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06:22 PM on 08/13/2013
That is some epic geekness. Wow.
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06:20 PM on 08/13/2013
So it's true about Robin.
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06:51 PM on 08/13/2013
god - all the good comments have been deleted - lol - i was going to say something like TO THE BATPOLE ROBIN - but i'm betting it won't make it through
06:15 PM on 08/13/2013
"Batman theme for their wedding and pulled it off with elegance and grace"...and people were afraid gay marriage would ruin the sanctity of the institution? Silly mortals.
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06:14 PM on 08/13/2013
Excellent! Congratulations Christopher and Kevin!
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04:40 PM on 08/13/2013
I wish I was friends with these guys - sounds like a blast!
11:48 AM on 08/13/2013
Congrats but I expected costumes! Let down I am :(
10:45 AM on 08/13/2013
Does this article seem to be unfinished or is it just me? I wanted to read about how the wedding was done right. No description of the cake, or decor, or how did they decide on Superman's involvement. The 3 photos were good, but I would have liked to seen more. Ending the article about a planned cocktail party? This is just not very good. My husband and I had a themed wedding... done right.. in 2003. It began with where do we have a wedding we don't want a big church, or the tears that go hand in hand with weddings all too often. Our first date was at a movie theater, he proposed to me in front of the same Movie Theater and so We got married in a movie theater.. the Movie Tavern. It had an aisle. We began our theme with the invitations, I searched online and found the perfect solution! The invitations to our wedding were giant movie tickets. We set up in front of the screen, with a alter of sorts that had hanging stars that lit up. Our candle holders were glass star shapes. The unity candle was in the shape of a star. Our wedding party (we paid for and rented) old fashioned movie usher costumes complete with pill box hats for all, the groomsmen and bridesmaids were dressed alike. Our ring bearer was obi wan kenobe (spelling is probably wrong) flower girl was Cinderella.
10:46 AM on 08/13/2013
Our cakes were different flavors. The bride's cake wasn't stacked layer upon layer, each cake was individual,and looked like a film reel. Around the edges were pictures of us at the same age throughout our lives (looked like film strip) Edible photos. Each cake was labeled with a movie title. The vanilla cake was called "Vanilla Sky" we had "Chocolat" and "Wild Strawberries" and the tiny carrot cake was "What's Up Doc?" The groom's cake, red velvet, decorated like a full popcorn box. Flowers at areas were in plastic popcorn box vases and looked like popcorn, we chose snapdragons and tiny carnations. The pen holder for our guest book was a replica of "The Maltese Falcon" and a tiny cut out stand up of Elvis stood beside it with a recorded greeting of "Thank you, Thank you very much" Activated when people signed the guest book. Instead of the normal jordan almonds, bubbles or mints tied up in a tiny swatch of tuille, we had popcorn bags filled with penny candy boxes of Dots, Jr. Mints, a star wars figure Pez Dispenser, candy cigarettes, and Lemon heads. My Aunt sang for us, "More I Cannot Wish For You" from the musical Guys and Dolls and she dressed as Marion the Librarian from "Music Man" because she is a librarian.
10:47 AM on 08/13/2013
We knew that to throw rice would be bad, and didn't want to opt for birdseed, so we bagged up air popped popcorn for them to toss at us as we left. Prior to the ceremony, we showed a little movie of sorts. We had film clips from movies we liked that were romantic, Forrest Gump, where he says "the sweetest name in the world... Jenny" (That's my name" Then a slide show of us growing up... We had a clip from Hedwig and the Angry Inch... the song "Origin of Love" a clip from Moulin Rogue... the medly of love songs sung on top of the elephant... and more. After the ceremony was over, we showed the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" partly because my Husband is part Greek, and I was given his Greek Grandmother's engagement ring which was made by her Greek Uncle. We also had a bottle of Windex floating around. People wondered why that wasn't put away.... until they saw the movie. When my new husband a piece of cake he did an imitation of Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange. Having gotten suckered into this article by the comment How you do a theme wedding right. I was sadly disappointed. HOW do you do a Batman Themed Wedding Right? I still want to know.
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10:38 AM on 08/13/2013
Who played Robin????
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10:10 PM on 08/12/2013
Awww so cute congrats guys!
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08:55 PM on 08/12/2013
How can this possibly be a superhero-themed wedding without CAPES AND TIGHTS?
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06:24 PM on 08/12/2013
Awesome! Now watch the economy turn around. My life partner and I have been together for 10 years, but we have decided to wait to get married until everyone in the USA is free to get married. Matter-of-fact, we just produced a feature film about gay marriage called, "" which is going to be given away for free on October 11, 2013 for free online. It's coming America! And the gays have the green!
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05:54 PM on 08/12/2013
I'm a superhero geek from way back, but this would not be my style. Having said that, more power to the happy couple (pun intended). Christopher: Mr. Freeze isn't THAT unloved. For example, in "Batman: The Animated Series" -- there were FOUR movies made in connection to that series. ONLY TWO featured established Bat-villains and of those two, the only Bat-villain who went up against the Dark Knight solo was Mr. Freeze (in "Sub-Zero"). He is also the ONLY Bat-villain to ACTUALLY make it from B:TAS to Batman Beyond.
08:27 PM on 08/12/2013
Except Bane. Though he doesn't fight Bane, so that point is kind of moot. Let's not forget "Heart of Ice" won an emmy for it's story telling.
02:18 PM on 08/13/2013
True -- but, I wasn't counting Bane because while he is alive in that timeline, it's revealed that he is hardly the Bane we remember. By the same token, I don't count "The Return Of The Joker" as an appearance by the ACTUAL Joker in the Batman Beyond timeframe. And, as I recall, "Heart Of Ice" caused DC to 'officially' retcon Mr. Freeze (going so far as to "bring him back from the dead", because as any comic book geek will tell you, a character is never dead unless you see the body -- and sometimes, not even then).  And when you add the love story background, he becomes a much more sympathetic and complex character than before.
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01:27 AM on 08/14/2013
"Heart of Ice" was brilliant.
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05:48 PM on 08/12/2013
Mr. Freeze? Really? All the great Batman villains and he likes Mr. Freeze?
Well, it's their wedding. Congratulations to the happy couple!