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05:16 PM on 08/19/2013
I like these two... well, these three. They seem to be smart, relaxed young people; they will make good parent to the future king of the UK. The monarchy is here to stay.
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05:10 PM on 08/19/2013
This baby won the birth lottery.
Good for him.
All he HAS to do is be cute for the rest of his life.
decrease screen
04:41 PM on 08/19/2013
William is such a doll.....such a great personality, his mother would be proud of him. I hope I'm still alive when he is crowned King of England.
04:35 PM on 08/19/2013
I bet the nannies are very busy taking care of him too while the parents "work" and sleep.
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09:07 AM on 08/20/2013
Kate moved in with her parents and they don't have nannies.
10:21 AM on 08/20/2013
Right. Whatever.
04:29 PM on 08/19/2013
What's refreshing about Will and Kate is that their relationship is so obviously a love match.

After the unmitigated disaster that was his parents' marriage, how nice to see that Diana's son was allowed to marry the woman he loved, "royal" or not.
06:34 PM on 08/19/2013
Um, it's Charles' son too!
Rae Turner
04:18 PM on 08/19/2013
Try comparing the pregnancy and birth of Katherine and of Kim K. No comparison in manners , dress and just well, good manners and decency and now to do things properly.
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09:09 AM on 08/20/2013
The only ones comparing are commenters who have nothing else better to do
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04:13 PM on 08/19/2013
Total class act. Diana would be so proud.
03:47 PM on 08/19/2013
Now these are parents. They just want to show "George" off to anyone, anyone that wants to see him. No money involved. Just see our beautiful. Priceless. May God Continue to bless them all.
03:41 PM on 08/19/2013
William, you have a fantastic and beautiful family. My best hopes and wishes for you all. It's good to see a good honest man and a fine family. And good to see people in authority that don't take advantage of their wealth and fame. The Obama family could learn something from the royal family.
05:13 PM on 08/19/2013
Please explain what you mean by the last sentence in your post.
06:43 PM on 08/19/2013
Here in America the Obama's take full advantage of the opportunity to vacation around the world on the American peoples nickel. The presidential family pay no attention to the Constitution of the United States and are destroying the liberties and freedoms of our people. In other words, the Obama's are NOT in favor of the American people.
If only I could be the person my dogs think I am.
05:18 PM on 08/19/2013
The Obamas are a lovely family what's wrong with you?
07:01 PM on 08/19/2013
yeah, so were the Mansons.
03:32 PM on 08/19/2013
I prefer their royalty to ours
04:41 PM on 08/19/2013
Oh, you mean the Kardashians?
05:08 PM on 08/19/2013
we dont have royalty we have a wannabee dictator!
07:46 PM on 08/19/2013
The Gop!!!
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03:31 PM on 08/19/2013
Such a proud daddy. So sweet.
We soar on Eagle's Wings
03:20 PM on 08/19/2013
His facial expressions, eye movements and speech are quintessential Diana. He has no evidence of bravado, but of an understanding that we are all connected with the environment. So special.
03:14 PM on 08/19/2013
I love to hear about Kathrine, William and baby George. So much better then hearing about Kayne, Kim and their boby North.
02:50 PM on 08/19/2013
I am so happy that they had a healthy little one, as far as the media coverage goes, a little overboard...My oldest son's wife just delivered a beautiful little girl, I am as proud as as anyone else, just wish the news media covered her birth (just as important as the birth of William/Kates son) son and wife are just as wonderful with their little princess and going to just as wonderful parents. Oh well, just plain old ordinary citizen, no hoopla for us around the world.....
Larry Sirhall
02:41 PM on 08/19/2013
I like the King-to-be. He acts like I see a King, what with flying helicopters. And Catherine's picture with her baby...does not get anymore sincere than that. Larry