knows prayer does nothing, so why say such a stupid thing?
09:21 AM on 08/07/2013
My thoughts and prayers are with you too.  Perhaps, someday, you will understand.
Opus Fideo
Atheist. Social Democrat. Canadian.
10:39 PM on 08/06/2013
Only one country has ever used nuclear weapons against another, and that's the US.

It is the only country to have ever committed that unforgivable atrocity. So if any country should be forced by heavy international sanctions to disarm, it should be the United States.
Tanks a lot!
10:52 PM on 08/06/2013
Would you have preferred napalm and artillery? Because that was our second option.
Still trying to make it up the learning curve.
11:43 PM on 08/06/2013
The U.S. military was studying the possibilities of using bats to carry incendiary bombs to create a fire storm in the cities. It was a success in testing then all of a sudden it got halted.
11:12 PM on 08/06/2013
and how many lives were saved as a result?
08:46 AM on 08/07/2013
09:03 AM on 08/07/2013
MILLIONS. They were training Japanese women and children to fight against guns, with sticks! If you have ever read about the fanaticism of the Japanese, jumping off cliffs with their children to save themselves from the horrors the gaijin would do to them, than you know they would have fought to almost the last person alive. I remember reading about one soldier who was found still hiding out in the Philippines in the mid 1970's. Even when giving the surrender speech, the emperor said it was time to "accept the unacceptable."
10:37 PM on 08/06/2013
If you are going to start a fight, make sure you can whip the big dog in the yard.
Devin Ellenwood
Proud violator of 9 out of 10 commandments
10:31 PM on 08/06/2013
Happy anniversary, Japan!
10:04 PM on 08/06/2013
devils, you really are, Jesus was right. John 8:44, read on beast in human form
Independent voter/thinker
10:27 PM on 08/06/2013
The Tooth fairy disagrees, Santa told me.
Opus Fideo
Atheist. Social Democrat. Canadian.
10:31 PM on 08/06/2013
please check yourself into a mental institution.
09:55 PM on 08/06/2013
200K Survivors still living with an average age of 79? From a purely scientific analytical pt. of view, that would imply that radiation exposure doesn't really affect long term life expectancy as much as you would think, no? Couple that with the fact that the Japanese overall have one of the highest life expectancies and it's interesting from that regard.... Just an observation....
Alain Milette
09:52 PM on 08/06/2013
Now some in Japan want the passive constitution changed to build an offencive army and navy. It this wise? The damage from the two atomic bombs was very small compared the the blanket bombs used on almost every city in Japan. Sixty-eight cities in Japan were attacked and all of them were either partially or completely destroyed. An estimated 1.7 million people were made homeless, 300,000 were killed, and 750,000 were wounded. Sixty-six of these raids were carried out with conventional bombs, two with atomic bombs. The first of the conventional raids, a night attack on Tokyo on March 9-10, 1945, remains the single most destructive attack on a city in the history of war. Something like 16 square miles of the city were burned out. An estimated 120,000 Japanese lost their lives -- the single highest death toll of any bombing attack on a city. please read,0
09:50 PM on 08/06/2013
Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara said himself that the decision was premature. No doubt it was genocidal. It's a tragic shame that innocent lives were lost from one of the most amazing cultures on Earth because of the quarrels and death games of the world's 'elite'.
08:50 AM on 08/07/2013
It's tragic that millions of innocent Asian lives were savagely ended at the hands of Imperial Japan.
09:06 AM on 08/07/2013
So it is OK for them to have invaded and destroyed so many places? They believed themselves to be invincible.? They learned they were not.
09:06 PM on 08/06/2013
Let us hope such a thing never happens again!
09:08 AM on 08/07/2013
I concur. Let us hope no other despot such as Hitler ever comes to power and tries to take over his part of the world. Or that a fuedal nation tries to take over their part of it. Never forget the lessons of the past.