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Too large a life for a micro bio
02:34 PM on 08/18/2013
For the NeoCon vision impaired that insist the ten years of UN inspection of Iraq; the same inspection that found only traces of old and worthless weapons - can you remember that they were right? Here - read it again. The UN inspectors were right and were thrown out only after it was proved they were spying. Remember? No WMDs were found, at least none of the effectiveness and number lied about and allowed to be believed by Pres Liar Bush. They weren't there. They weren't taken to Syria, they won't be found now - Funny with the Neos - they're just like the Cons seeking voter fraud or babbling about supplyside economics or climate change - It doesn't matter that ALL the evidence is against them - they believe as fervently as a three year old with a tooth under their pillow.
09:20 AM on 08/19/2013
So I guess all those favorite Dems of yours like Gore and Kerry and Kennedy and the rest were lying also in 98 when they were telling Congress about all the WMD and Nuclear programs Saddam had going and the intelligence they said confirmed it all when they were calling for his head on a stick. Years before Bush even went into office
I'm out. HuffPo no longer benefits from my input..
01:48 PM on 08/18/2013
I shall assist the UN Insperctors (who are probably there too late anyway).
Look for containers which say "المحرز في العراق" (Made in Iraq).
02:51 PM on 08/18/2013
Much easier, first they can tour the FIFTY CHEMICAL WEAPONS SITES Assad has and see what he could have used in the three areas they are permitted to examine.

Some of that 400 TONS OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS should provide a clue or two.
03:28 PM on 08/18/2013
Palineffect; you're forgetting your current events.... This is the UNITED NATIONS that is sending in "Experts". They couldn't find a FART with their nose where it doesn't belong.
I'm out. HuffPo no longer benefits from my input..
09:19 AM on 08/19/2013
SHHHH! We're not supposed to know that!
03:19 PM on 08/18/2013
they will never report it when they find it...
I'm out. HuffPo no longer benefits from my input..
09:20 AM on 08/19/2013
They might, but if they do the Media will under report the facts.
01:33 PM on 08/18/2013
The UN weapons inspectors are such an effective force. The work they did in Iraq was top notch, I trust we'll have the same effectiveness in Syria in a world of disinformation.
08:55 PM on 08/18/2013
If you go back and look at the record, it shows the UN inspectors (IAEA under el Baradei and Hans Blitz) got it right but the Bush and Blair administrations got it wrong.
01:30 PM on 08/18/2013
hahahahahah "UN Weapons Inspectors"....ahahahahahahahaha

I have more faith in a quasi-literate, semi-uneducated McDonald's french fry cook's ability get the job done than any UN employee.
04:31 PM on 08/18/2013
Russian inspectors and a previous UN team have already confirmed it was the rebels who used chemical weapons.
04:53 PM on 08/18/2013
Of course the ruskies would say it was the rebels...duh.....Syria  errr Assad is Russia's ally
01:24 PM on 08/18/2013
Perhaps the team could investigate whether either side has sent SCUD missiles slamming into non-military targets = HOMES with families eating dinner.

OF course only Assad has the SCUDs to launch in the first place.

It seems the SCUDs are poorly aimed - sent hurtling in the general direction of those opposing Assad, perhaps to obliterate a stand of trees, or blast into rubble a row of houses, mainly in the Aleppo region.

That team could stop by the launch site near where they landed in Damascus, which has lauched over 150 SCUDs.
03:41 PM on 08/18/2013
They just need to look at the you tube videos of the many civilians being executed by your terrorists.