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02:52 AM on 08/09/2013
Oliver on the Daily show tonight hit a grand slam!

There was more on how disgusting the Wall St. situation is
in 15 minutes than we see on CNN, Fox, msnbc, etc. in
a month !

This is not brain don't have to be a weatherman
to figure out it's raining....nor that an easy 1-200 W.S. crooks
should have gone to jail at least 3-5 years ago.....with
big fines for them and firms.

A great program on this ME$$ on pbs's Frontline recently
found that many in Justice or the SEC thought there was
plenty of strong evidence to put many big shots
in prison. But an upper mgr. there kept repeating
lame excuses for why there were no major
prosecutions. Take a guess....he recently went
to work.....
Wake up Fed's.....investigate this guy and
his pals, asap....especially before the statue
of limits takes effect.
Constantly assesing Reality since 1969
03:15 AM on 08/09/2013
Second that.
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04:48 AM on 08/09/2013
Shame it came from a comedy show, but's thats ok because congress is one big joke.
Fungus A. Mungus, misanthropocentrist
01:34 AM on 08/09/2013
When all of the investigations are complete, a janitor will be severely scolded, and then the real criminals will give themselves bonuses.

And then they will take us down again, since there is nothing to stop them. They are well aware that most people that aren't dirt poor have their retirement funds tied up in one sort of investment vehicle or another, They can feast on the nation's wealth until it is almost to thepoint where the stock market falls into a black hole, and then we will beg them to let us come clean up the mess on our dime.

The only question left is just what cycle of doom and salvation will extract the optimum amount of wealth without actually killing the hosts due to their parasitism.
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03:10 AM on 08/09/2013
You're speaking truth! (Conspiracy theorist is what you are.) That's what they'll say.
06:28 AM on 08/09/2013
I have been listening to free out of copyright books (found online at Librivox) on my ride to and from work. Just finished a good one called, "A Short History of England" by GK Chesterton. I think it was in chapter ten where he describes how the wealthy desimated the working poor in the mid 1800's. I thought to myself they just dusted off the old playbook and are going with the same gameplan. It seems like some people can never have enough material "stuff" and lack whatever it is that allows one to experience empathy. They are the cause of much suffering.
Peanut Santiago
01:09 AM on 08/09/2013
I predict the corrupt and out of control banksters will crash Wall Street again soon.......with a resulting terrible depression.

AND the (ordinary) people will demand action.

Then MAYBE the politicians will be forced to throw at least a few banksters under the bus and actually prosecute them.

We all know that nobody is prosecuted BECAUSE the politicians are in bed with the banksters.
The galling part is that "they" keep telling us they can't prosecute......when they can of course.
Durandus von Meissen
05:29 AM on 08/09/2013
Wrong. The riotous hoi polloi will be targeted as Enemy Combatants because they obvious hate US for our Freedoms (crony capitalism, criminal banking, Congressional insider trading privileges), declared anti-American hoodlums, moochers, moral degenerates and cursed of God (the poor), rounded up, imprisoned in labor camps manufacturing swatches, and likely divvied-up as ready organ harvestees for the many fat-cats awaiting transplants in Washington and New York.
David Drum
12:47 AM on 08/09/2013
Obama's a wimp, and in their pockets. Mystery solved.
06:30 AM on 08/09/2013
Just Obama Davey?
David Drum
03:41 AM on 08/10/2013
02:40 PM on 08/09/2013
They have been playing with our economy like a chess game for more than 40 years, move your money where you get the most is what they have been doing, now they have so much they just buy what they want changed.
12:46 AM on 08/09/2013
Great article!
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12:43 AM on 08/09/2013
Thanks for passing the tea. I speculate. I do NOT know. ow. Could we find out...if there is anything out there triangulating data about "mental illness" by who is in the whitehouse?
Kurt Mundt
Interesting world we live in, eh?
12:29 AM on 08/09/2013
It's good to be a banker in the US.
12:16 AM on 08/09/2013
"3. Why sue Bank of America at all, if they're in the banks' pockets?"

"Double Jeopardy"
The real answer is that the Corporations want to get charged for a crime and settle it for a manageable amount while they got the politicians still int their pocket. This way because of "Double Jeopardy" they cannot be prosecuted again by a more honest politicians later who may actually try to punish them fairly. This is pretty common practice, to hide behind Double Jeopardy laws.
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02:53 AM on 08/09/2013
Touchdown and fanned !
Constantly assesing Reality since 1969
04:03 AM on 08/09/2013
Go Bengals.
11:53 PM on 08/08/2013
thank you-I was wondering why folks were blaming big banks as evil but the only person who has the authority to go after any bank in any state is the Attorney General of the United States. So blame Romney, Bush, Wall Street but go after them if they truly have committed a crime.
Empathy ends cruelty
11:15 PM on 08/08/2013
If there is one thing that people should complain to their elected officials about it's campaign reform. If the taxpayer paid for politician's campaigns, there would be no need for them to "return the favor" for all of the campaign donations they get from vested interests. Campaign reform would also rein in lobbyists and cut off the plutocrats who hire them to buy politicians who work for THEM, not for US!

It would also limit campaign time so that we wouldn't have to be annoyed with all of those attack ads for "endless" campaigns and politicians wouldn't have to spend their time fundraising for the next election the minute they get elected.
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12:27 AM on 08/09/2013
I signed the MoveToAmend petition.

But those advocating a constitutional amendment to overturn the SCOTUS "Citizens United" decision need to recognize that such an amendment requires the bill to pass both Houses of Congress by a two-thirds majority in each House. If the amendment bill passes both houses by a two-thirds majority, it is sent to the state legislatures.

That's asking those who benefit from the status quo to work against their own interests.

Already, Senator Mitch McConnell stated that such an amendment is "absurd"

A Constitutional Convention can be called by two-thirds of the legislatures. But ALEC would stop that dead.
11:05 PM on 08/08/2013
Luckily these bankers weren't exercising their first amendment right by protesting peacefully in a park, or they could have been pepper sprayed point blank in the face then locked up. Luckily they were only destroying the economy which is not a crime, apparently.
Blue-green-purple Reality exposure
09:34 PM on 08/08/2013
It's tempting to say that going after criminal bankers would be more tenable if people stopped electing Republicans to Congress, but you guessed it... the Dems get payola from the fat-cats too; the current Administration shows more than enough proof for that. As it is for this, and many other issues of governance malaise and corruption, the only answer is: GET THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS.
12:07 AM on 08/09/2013
I think I hear you. The more I see, the more I think that democrat vs republican conflict is manufactured to obfuscate that the real conflict is actually Us (democrat and republican) vs Them.
06:40 AM on 08/09/2013
It is manufactured to divide the public. Unfortunately most American citizens don't have the critical thinking skills to see through the propaganda thats soaks them to the bone daily from every direction.
Blue-green-purple Reality exposure
03:03 PM on 08/09/2013
What you say is true, but a follow-on question remains: why use obfuscation? As a career marketer, I can attest that obfuscation is one of the most powerful tools available to sell anything. But why is it profitable to "sell" political polemics? It's because the general citizenry would never "buy" a representative government controlled by entities other than their elected representatives, which is of course, exactly what we have today. The funders of our electoral campaign process are corporate entities with only one major objective: increase profits (and that's as it should be). The problem with that scenario is that corporate profits and well-being of citizens have little common ground. Corporations must be encouraged to generate profits, but for democracy to survive and prosper, corporate influence paid for by means of campaign contributions MUST be eliminated, indeed, the only way to make it work is to outlaw ALL private contributions to our electoral campaign process. THEN (back the the topic of this article...) we could put criminal bankers where they belong: in jail.
09:03 PM on 08/08/2013
The excuse that the officials give that its hard to get evidence with which to indict is ridiculous. We just found out that the NSA knows everything about everybody. So unless they're only snooping into commoners lives, they know what the bank execs are up to. Plus, I worry about the integrity of our financial system if they don't start prosecuting, as the problem will just get worse and worse.
12:15 AM on 08/09/2013
Wow! Of course they know. But the banks have lawyers you and I cannot even wave at, while you and I can indirectly be affected in countless, and unaccountable, ways. The corporate/industrial/political state makes pure police states appear almost benign.
09:00 PM on 08/08/2013
This is a great article, questions that need answers , but who will demand them? I should think the Media could...but .here we laugh, ahahaha....
maybe these banksters are in the perimeter of the law, but either way this is not ethical...nobody should be above law,as big they might be.....may be this a utopic and wishful thinking on our part...
I like part 7 of the article...>....look what is going on in Eurozone and countries like Greece,Spain,Italy ,Portugal etc. just because these banksters get more and more greedy.....
Thank you.
08:33 PM on 08/08/2013
Sad commentary indeed on the state of America today. All that Hope we voted for nearly 5 years ago and the worst offender is the man in charge of the Department of Justice. Sad indeed. So much for Hope and Change we can believe in.