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Go to you bosom: Knock there, and ask your heart w
12:26 PM on 08/25/2013
I found the "The 10 Most Annoying Guest" slideshow to be really annoying. I think if you feel that way about people you've invited to your home, you shouldn't be throwing a party.

What a bunch of self pleasing passive aggressive bs.
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73, female - whatever happened to common sense?
12:38 PM on 08/25/2013
I totally agree, emrelove. Fanned long ago, faved again.
11:57 AM on 08/25/2013
We just moved to a neighborhood for people over 50.
My husband and I are the youngest people here.
They sure have a lot of those "CLUSTERS" here!!
When we go to the clubhouse, they all sit together and won't let us join in their games!
I told my husband I am starting to feel like "Rudolph" (the red nosed reindeer).
12:41 PM on 08/25/2013
I have experienced SEVERE cluster attacks twice in my life. First was when I went to a party at some friends of my new husband. Like many parties, the men were in one room, the women in another. The women literally formed a circle with no open spaces and stood in the middle of the room talking, and pointedly left me out. It was very awkward for me. What I did? Went into the men's area where they greeted me and talked to me like I was human. I'm sure I didn't score any points with the women, but I wasn't going to look like an idiot all night. The second time, it was/is the opposite of you. We are a 60-ish couple and we moved to a new area 3 years ago. We have met with the neighbors at neighborhood parties, but they are all young enough to be our children, and politely were introduced and took off as fast as they could from us. They don't even wave to me when they go by in the car and I'm in the yard and wave at them. I am invisible. I feel I would not be welcome if I made a move to go visit them; they never visited us when we moved into the neighborhood.
03:39 PM on 08/25/2013
How do you know you wouldn't be welcome if you haven't tried? People are different when they aren't in groups. Usually a show of their insecurity. Stop by with something in hand to share - cookies, veggies from the garden or farmers market - and say you had too much and thought you'd share. Pick a time when they are home and not in the middle of dinner prep. You might be surprised. I'm pushing 60 too, and usually find people friendly and open when I do this. Just don't overstay your welcome.
grammar police go away :P
06:53 PM on 08/25/2013
aww. i'm sorry u feel unwelcome because younger pple wont wave driving through the neighborhood. I moved into a neighborhood that has a lot of old farm families and try to wave at everyone. being in my mid 20's I feel a little akward waving at the older pple when they give me dirty looks. but that's how I was raised u wave at ur neighbor. regardless I try to be nice and curtious and say hi even if they don't. maybe one day they will smile and say hi back
12:44 PM on 08/25/2013
Stick with work friends. Trust me on this. They'll always be interested in your company. That's what I usually do.
11:55 AM on 08/25/2013
Going to the party may be the first one.
11:32 AM on 08/25/2013
Now I'll be able to sleep tonight .
I make Typos to tick off correctors
11:22 AM on 08/25/2013
I used to hate it when I invited family and close friends to a holiday dinner. They would automatically bring a dish thinking they are helping. Ever have four bowls of creamed green beans. After the first two times I specifically said the only thing you need to bring is whatever you drink. Worked out well after that and they actually started doing the same thing at their houses. If the party winds out being a bust just randomly holler out FOOD FIGHT.
10:56 AM on 08/25/2013
Comments on driving on the wrong side of the car and cleavage.

Clearly this story missed its mark.
10:37 AM on 08/25/2013
who wrote this crap? A dumb woman for all her dumb friends.
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10:22 AM on 08/25/2013
That woman's driving on the wrong side of the car.....
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Disagreement is not always bad
11:06 AM on 08/25/2013
There are more manufactured right side drives than left side drives that we use in this country.
my micro bio is full
11:31 AM on 08/25/2013
how so?
10:11 AM on 08/25/2013
People still have parties? I thought all that's left are cyber parties.
01:35 PM on 08/25/2013
Woo-hoo! Let's all sit solitary in a dark room and text each other like crazy! Settle down, I tell ya, settle down!!!
Independent and Proud of It!
06:34 PM on 08/25/2013
I agree. I doubt that many people nowadays even know how to have a conversation because they're too used to texting. I was at a party where clusters of people WERE communicating via their smartphones. They were playing games, looking up topics and some were just on their phones talking with someone else intermittently for the entire "party". Most people had their phones in their hands and checking them almost every few minutes. It was weird. I'm not that old but I am old enough to remember going to parties where you actually had human contact and fun.
10:49 PM on 08/27/2013
Unless they are beating up 90 yr old WW2 vets, yutes don't socialize.
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10:04 AM on 08/25/2013
That cleavage in the first photo is no mistake
10:08 AM on 08/25/2013
Nothing wrong with some nice cleavage. Nice eye candy.
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10:10 AM on 08/25/2013
100% agree.  
09:46 AM on 08/25/2013
I host parties for a living and absolutely the best thing you can strive for is keeping everyone standing up and not sitting down. When people sit down, it kills the buzz in the room. Think of a church... Imagine everyone is sitting down silently waiting for the service to start. Pretty dull. Now simply imagine that everyone is standing up and talking with each other as they wait for the service to start. Major buzz. As a party planner, I would remove every available place to sit down if I could. For a great buzz at a party, you don't want people to ever sit down. Bad advice in this column on that point.
10:07 AM on 08/25/2013
Sometimes, you just want to sit down, though, if only for a few minutes. I got what you're saying, but I understood what was said in the article.
10:48 AM on 08/25/2013
Ridiculous. Just because people sit doesn't mean they don't interact. If I were at a party with no place to sit I would leave shortly after arriving especially if food is served. It is hard enough to juggle a plate on your lap while sitting but it is impossible to juggle a plate and a drink while standing along with a lot of others trying to do the same.
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09:20 AM on 08/25/2013
Here is a good one I once ran into: Invite some of your 'very best' friends over for a dinner party and prepare ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the meal. Then look them all square in the eyes as they are sta*r*ving on the verge of fainting away and say "You ALL know where everything is. Help YOURSELVES!"
09:18 AM on 08/25/2013
From my perspective another big problem is there ins't any football on a TV.
acta non verba
08:55 AM on 08/25/2013
The suggestions are mundane, everyone handles a party differently and there's no escaping the people they mentioned above if you invite big numbers. It's a party, you just have to deal with it.
08:51 AM on 08/25/2013
Hmmm . . . thousands of people are dying every day, being bombed, gassed, shot, hacked and bludgeoned to death, raped and turned into wandering refugees and you are worried about party timing, awkwardness, conversation faux pas and not having enough food on hand? Get a grip! There has to be something more important to worry about than running out of Swedish meatballs!
The foundation of Idiocracy is already being laid
09:41 AM on 08/25/2013
You don't seem to know that you're reading and replying to an article in the "Home" section. You can find the things you mentioned in "World", "Crime", International", "Politics", etc...
10:10 AM on 08/25/2013
Exactly. Also, good parties can be fundraisers for the above noted world events. A good party will inspire more good parties, and all can become fundraisers.

I'd love it if these people wouldn't click on the "Home" section if they don't want to read these types of articles.
10:20 AM on 08/25/2013
Ayou took the time to wag a finger..shouldnt't you be off saving the world?
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10:48 AM on 08/25/2013
After your comment, there's another finger being wagged.

I think you know which one.